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Transition to Trump: Attorney General Ted Cruz has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

While Donald Trump and his transition team continue to keep most of their personnel deliberations under close guard, a few intriguing details have begun to leak out concerning potential cabinet selections.

One of the juiciest rumors yet involves Trump’s closest former rival for the Republican nomination.

Anna Giaritelli of the Washington Examiner reports, “President-elect Trump is considering Sen. Ted Cruz of Ted CruzTexas for U.S. attorney general in his administration, according to a source who told Bloomberg late Tuesday.

“The former 2016 presidential candidate was spotted entering Trump's Manhattan business headquarters earlier Tuesday, indicating the two may be in talks about a potential slot in the incoming president's Cabinet.”

Cruz’s spokesperson said Ted was in New York just to offer advice on conservative policies for the transition team. Not quite sure I’m buying that one.

Trump’s team didn’t respond to the Cruz-for-AG rumor when asked to comment, though the president-elect himself did tweet out late Tuesday night that the “very organized” transition process is going well and only he knows who the finalists are.

Trump’s tweet was clearly a response to a host of media reports these past few days suggesting chaos, dissension and turmoil rules the day at Trump headquarters where the transition is concerned.

As was the case with Trump’s campaign, such media speculation is geared towards attracting attention from the president-elect’s naysayers as well as his supporters. For the opposition forces, it’s “see I told you not to choose an amateur to be president” and for Trump’s supporters, it’s “I hope the conservatives are beating back the challenges from the establishment.”

As far as Cruz goes, he would be a tremendous choice for Trump’s Attorney General. It should be noted Ted’s apparently also under consideration for a Supreme Court appointment. Either capacity would be great for Cruz – and Trump.

As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, the aggressive and incredibly smart Cruz would bring credibility back to a department that’s been fraught with corruption and politicalization for years. It didn’t start with Obama’s appointment of sleazy leftist radical Eric Holder to the position in 2009, but it certainly sped up under Holder’s tenure.

Needless to say, things haven’t gotten any better under Loretta “meet me on the tarmac” Lynch.

Anyone who serves as Attorney General is a lightning rod for scrutiny and criticism. If there’s one Republican in Washington who can easily follow the most principled path and withstand the firestorm of negativity that surrounds the office, it’s Ted Cruz. During his years in the Senate, time after time Cruz stood up for principle even when it might cost him the support of his own party’s leadership.

Cruz draws almost equal disdain and ire from both parties. That’s why he’s the perfect choice for Attorney General.

Likewise, appointing Cruz to the Supreme Court would also be a smart move for Trump. There’s absolutely no question that Ted is qualified for the seat with his background in law and clerking for Chief Justice Rehnquist. And as Texas Solicitor General, Cruz argued nine times before the Court.

Cruz’s enemies would scoff at the notion, claiming he couldn’t be confirmed by a Senate body that reportedly can’t stand him. But I disagree. I’m guessing most if not all of the Republican conference would vote for him – if for nothing else, to get him out of their hair. And let’s face it, deep down I believe they trust Cruz to make decisions on the Supreme Court rather than causing trouble for them in the Senate.

It may sound odd to say, but I think they’d confirm Cruz just to be rid of him. Since Supreme Court Justices largely stay out of the media limelight, it would also mean Cruz would be absent from sight.

It’s somewhat interesting that a rumor surrounding Cruz for the position of AG should leak out since many considered Chris Christie as the likely pick just a week ago. Christie has apparently been demoted over the “Bridge-gate” scandal, but I’m guessing there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, the Trump folks have apparently made another anti-establishment addition to the team in the person of dedicated terrorism fighter Frank Gaffney. Gaffney is reported to be replacing the recently resigned establishment favorite Mike Rogers.

Todd Beamon of Newsmax reports, “Former Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, who was dismissed Tuesday from President-elect Donald Trump's transition team, was replaced by former Reagan administration official Frank Gaffney, according to news reports…

“Under President Ronald Reagan, Gaffney served in the Defense Department as assistant secretary of defense for International Security Policy…

“Others replacing Rogers were California Rep. Devin Nunes and former Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra, according to the report.”

You can often assess the true merit of a political move by how much the press hates it – and in Gaffney’s case, the contempt is considerable. The left-leaning Talking Points Memo called Gaffney an “Islamophobe,” and the Chicago Tribune labeled him an “anti-Muslim gadfly.”

Combined with the almost complete breakdown the media exhibited over Steve Bannon being named as Trump’s senior counselor and you have all the makings of a genuine crack-up. But we already knew it was going to be this bad in journalism-land.

But in the larger sense, Trump deserves much credit for the strategy he’s already employing in terms of bringing in not only conservatives to run his transition team but also their daring in ignoring the news reports and forging ahead with what looks to be the makings of a thoroughly conservative administration.

Of course there’s some criticism of Trump’s efforts from the right as well. Registered Libertarian (and dedicated #NeverTrumper) Timothy P. Carney of the Washington Examiner argued that Trump isn’t actually “draining the swamp” because he’s surrounding himself with “swamp creatures.”

Carney wrote, “Trump's pledge to ‘drain the swamp’ appears headed for the same fate as President Obama's promise eight years ago to end the reign of the special interests and ‘end the game-playing’ in D.C.

“In all corners of his transition team and his planned executive branch, President-elect Trump is placing lobbyists and Wall Street insiders. He's not draining the swamp — he's hiring the swamp creatures.”

Carney is no Trump supporter (in fact, he admitted he voted for Evan McMullin), even labeling the president-elect “abhorrent, authoritarian, untrustworthy, opaque, crony capitalist, liberal” and a “New York millionaire,” so it’s not surprising that he would see Trump’s transition as a parade of “swamp creatures.” But Carney’s analysis and conclusions are too simple in this instance.

