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Viguerie: One More Campaign Promise Kept

“Every day since Jan 20 it gets better and better for conservatives. At this stage of Trump's Presidency, it's far better than Reagan's,” said CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie in a statement released to NewsMax.  

“Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death was the single most important event which lead to Donald Trump's victory,” observed Mr. Viguerie. “A liberal filibuster of President Trump’s nomination of Supreme Court Nominee Neil M. Gorsuch would be an attempt by the left to undo the results of the election. “ 

Richard Viguerie“However, the liberal special interest groups will demand and insist that the Democratic Senators go all out to keep Judge Gorsuch off the Supreme Court,” said Viguerie. “This battle will be unlike any court battle in modern times. And when the battle is done conservatives will win and liberals will be exhausted and weakened for the next battle.” 

“Not in my political life (over 55 years) have conservatives been as excited as they are with the Trump Presidency,” concluded Mr. Viguerie. 

And Mr. Viguerie is not alone in that assessment of where conservatives stand after the nomination of Judge Gorsuch. 

“This selection should hearten any believer that the role of the judiciary is to consider what the law says—not what it should say,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “Former colleagues speak of Judge Gorsuch’s tested adherence to the honorable tradition of strict constructionism just like the late Justice Antonin Scalia before him. The Rule of Law is on firmer ground tonight, and we will have Judge Gorsuch to thank for that.” 

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement urging Senate confirmation of President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch: 

“The election of 2016 was a referendum on who would get to select the next Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia. President Trump’s wise and thoughtful selection of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court should be respected by the Senate, which has the constitutional responsibility to provide for a fair and expedited hearing process, and an up or down vote decided by a simple majority of the Senate. If Senate Majority Leader McConnell faces the sort of obstruction that has been promised by some in the minority, including the use of the filibuster, to block consideration of Gorsuch, it will be incumbent on him to use all means necessary to ensure that this qualified and outstanding jurist is confirmed. 

“It is time for the Senate minority to reconcile itself to the fact their party lost the election, and stop behaving like spoiled children who didn’t get a candy bar in the grocery store.” 

Our friend Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, wrote:

Gorsuch is a proponent of originalism, the idea that the Constitution should be interpreted as the Founding Fathers would have interpreted it. 

Gorsuch is a believer in a broad definition of religious freedom and sided with Christian employers and religious organizations in the cases of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Little Sisters of the Poor

In the Hobby Lobby case, he [Judge Gorsuch] wrote: "The ACA's [Obama] mandate requires them to violate their religious faith by forcing them to lend an impermissible degree of assistance to conduct their religion teaches to be gravely wrong." 

AFA applauds President Trump's choosing Judge Gorsuch and urges you to thank him for making a great choice. 

The Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Action for America released a statement saying “Judge Neil Gorsuch is a nominee ‘very much in the mold’ of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  President Trump deserves credit for fulfilling his campaign pledge by nominating an individual who will, based on his record, interpret the text of the Constitution rather than create unwritten rights supposedly hidden between the lines. The usurpations of the rule of law, substituting for the will of the people as embodied in democratically enacted legislation rights nowhere to be found in our Constitution itself, only serves to divide our nation. Judge Gorsuch is an outstanding choice, and now the Senate must prepare to carry out its ‘Advise and Consent’ role as it has for the past 227 years.” 

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie summarized the state of play after the Gorsuch nomination this way: 

"Movement conservatives were drawn to support President Trump first and foremost because of his promise to put constitutionalists on the court, and his pick to fill the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia should please all of us.  We need good judges who enforce the Constitution and the rule of law over government, who do not legislate from the bench, and who respect their role under the separation of powers to fulfill President Trump's agenda to make America great again.  Because Judge Gorsuch has a very good record and believes in the constitutional limitations on government, I expect Democrats will pull out all the stops to block or delay this nomination because their agenda and ideology are contrary to the Constitution and limited government." 

Tea Party Patriots Jenny Beth Martin framed the coming fight to confirm Judge Gorsuch this way, “Progressives are counting on their outrage and the sympathetic mainstream media to give them the momentum they would need to block Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. It’s up to us to stop them, and to show the world that the majority of Americans support President Trump and Judge Gorsuch.” 

We urge CHQ readers to call their Senators, the Capitol Switchboard is (866-220-0044), to tell them you want Judge Neil Gorsuch confirmed immediately, using the “nuclear option” of changing the Senate Rules if necessary.

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