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The Coming #RINOcare War On Conservatives

The Washington Post and our friend Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review have exposed who is behind the push to pass Ryancare, or Obamacare 2.0 or RINOcare, whatever name you choose to apply to the abomination that Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to ram down the throats of Capitol Hill conservatives.

Last Thursday, the Washington Post reported that the American Action Network (AAN), a rabidly pro-amnesty political action committee with ties to former Speaker John Boehner and current Speaker Paul Ryan, is airing a Rinocarehalf-million dollars’ worth of television ads in the districts of 30 Freedom Caucus members urging them to support #RINOcare.

The ads, Horowitz observed, perpetuate the lie that the GOP bill repeals Obamacare and insinuate that conservative members who want to keep their promise are somehow opposing repeal of Obamacare. Yet, this is just par for the course for a PAC and a broader movement whose entire funding stream, ideology, and motivation is built upon deception.

The AAN is affiliated with the official GOP leadership PAC and is full of former Boehner staffers and #NeverTrumpers (people who opposed Trump from the left), noted Horowitz. These are people who have done everything in their power to undermine Trump’s immigration and national security agenda, yet their ads use Trump’s name to promote something that is antithetical to what he originally ran on.

In our article “Boehner Friends Attack Conservatives Prop Up RINOs In Corrupt Alliance With Obama” we told you about the American Action Network and its close association with former Speaker of the House John Boehner and how it was founded by lobbyist Barry Jackson, Boehner’s long-time Chief of Staff and political confidant.

AAN has a history of swooping in to save establishment Republican candidates who are trouble in the primaries, and Rep. Kevin Brady, one of the ubiquitous TV faces of Ryancare, was the beneficiary of at least $200,000 of their largesse in his hard-fought 2016 primary.

Which begs the question: “Where does AAN’s money come from?”

According to Daniel Horowitz’s research, from 2010-2014, AAN’s biggest single donor has been the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which has given them $6.2 million.

Donations since 2014 have not yet been disclosed. Money is fungible, and while there is no way to verify at this point if the funding for these particular ads came from an out-the-door new infusion of cash from Big Pharma, it is safe to say that AAN receives so much money from Big Pharma precisely because they will promote the agenda of the status quo.

So, who is the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America trade association? Well, they are literally “Big Pharma.”

PhRMA is a typical Republican-leaning lobby shop and industry trade association says Horowitz. By Republican we mean, they donate roughly 56% to Republicans, give money to a lot of individual Democrats, but the bulk of the committee donations are to GOP-linked committees. However, they also, like many GOP lobbyists, donate to left-wing causes like the Gay and Lesbian Fund.

Also, like every Republican-leaning lobby shop, they donated to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012. But who did they support in 2016? Yup, they gave $13,000 to Hillary Clinton and nothing to Donald Trump.

Now, why do you think a pharmaceutical lobby would donate to Hillary over Trump? Is it because they agree with her more on sexual identity politics? It’s Obamacare, of course! They clearly want the status quo, albeit a steady stream of bailouts to go along with it, concluded Horowitz.

If you see one of these American Action Network ads running in your congressional district we urge you to use the facts in this article to write a letter to the editor or send this article to your friends to explain that far from opposing President Trump, the targets of these dishonest ads are the real advocates of Trump’s promise to repeal and replace Obamacare with free market heath care and health insurance.

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The GOP establishment is against everything President Trump is doing. This healthcare plan that ryan is pushing through is nothing more than a glorified obamacare and will do nothing to lower cost and provide better healthcare to Americans. The mandate tax is still in there and that should be one of the first things to go.