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Police Officers Aren't Pigs! Remove the Painting Depicting Them as Such From the US Capitol

An Open Letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and My Representative in Congress

Dear Speaker Ryan:

It is reprehensible, offensive, degrading, outrageous, and unacceptable that a painting police officers as pigs is hanging in the U.S. Capitol, much less being honored despite its message of hate and violence.  

Every law enforcement officer knows that when they go to work each day or night that they may not make it home.  This painting is not conductive to rational discussion and promotes violence towards police officers, whose families should be just as outraged. 

During a time in our society when tensions are so high that someone can be offended by a single word, this painting does nothing but attack law enforcement to its core.  The fact that a member of Congress would advocate and praise such a painting is reprehensible.  

It’s a shame that Congressman Clay, like so many other liberal “social justice warriors,” has no qualms about broadly disparaging the entire law enforcement profession. Police officers are men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life, who literally risk their lives on a daily basis to provide safe and secure communities. Pushing the false narrative that the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson was unjustified isn’t art, it’s Far Left propaganda that has no place in the US Capitol and should be taken down immediately..

If you do not act to have this paiting removed I can only assume that you agree with the propaganda in the painting and are using your position to promote your personal views in the name of political correctness. 

[The Undersigned]


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