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Paul Ryan’s Betrayals Define Trump’s 100 Days

Whether President Trump and his team recognize it and make a bold stand for his agenda, or whether they choose to try to spin their way past it, the success or failure of the President’s first 100 days will be defined by what’s in or out of the continuing resolution soon to be before the House of Representatives.

Trump and RyanUnfortunately for President Trump, as things stand right now, everything candidate Donald Trump campaigned against, and everything that his voters expected him to protect them from, is in the budget and about to be funded for the rest of the year.

And almost nothing that the President promised he would do is in the budget and set to be funded and implemented in this fiscal year.

  • * Sanctuary cites? Funded.

  • * Obamacare? Funded.

  • * Massive “refugee” resettlement in America? Funded.

  • * Planned Parenthood? Funded.

  • * The Border Wall? Not funded.

  • * More border security and Border Patrol Agents? Not funded.

  • * The promised military build-up? Not funded.

It’s as if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were still in charge on Capitol Hill.

And in a sense they are, because their liberal policy goals and their Big Government, Big Spending ways are the defining precepts of Capitol Hill’s Democratic and Republican establishments, and hence the real bipartisan majority in Congress.

What the President has not yet grasped, and the Capitol Hill insiders on his team aren’t telling him, is that the Democrats will threaten to filibuster everything the President wants – and the Capitol Hill Republican establishment will go along with it because, when it comes to the President’s conservative – populist agenda, they are on the same side as the Democrats.

That is why the purported attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare was such a spectacular failure.

From a strictly policy perspective, Ryan and the House “leadership” had zero interest in repealing the Obamacare cost-drivers that have wrecked the private insurance market.

They want responsible working adults to subsidize healthcare insurance for snowflakes who live in their parents’ basement and refuse to work, and they have no intention of allowing healthy young working people to escape subsidizing health insurance for older adults with chronic lifestyle health conditions brought on by smoking and obesity.

As the President surveys the wreckage of his first 100 days’ legislative agenda he would do well to review who, exactly, opposed his agenda before and during the campaign.

True, as expected, Democrats opposed it, and they will continue to oppose it no matter how much the President “reaches across the aisle.”

But so did Speaker Paul Ryan – and quite vociferously we might add.

Trump’s opposition to Syrian “refugee” resettlement?

“That’s not us,” said Ryan.

Defunding Planned Parenthood? Ryan has squelched that every time it has come up.

The Border Wall?

As our friend Cheryl Chumley of WND reported back in 2015, soon after Ryan was elected Speaker a border wall, complete with a security patrol, went up around his private home in Wisconsin, but funding for the 2006 Secure Fence Act, which would have put a double-layer fence along a 700-mile stretch of U.S. border property, was dropped from the Omnibus spending bill Ryan rammed through the House.

As President Trump’s 100-day mark approaches for once the judgements of the establishment media and his supporters will be in alignment – without funding for the Border Wall and his other priorities, and with the continued funding of the many Obama – Clinton policies he campaigned against – the President’s first 100 days will be judged a failure.

And these policy failures are indicators of a more fundamental failure on the part of the President. As well-intentioned and committed to his agenda as he may be, he has failed to grasp that Paul Ryan is the author of these failures not because he is an inept Speaker, but because he is on the other side.

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Remember, Ryan is taking money from Soros! He's a sellout and traitor, he doesn't give a rat's a$$ for "We The People" the only thing he cares about is his position and his money!

The people in Wisconsin need to kick him to the curb.

Paul Ryan trash man

He is our Presidents pain in the butt and needs to be kept away from our President.

Paul Ryan

President Trump PLEASE understand that Paul Ryan is NOT on your or our side. He is doing EVERYTHING he can to make you look BAD in the public's eyes. If at all possible get rid of him and if you can't then let him think that you think he is a good guy BUT put him at the back of the bus or just do the opposite. This way he will not get to make you look bad and it will make him look like what he is CRAP.
We LOVE and respect you and that is why WE the PEOPLE elected YOU. Now go out there and kick ass! !

Paul Ryan

This is a deadly serious war against President Trump with Ryan's help.
Google & read “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump" and "Color Revolution" and “Soros Report: North American law center’s organizations 2017/03/ report on U.S. patriot act violations”.
This war against our President and his administration as they try to rip our country out of the Shadow government’s evil grips of bribed and extorted legislators.
President Trump and his cabinet are receiving terrible advice from those who have been bought, bribed or extorted by the Establishment and these ungodly anti-Trump individuals will do anything and everything possible to keep Trump from draining the swamp, even at the expense of our country that they do not care about.
It is our responsibility and duty to pray for Godly wisdom, advice and direction for our president, his administration and country.


Republicans were never for Trump in the first place,they were as vocal as Dems against him