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Sheri Few: THE Conservative in the SC-5 Special Election

It isn’t every day that one of our friends, who is also one of the original #StopCommonCore moms, runs for Congress. So, it with a special sense of urgency that we tell our conservative readers about Sheri Few, who is THE conservative candidate running in the special election to fill the vacancy created by Rep. Mick Mulvaney’s appointment to head President Trump’s Office of Management and Budget.

Sheri Few has a long – and reliable – history in the conservative movement; she is a recipient of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum Eagle award, so we know if she is elected South Carolina 5 voters will not end up with Sheri Fewa Republican In Name Only (RINO), as some allegedly conservative candidates turned out to be after the 2010 and 2014 elections.

South Carolina has an open primary system and there are as many as half-a-dozen candidates running right now.

The way the race stacks up right now we see the moderate Tommy Pope in first, and three other candidates close together behind him and others trailing much further back. 

Sheri Few is running second, so with such a large field there is likely to be a runoff with the moderate. 

In the top three is also Ralph Norman who, based on his debate performance appears, to be a weak candidate, especially on core conservative values and issues.

Also showing is Tom Mullikin who is really Democrat.  He has given to Democrats all over the country and is running in as a Republican because South Carolina has open primaries and that is what Democrats do when they can’t win in the General Election.

Sheri Few has been a leader in the grassroots fight against implementing Common Core in the Palmetto State. Few – who runs the nonprofit organization S.C. Parents Involved in Education that has advocated for abstinence education and fought Common Core. The Lugoff Republican has also cast a conservative eye upon the Far-Left text book industry saying, “There’s really an anti-American, anti-Christian tone to the textbooks.” 

The debates have been particularly important is this Special Election, where turnout is expected to be low, and Sheri Few’s campaign has been gaining momentum because she has been dominating in debates.  

We urge CHQ readers to take a look at this short clip from a debate, and you will see in this write-up from the largest metropolitan area in the district that Sheri Few stands out among the candidates in the debate.

If you listen to a couple of short video clips of Sheri Few’s performance in a recent debate found in the links below we think you will agree that Sheri is THE conservative in the South Carolina Congressional District 5 special election.

Conservatives in Sheri Few’s grassroots South Carolina base and at the national level are rallying behind her campaign.

Sheri Few has received the endorsement of Eagle Forum PAC and has a local fundraiser this week where hosts expect to net another $5,000.

In addition to the Eagle Forum PAC endorsement, former Congressman Tom DeLay is supporting Sheri and is hosted two fundraising events for in Texas.

According to reports, she has raised more than $50,000 in her fund-raising blitz and began airing a new radio ad last week (you can listen to Sheri’s powerful conservative ad through this link).

The radio ad is great, but Sheri Few also needs to be on TV to win and one of the reasons we are urging conservatives to support her NOW is so she has the financial wherewithal to begin filming her first TV ad.

We like Sheri Few because we know she is a reliable conservative, and we especially like her in this race because she has been calling out her opponents for posing as conservatives when the facts tell a different story.  

In such a crowded field (there are half-a-dozen alleged Republicans in the race) there will likely be a runoff. Conservatives looking for leadership to oppose Common Core, the anti-American anti-Christian tone of text books and to stand for limited government constitutional conservative principles should pull out all the stops to ensure Sheri Few wins the special election to represents South Carolina District 5 in the US House of Representatives. Go here to donate to Sheri Few and send a reliable conservative to the US House of Representatives.

Here are some clips that tell the story of this campaign and show Sheri Few is THE conservative in the race to represent SC-5 in Congress:

Sheri Calls Out Pope, Norman on Confederate Monument, Mullikin over Term Limits
Sheri speaks out against the Gas Tax Hike, Mullikin's Environmental Radicalism

Sheri on Veterans

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