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Winning: While MSM Goes Nuts Saudi King Backs President Trump Refugee Plan

This is what winning looks like folks. 

As far back as November 2015 then-candidate Donald Trump spoke about creating “safe zones” for refugees of the Syrian civil war. 

At his post-election Thank You rally in Pennsylvania the President-elect told attendees, "When I look at what's Safe zonesgoing on in Syria, it's so sad," adding, "we're going to help people." 

Then-President-elect Trump said he wanted to build "safe zones" for civilians "so they can have a chance."  

Knowing that the creation of such safe zones will require both an enormous financial commitment but also military personnel, Trump called for the oil-rich Sunni Gulf states (presumably including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar), which have been supporting rebel forces, to band their resources together for this humanitarian project. 

While the establishment media has been going nuts over President Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from terrorist hotspots, the King of Saudi Arabia has quietly endorsed “safe zones” as one step in the President’s plan to solve the Middle east refugee problem. 

In a White House statement, “READOUT OF THE PRESIDENT’S CALL WITH KING SALMAN BIN ABD AL-AZIZ AL SAUD OF THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA” it was revealed Sunday that President Trump spoke with King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.  

According to the statement, “The two leaders reaffirmed the longstanding friendship and strategic partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia. They agreed on the importance of strengthening joint efforts to fight the spread of radical Islamic terrorism and also on the importance of working jointly to address challenges to regional peace and security, including the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.” 

Now here’s the important part: “The President requested and the King agreed to support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, as well as supporting other ideas to help the many refugees who are displaced by the ongoing conflicts.” 

They also agreed on the importance of rigorously enforcing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran and of addressing Iran’s destabilizing regional activities. That is diplomat-speak for saying that Saudi Arabia and the United States commit to doing everything possible to roll back the Obama doctrine of making Iran the regional hegemon in the Middle East. 

Finally, the two leaders also discussed an invitation from the King for President Trump to lead a Middle East effort to defeat terrorism and to help build a new future, economically and socially, for the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. The President and King Salman closed by underscoring their personal commitment to continued consultations on a range of regional and bilateral issues. 

Naturally, the establishment media won’t report it, but this is what winning looks like – the King of Saudi Arabia agreeing to help keep “refugees” where they belong, near their homes in the Middle East.

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