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100 Days of Trump: Can a Washington outsider like Trump handle being president?

Is being president too challenging for Donald Trump?

It is if you believe what the media is reporting about him. All throughout last year’s campaign so-called “experts” made grandiose predictions on how the job would prove to be too overwhelming for a man like Trump, a top-down quick decision-making executive who was used to firing out orders and having them followed Trump Obamainstantaneously.

As a matter of course, after only three weeks in the White House, many of these same “Trump wouldn’t be able to hack it” doomsayers are taking a “See, I told you so” attitude towards Trump while snickering disapprovingly from the sidelines.

Alex Isenstadt, Kenneth P. Vogel and Josh Dawsey of Politico report, “In interviews, nearly two dozen people who’ve spent time with Trump in the three weeks since his inauguration said that his mood has careened between surprise and anger as he’s faced the predictable realities of governing, from congressional delays over his cabinet nominations and legal fights holding up his aggressive initiatives to staff in-fighting and leaks.

“The administration’s rocky opening days have been a setback for a president who, as a billionaire businessman, sold himself to voters as being uniquely qualified to fix what ailed the nation. Yet it has become apparent, say those close to the president, most of whom requested anonymity to describe the inner workings of the White House, that the transition from overseeing a family business to running the country has been tough on him.”

The Politico article goes on to assert Trump frequently asks simple questions about personnel and policy, purposely evades details when confronted with them and was infuriated by the leaks regarding his phone calls with foreign leaders. In other words, the media is basically arguing our president is a tempestuous dolt who requires a nursemaid to hold his hand and keep his moods under control.

It sure sounds like Trump doesn’t have the “temperament” to hold office, doesn’t it? Where did they get this story from, last summer’s Democrat convention?

I think we’ve heard it all before. It’s the same line of argument the Washington establishment always uses against every “outsider” who runs for high office, the notion that the job will be so enormous and complex that he or she wouldn’t be able to handle it once they sit in the big boy chair behind the big desk in the Oval Office.

In contrast, if Hillary had won the election we’d be fed story after story about how Clinton was ready to “take command” of the reins of the federal chariot on day one. Big bubba Bill would be right beside her, schmoozing members of Congress and appearing at the top of the steps of Air Force One. The Democrat staff would be “professional” and the wheels of government would be happily churning along, day by day.

But since it’s Donald Trump as president, the media reports he’s “angry” and frustrated.

Honestly, who wouldn’t find dealing with the leviathan challenging? With a federal government that’s grown to gargantuan proportions and has snaked its way into every aspect of our lives, getting ahold of the beast is the first order of business for anyone who hopes to eventually tame it.

According to the Politico writers, fatigue infests the staff like a disease. “The interviews paint a picture of a powder-keg of a workplace where job duties are unclear, morale among some is low, factionalism is rampant and exhaustion is running high. Two visitors to the White House last week said they were struck by how tired the staff looks.”

I don’t blame Trump’s people for being drained. Just fending off the media’s relentless criticisms alone must be exhausting. But if you really want to see tired go look at the Democrat senate staffers who had to work all night for two consecutive days while Democrat senators fruitlessly droned on and on about Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions last week.

They did it for nothing. It was a show…and a boring one at that.

At the same time, from observing Barack Obama’s performance for eight years in the White House, it certainly appeared like the job was much too large for the former community organizer to grasp. Instead of diving into the hard work of trying to forge relationships on Capitol Hill to not only account for his administration but help further his legislative agenda, Obama eventually just gave up and hit the golf course.

Trump is a different man entirely. He’ll get the routine down; it just might take a little time.

With Democrats and establishment Republicans in charge of the government for most of the past three decades, there’s a lot of damage to undo. The federal bureaucracy will battle Trump for every inch and there will be plenty of people anxious to whisper to the press about how dysfunctional the White House happens to be at any given time.

Conservatives need to be patient – and vigilant – to maintain the energy necessary to ensure Trump’s success. Nobody said it would be easy if the Republicans won the presidency. There’s hard work ahead – and we welcome it.

Three weeks into the Trump administration, policies are already moving in a positive direction

Once you get past all the media noise about trouble in the White House, it’s easy to see that things are actually getting done under President Donald Trump.

One vital area where there’s been major change/improvement already is on energy development.

Timothy Cama of The Hill reports, “While it’s been just three weeks since Trump’s inauguration, the president has already issued memos to approve the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which were both blocked by Obama partly due to concerns about how they would contribute to climate change...

“Energy has emerged as an area in which Trump and congressional Republicans are unified, and their actions have signaled to energy companies and climate change activists alike that Trump and congressional Republicans are serious about implementing a wholesale change in how the United States deals with big policy questions related to global warming.”

According to Cama’s article, in addition to the executive orders Trump signed on the pipelines, the House passed four measures (under the Congressional Review Act) to roll back Obama rules on energy and two of those have also passed the Senate.

So in other words, our elected representatives and senators are finally doing their jobs in reining in the out-of-control bureaucracy at the EPA. Judging by the Democrats’ and the environmentalists’ reactions to Trump’s and the Republicans’ moves, they’re hysterical over the loss of power…at least in the political realm.

There is perhaps no other issue that exposes the divide in America between conservatives and liberals than the environment and “climate change.” Simply put, conservatives believe you can implement an all-of-the-above energy strategy and still preserve the environment. Meanwhile, liberals would shut down the entire energy sector and kill tens of thousands of jobs in order to reduce emissions that may or may not be affecting the earth’s atmosphere.

