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Midnight Rules Meeting Sets The Stage For Friday Obamacare Vote

At a GOP conference meeting last night, establishment Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma told his colleagues that "this is not a test for President Trump, he's already leading. This is not a test for our leadership. This is a test for us," according to a source in the room.

The GOP leadership's view is that they're still short on the vote count, and that they need to be assured of 216 votes before putting it on the floor. They think if the bill comes to the floor with less than the required number, No on Ryancarethe vote will collapse on them. They say simply announcing the House is going to vote is not going to cause the vote total to go up. Members don't want to vote on something that will go down.

And as long as the House Freedom Caucus stands tall for the principles they claimed they stand for it will go down.

The question is, as always, will those who claim to be the staunchest conservatives in the House of Representatives actually stand tall when the pressure is on?

Signs are very mixed – only 4 Republicans voted against the Rule to bring the #Ryancare abomination to the House Floor tomorrow.

Even among the many problems with #Ryancare the ultimate deal breaker for conservatives is it retains Obamacare’s taxpayer subsidy for illegal aliens.

After all the meetings, after all the calls and emails Speaker Ryan is taking out Essential Health Benefits (the rule forcing insurance companies to put everything in every plan) and putting back in the .9 Medicare Tax. 

That's it.

Recent changes made to the #Ryancare bill to persuade conservative House Republicans to vote for it do not address one of its most critical flaws – allowing illegal aliens to obtain health care through identity fraud.

Much as we’d like President Trump to succeed, providing subsidized health care to illegal aliens is too steep a price for conservatives to pay to support the President in his optimistic push to use Speaker Paul Ryan’s disastrous Obamacare 2.0, Rinocare or #Ryancare bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

House Republican leaders never intended to repeal Obamacare.  That was made quite clear today.

The question now is will the House Freedom Caucus stand up to Ryan and refuse to be bullied into supporting a bill that doesn’t do what they have been promising to do for seven years?

Conservatives are getting next to nothing in the #Ryancare bill. It’s time for conservatives and for President Trump to take his own deal making advice and walk away from this disaster – there are better deals available and the price of giving illegal aliens taxpayer subsidized health care is way too high.

We urge CHQ readers to contact House Freedom Caucus members to tell them to stand tall in opposition to #Ryancare.


Freedom Caucus Member Contact Information:

Mark Meadows (NC)     

(202) 225-6401  



Justin Amash (MI)          

(202) 225-3831  



Brian Babin (TX)               

(202) 225-1555  



Rod Blum (IA)   

(202) 225-2911  



Dave Brat (VA) 

(202) 225-2815  



Jim Bridenstine (OK)      

(202) 225-2211  



Mo Brooks (AL)

(202) 225-4801  



Ken Buck (CO)  

(202) 225-4676  



Warren Davidson (OH) 

(202) 225-6205  



Ron DeSantis (FL)            

(202) 225-2706  



Scott DesJarlais (TN)      

(202) 225-6831  



Jeff Duncan (SC)

(202) 225-5301  



Trent Franks (AZ)            

(202) 225-4576  



Paul Gosar (AZ)

(202) 225-2315  



Morgan Griffith (VA)     

(202) 225-3861  



Andy Harris (MD)            

(202) 225-5311  



Jody Hice (GA) 

(202) 225-4101  



Jim Jordan (OH)               

(202) 225-2676  



Raúl Labrador (ID)           

(202) 225-6611  



Barry Loudermilk (GA)  

(202) 225-2931  



Alex Mooney (WV)        

(202) 225-2711  



Gary Palmer (AL)             

(202) 225-4921  



Steve Pearce (NM)        

(202) 225-2365  



Scott Perry (PA)               

(202) 225-5836  



Ted Poe (TX)     

(202) 225-6565  



Bill Posey (FL)   

(202) 225-3671  



Mark Sanford (SC)          

(202) 225-3176  



David Schweikert (AZ)  

(202) 225-2190  



Randy Weber (TX)

(202) 225-2831  



Ted Yoho (FL)   

(202) 225-5744  



Joe Barton (TX)

(202) 225-2002  



Louie Gohmert (TX)       

(202) 225-3035  


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