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Transition to Trump: Why Melania Trump will be a huge improvement over Michelle Obama

While half of the country was busy celebrating Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory on Monday night, soon to be outgoing first lady Michelle Obama was talking with Oprah Winfrey (in a taped CBS interview) attempting to pour cold water on whatever significance Americans might attach to Trump’s historic “outsider” victory.

Eugene Scott of CNN reports, “Following the election of Donald Trump, Michelle Obama said many Americans now know what it's like not to have hope…

Michelle Obama sign“Obama said she believes her husband gave Americans something to believe in when challenges arose.

“’I feel Barack has been that for the nation in ways that people will come to appreciate. Having a grown-up in the White House who can say to you in times of crisis and turmoil, 'Hey, it's going to be okay. Let's remember the good things that we have,’ she said.”

A grown-up? Was George W. Bush a “grown-up?” Is 70 year-old Donald Trump not a grown-up?

I guess in this year’s election us juvenile Americans just got tired of being told “it’s going to be okay” by the grown-up while “Allahu Akbar” shouting radical Islamists kill innocents across the world and in our backyards. And people didn’t believe “it’s going to be okay” when they saw their jobs being shipped overseas or taken by illegal aliens, or in seeing their religious beliefs trampled on by an overreaching and dictatorial federal government. Then they couldn’t look when their healthcare costs skyrocketed because their president and representatives in Congress saw fit to annex the entire health industry.

In admitting that she now knows what it feels like to have no “hope,” Michelle can empathize with the tens of millions of Americans who have been forced to endure the leftwing agenda at the point of compulsion from federal law enforcement the past eight years. And how about the conservative groups that have been targeted by Obama’s IRS? Should they have hope now?

For the sizeable contingent of citizens who inform themselves of what’s really going on in Washington on a daily basis and aren’t brainwashed into believing that the federal government “serves” the people rather than the other way around, we’ve been held hostage by the left’s win-at-all-costs strategy to “fundamentally transform” our country.

Donald Trump was elected last month because he was able to capture the “hope” of those who have been left behind by liberalism’s lies, distortions and corruption.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote in National Review, “No other candidate talked as constantly about jobs, ‘fair’ trade, illegal immigration, and political correctness — dead issues to most other pollsters and politicos. Rivals, Democratic and Republican alike, had bought into the electoral matrix of Barack Obama: slicing the electorate into identity-politics groups and arousing them to register and vote in record numbers against ‘them’ — a fossilized, supposedly crude, illiberal, and soon-to-be-displaced white working class.

“... Trump instinctively saw a different demographic. And even among minority groups, he detected a rising distaste for being patronized, especially by white, nasal-droning, elite pajama-boy nerds whose loud progressivism did not disguise their grating condescension.”

Michelle Obama is neither white nor male – or arguably a nerd -- but her “grating condescension” is the same. That’s a trait that she shares with Hillary Clinton. With her “when they go low we go high” nonsense and “lack of hope” statement, Obama just proved once again that she doesn’t grasp why so many American are angry – and she doesn’t want to get it.

It’s safe to say part of the transition from Obama to Trump involves a different tone from the next first lady, who happens to be a woman of dignity who prefers to stay out of the limelight so her husband can do the work of making America great again.

Unlike Michelle Obama, Melania Trump didn’t campaign extensively, isn’t seen as a “rising star” in the Republican Party and I highly doubt anyone will be asking her about plans to run for office when her husband’s years are complete.

In other words, Melania is exactly the type of first lady the country needs now after Michelle Obama greatly expanded on her unelected role.

Despite her crass “hope” drivel and to her credit, Obama said she’s ready to help Melania handle the transition, telling Oprah in the same interview that her “door is open.” Madeline Conway of Politico reports, “Obama also couched her offer to answer any of her successor's questions as a reflection of the support she received from her own predecessor.

“’I'm not new in this ‘going high’ thing,’ Obama said. ‘I’m modeling what was done for me by the Bushes. And Laura Bush was nothing but gracious and helpful, and her team was right there for my team all throughout this entire eight-year process.’”

My how the Democrats have suddenly developed an appreciation for the Republican establishment as embodied by the Bush clan.

Michelle’s attitude seems similar to the outgoing president’s these days – they’ll say they’re there to help and then take shots at the Trumps in the next breath. Since the Obamas are not moving out of Washington, Michelle will be just down the road should Melania need her.

I doubt any such assistance will be necessary. The new president and the new first lady have all the life experience and perspective they’ll need to fulfill their roles. It’s highly unlikely Melania will be going on TV in future years to commiserate with Oprah. But I’m sure the American people are more than okay with it.

Trump could make more announcements this week, concentrates on draining the swamp

With the Electoral College having done its duty on Monday and the Christmas holiday due to arrive in a few days, it almost feels like the Trump transition has slowed somewhat. Not true according to those in-the-know.

Louis Nelson of Politico reports, “Republican National Committee chief strategist Sean Spicer said Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump is likely to make further announcements regarding the two remaining Cabinet positions and other administration jobs ‘over the next couple days.’

“Spicer did not mention during a Tuesday morning Fox News interview which jobs, specifically, Trump is likely to fill imminently but said naming the secretary of agriculture and the secretary of veterans affairs, two Cabinet-level jobs that have not yet been filled, is ‘a huge priority for him.’ The RNC spokesman, whose name has been floated as a possible pick to be White House press secretary, said U.S. trade representative is ‘another big one’ for Trump.”