Liberals would be happy to provide a free government bought bicycle for every commuter. But then they’d pave over a wetland to build bike lanes, too.

Lost among the liberals’ panic attacks over a forward-looking American energy policy is the fact that major energy producing countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela don’t have nearly the statutory protections in place to ensure against environmental exploitation and pollution. Capitalism has been proven time and again to be the cleanest way to harvest the earth’s resources for the benefit of mankind, since no one wants to trash their own land.

Besides, the federal government is always there to enforce the already stringent environmental laws that are on the books, right? An appropriate balance can be struck. The land can be preserved and still yield its underground treasures.

Apparently the leftist environmental lobby doesn’t agree. “Trump and the GOP Congress have made it crystal clear that clean air, clean water and public health are public enemy No. 1 in America so long as they control our federal government,” said John Coequyt, global climate program director at the Sierra Club.

It’s the same scare tactics liberals always throw out to frighten people into opposing fossil fuel energy production. They rely on an ignorant and passive public to advance their stall strategies. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start hearing about Three Mile Island and the Love Canal environmental disasters again.

If the environmentalists had their way everyone would believe Trump wants us all to glow in a green light from pollution intoxication. Environmental activist Erin Brockovich must be waiting in the wings to sue everyone in the federal government. She’ll get another movie dedicated to her. It’ll be nuts.

Yet another area that Trump seems to be making progress is in immigration enforcement.

In a story titled “Panic setting in among Hispanics over deportations,” Rafael Bernal of The Hill reports, “Through his executive orders, Trump went after so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ that restrict the degree to which their law enforcement agents collaborate with federal immigration enforcement. He has also redefined who could be labeled a ‘criminal alien.’

“That redefinition greatly expanded the number of undocumented immigrants liable to be targeted for removal, beyond the ‘three or four million’ that Trump had mentioned.

“José Magaña-Salgado, an attorney at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, cited a study that said as many as 8 million people could now be targeted for deportation.”

Naturally immigrant “rights” groups are forecasting widespread civil disobedience when waves of federal agents comb Hispanic neighborhoods to weed out the poor “undocumented” aliens, many families having “mixed status” according to one of them.

I’ve never heard that term before. I think prior to now it was known as “anchor babies.”

We clearly haven’t heard the last on this issue. My guess is the more stringent enforcement of existing immigration laws will cause many in the country illegally to return to their home countries on their own and perhaps try legal means to return.

Funny how merely executing the laws on the books causes a change in human behavior. So much for the “panic.”

Despite all the media reports of bewilderment in the White House, it’s clear things are starting to get done. And Trump has only been in office a little over three weeks. Impressive.

2018 Senate campaigns in Utah and Virginia could feature some big names

Though not directly related to President Donald Trump’s first 100 days, there are several potential political developments taking place now that could impact his administration down the road a bit.

A number of Trump’s former rivals on the campaign trail or from #NeverTrump-land are considering senate runs in 2018. Should any of them be successful it could bring a whole new dynamic to the congressional upper chamber.

Lisa Hagen of The Hill reports, “Carly Fiorina, who ran for president in 2016, earlier this week expressed interest in challenging Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, the former Democratic vice presidential nominee.

“And in Utah, the GOP field could be lush with ex-presidential candidates if GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch retires. Jon Huntsman, a 2012 GOP candidate, could run for the seat, as could 2016 independent candidate Evan McMullin. Even Mitt Romney, the GOP’s 2012 nominee, hasn’t ruled anything out.”

At this point this is all just fun conjecture, but one can only imagine the tweets Trump would be sending in reference to any of these folks during campaign season next year.

Only McMullin remains openly hostile to Trump. Romney pulled a full “suck up” moment to the president-elect in December while reportedly being considered for the Secretary of State position in the Trump administration and Fiorina concentrated her fire on Hillary Clinton after her failed bids for the GOP nomination and then vice president on the Ted Cruz ticket.

In Virginia, any of the Republicans running against Tim Kaine would likely face a hailstorm of liberal interest group money trying desperately to save Hillary Clinton’s running mate from an embarrassing defeat.

Conservatives would also have a hat in the ring in the Old Dominion with Fiorina or radio talk show host Laura Ingraham as the candidate. Northern Virginia’s Rep. Barbara Comstock is rumored to be the choice of the state’s party establishment. If Fiorina and or Ingraham run, I would think Comstock would have a hard time overcoming the name recognition and “wow” factor of the others.

And Comstock also said she wouldn’t vote for Trump after the release of the infamous “sex talk” tape in October of last year.

Hagen’s article indicates McMullin enjoys a decent level of support in Utah, having finished third in the state to Trump and Clinton last November. With Huntsman or Romney possibly running against him for the state’s Republican nomination (and possibly Rep. Jason Chaffetz as well), I highly doubt an outsider lightweight like McMullin would have any chance at grabbing it.

McMullin will have to go back to joining with leftist groups to oppose Trump.

Speculation at this point is just that – speculation. It will take excellent name recognition and a healthy fundraising operation for any of these candidates to mount a Senate run next year. Trump himself will also have a say on who he favors, and as of now, the president enjoys huge popularity with the grassroots.

A new Republican senator in Virginia would be a significant boost to Trump’s agenda. No doubt whoever has the greatest chance to beat Kaine would probably be seen as the best candidate.

Time will tell.

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