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Coalition to Reduce Spending Launching "What’s my Congressman’s Number?"

Our friend Jonathan Bydlak, president of the Coalition to Reduce Spending sent us a year-end reminder that we know we have a problem. 

And you know we have a problem. 

federal debtMost Americans know we have a problem in this country. 

But too few want to recognize that that problem is our country’s escalating national debt, and reducing spending is necessary to address this problem.  

The Congressional Budget Office projects that in the next 70 years, public money spent on interest alone will grow to almost 41% of our GDP.  

Today, interest represents 1.4%. In just 20 years, it is estimated that interest on our debt will exceed the cost of the entire Social Security program. 

Spending across all levels of government now totals 40% of our gross domestic product. If it had merely kept pace with population growth and inflation during the last 50 years, spending would total less than 25% of what it is today. 

From 1954 to 2010, Republicans controlled the White House for 34 years and Democrats for 22. Democrats controlled Congress for 44 years and Republicans for 12. Our long-standing spending spree has been enabled on a completely bipartisan basis. 

Unfortunately, little change is emanating from Washington. Rather than coming together to reduce spending, politicians from both parties shake hands under an implicit agreement of “I’ll vote for your spending if you vote for mine.” 

And in an era of countless other issues that can distract and crowd out the fiscal perspective there is a clear need for a national organization to advocate exclusively for reducing federal spending to balance the budget. 

Young Americans have the most to lose from bad fiscal policy, so the Coalition was founded for this reason: To put people clearly on the record, hold them accountable, and stand up for our nation’s future.  

We agree and we think every American should know where all candidates and elected officials stand on this defining issue. 

For this reason, the Coalition to Reduce Spending created “What’s my Congressman’s Number,” a new project for spending accountability.  

For the first time, everyday Americans will be able to view, in real time, how much money our Representatives and Senators are spending. 

Over the last year, Coalition staff has been working around the clock creating and testing a methodology that captures every single vote for new spending, and building an easy-to-use website to display these findings. Users simply type in their zip code to find out their Congressman’s number—or how much new spending he or she has voted for. 

Most Americans want Congress to spend our money responsibly. Most politicians promise fiscal responsibility only to turn around and vote for new spending and debt once in office. Meanwhile, everyday Americans lack the time and tools to hold them accountable for countless bad votes. 

Until now. 

In 2017 with the launch of “What’s my Congressman’s Number” everything changes.  

Click here to learn more about the Coalition to Reduce Spending and download a “Reject the Debt” flyer to send to your elected officials.

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