While it’s true Trump is potentially bringing in some Wall Street-types to head certain departments, he said all along that he wanted what he saw as the “best people” to work in these capacities. No matter what your opinion of the financial industry and its leaders might be, these are individuals who know a great deal about how the system functions – and what needs to be fixed in order to get it working fairly and properly.

If we put it in Trump’s hands to “Make America Great Again” we’re going to have to grant him some leeway on who he chooses to help him get there.

I can’t say I’ve liked all of Trump’s personnel proposals so far but there’s no question he’s heading in the right direction. With each member of the establishment that’s replaced by people like Frank Gaffney and Ted Cruz, we’re making progress towards the ultimate goal of a conservative government.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.”

In what now seems to be a daily occurrence, the news media is reporting almost out-of-control incompetence and competitiveness within the Trump transition team.

Eli Stokols of Politico reports, “One week after winning the presidency in a stunning upset, Donald Trump is already botching the transition, insiders say.

“The daunting task of filling top Cabinet posts appears to be a chaotic scramble inside Trump Tower, with competing power centers jockeying for position and influence as a steady stream of names both realistic and not gets floated to a baffled media.”

There’s an awful lot of judgment being passed around here. First of all, who’s qualified to claim that Trump is “botching” the transition?

And who’s to say whether the “steady stream of names” is both “realistic” and “unrealistic?”

Last week’s sudden demotion of Chris Christie from leading Trump’s transition team is attributed to Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner who according to Politico’s Stokols disfavors the New Jersey governor because the former put the latter’s father in prison.

Or maybe it was because Christie was populating Trump’s administration with a collection of people the president-elect didn’t agree with. Or it could be that Christie’s own ethical issues might taint the new administration’s efforts to bring a new start to the country.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear the news media isn’t giving the newcomers much of a chance even though it’s only been a little over a week since Trump delivered his victory speech.

“In the early days of his tenure as president-elect, Trump is continuing to build his administration as he did his corporation and then his drama-heavy but ultimately successful campaign: with warring factions that will guarantee that the constant chaos and palace intrigue will continue in the White House. The idea of a ‘team of rivals’ isn’t exactly a novel approach for a president filling out a cabinet. But this one may prove to be less of a team than a viper pit,” Stokols expounded.

I wonder why no reporter would ever describe a Democrat’s cabinet as a “viper pit.” Bias, anyone?

As I argued above with the “swamp creatures” segment, Trump is currently at the center of trying to do something truly historic in this country, namely come in from outside of government, ditch the old way of doing things (that both parties are guilty of) and construct a new system from the ground up with new people and new ideas.

Assuming the “knife fight” rumors are true, which I’m not convinced that they are, there was bound to be some conflict between those advocating for something apart from the current way of doing things and those who think the old ways are best – it just needed Republicans in charge of implementing them.

Trump’s ‘team of rivals’ is going to have disagreements. General George S. Patton is famous for saying “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.”

Healthy disagreement is a good thing. It worries the establishment and their pals in the media when everybody isn’t getting along, but don’t be concerned when you hear reports that all’s not well in Trumpworld. After all, they said the same thing during the campaign, too, and look how the election turned out.

Mike Pence speaks, lobbyists head out the door

Yet another aspect of Chris Christie’s prior leadership of Donald Trump’s transition team is about to be tossed out. And the directive came from none other than the vice president-elect himself.

Anna Giaritelli of the Washington Examiner reports, “President-elect Trump's White House transition team has vowed to go lobbyist-free, after coming under criticism for staffing up on lobbyists despite campaign promises to fight the influence of special interests in Washington.

“Vice President-elect Pence and the White House transition have signaled plans to clear out any lobbyists serving in official roles as they begin the 10-week transition process until Trump's inaugration on Jan. 20, according to a report from Fox News.”

Can’t you just picture all those people clad in business attire receiving the news and proceeding to clean out their desks? There are a lot of unhappy establishmentarians today, for sure.

Trump’s quick changes are clearly meant to keep the country’s powerful entrenched interests off balance. If you’ve been in the ruling class for all these years, no one can say whether you’re staying or going.

Of course one of the things Trump is most famous for is uttering the words “You’re fired!” on his TV show. Some people regard being terminated as cruel, but when it comes down to changing the way Washington works, I’m guessing Trump is already winning a lot more fans than detractors.

The news media made a big deal out of Trump’s ditching them to go out to dinner with his family on Tuesday evening. I think if events of the past few days are any indication, expecting the unexpected is probably the best way to deal with Trump.

In that sense, America can use a little uncertainty. Things are definitely changing at the top. We should welcome it.

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Cruz for AG

I believe Cruz in the Supreme Court would be a far better fit for the party overall. As it stands now, the Supreme Court is in drastic need of a new member that can and will hold the line on all the liberal BS rulings that have been handed out over the last 8 years in particular! Trey has proven himself more than capable holding to the law based on his continuing and successful investigation of Hillary and the email scandal. Also his pursuit of the Benghazi massacre that has yet to be resolved. Turn him loose on all of those things. He will be far more effective there and will remove the racist overtones and decisiveness that has permeated the DOJ!

Ted Cruz

Trey Gowdy would be a better choice as AG or Supreme Court. We really NEED Ted Cruz to hold the Senate and to keep Mitch McConnell in check. McConnell is a joke. He has already begun the push back on President-Elect Trump. If Mr. Trump is still thinking of moving Mr. Cruz, PLEASE wait until McConnell is no longer in charge of the Senate!

Say NO to Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is a whining little bitch and should be sent to Siberia for what he did to Donald .Trump