The media conscious entertainer-side of Trump knows he can’t afford to go too long between newsworthy announcements lest the positive momentum of his transition be blunted, yet he also understands that some things can’t be rushed.

Neither the agriculture, veterans affairs or trade representative posts are as high profile as some of the other cabinet slots, but the press secretary position is one that everyone will notice right off – especially if it ends up being offered to a “big” name like Laura Ingraham.

It’s important to remember Trump is ever-conscious about the image he projects to the world. For example, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Monday, Trump tweeted “Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany - and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!”

That’s not exactly the cautionary tone taken by the present administration – but Trump doesn’t care about caution half as much as the message he’s trying to convey. There’s a new game in town starting next month.

Speaking of Laura Ingraham, campaign manager turned senior advisor Kellyanne Conway appeared on her radio show on Tuesday and indicated the “new game in town” includes purging the capital of the consultant class. Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner reports Conway said, “’Draining the swamp is not just about lobbying and politicians, it's also about consultants’…

“Consulting has emerged as a work-around for influence-peddlers hoping to avoid registering as lobbyists in Washington. The industry includes consultants who offer guidance and advice to campaigns in exchange for generous fees.

“Conway railed against what she called ‘staff infection,’ or the class of political and campaign consultants who charged ‘gross retainers’ but offered few new ideas.”

No wonder the consultant class was so terrified of a Trump victory before the election. A Trump presidency simply means their gravy train has run off the rails. If these highly paid political “experts” can’t expect fat checks from candidates -- or from government -- where are they going to get paid? Maybe cable news channels… but the job competition is pretty intense there.

Consultants are the ones who’ve fought so hard against changing the Republican Party into something that the people wanted, or would vote for. That’s why Trump was seen as such a unique candidate by much of the country – he kept his own counsel, didn’t dump gobs of money into “traditional” campaign methods such as TV advertising and relied on his own instincts in selecting people like Conway and Stephen Bannon to steer his campaign ship.

(Note: Conway now says she’s going to move to Washington to serve in the Trump administration.)

The Washington “swamp” is indeed being drained right before our eyes. One way or another, the country is going to start looking a lot different in about a month.

Prior to inauguration, Trump sets the stage for massive regulatory reform

One of the multitude of ways Washington “consultants” make money is to advise federal agencies on new ways to regulate American business and individuals in the name of improving public health and safety.

The bureaucratic nightmare in the nation’s capital needs no introduction. Anyone who’s ever owned or managed a business – or even purchased property – knows the federal watchdog is always looking over your shoulder, usually to increase your costs and compliance burden.

Thankfully, our new president is looking to do something about it.

Lydia Wheeler of The Hill reports, “President-elect Donald Trump is setting out to gut the Obama administration’s regulations, starting with a mandate that would slowly chip away at the number of rules on the books.

“In a video message mapping out his first 100 days, Trump said he would issue an executive order stating that for every new rule issued, two must be eliminated.

“The president-elect has decried the regulations that he says have hurt businesses and the economy, particularly those aimed at the environment. And Republicans in Congress are eager to help him roll back many of President Obama’s regulations.”

Like much of Trump’s proposed agenda, tossing regulations into the circular file is not exactly a new idea where Republicans are concerned, the difference being that most people realize Trump is serious when he says he’s going to do something about it.

Of course the “experts” interviewed for Wheeler’s article were skeptical that such a simple two-for-one scheme would work, with liberals questioning whether it might lead to repealing needed protections of the public and conservatives expressing doubt that such a policy goes far enough.

If anything, it seems clear that mandating a two-for-one switch will give federal agencies pause when considering future regulations. With more oversight from Congress certain to go with the new package, federal regulators will feel pressure to hold back – especially in areas of science that can’t be accurately measured on a global scale.

The EPA should beware: “climate change” isn’t a proven theory.

While they’re at it, the system needs to be simplified as well as streamlined. As of the end of last year (2015), there were 81,611 pages in the federal register. To paraphrase Charles Dickens and Jacob Marley’s ghost, “the Obama administration has labored on it since – it is a ponderous chain!

It’s a well-known fact Obama’s green people weren’t going to leave without setting up more regulatory barriers. Perhaps it’s time to just get rid of the EPA entirely.

Henry I. Miller writes in National Review, “Since it was created in 1970, the EPA has been a rogue agency — ideological, poorly managed, and out of touch with sound science and common sense. It is emblematic of what Wall Street Journal columnist Bill McGurn condemned as the ‘soft despotism’ of the ‘unelected and increasingly assertive class that populates our federal bureaucracies and substitutes rule by regulation for the rule of law.’

“The nation’s experiment with a free-standing environmental agency has failed. The EPA’s few essential functions should be relegated to less scientifically and ethically challenged agencies and departments…”

Miller’s article details his own experiences with the sordid EPA, which he believes has become hopelessly political and corrupt – especially under the Obama administration (which uses the agency to funnel money to leftist environmental groups in pursuit of pet causes).

The task of reforming the federal government’s regulatory functions will be enormous. By proposing to eliminate two regulations for every new rule, clearly Trump is off to a good start.

That’s one EPA created “swamp” that’s just begging to be drained.

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