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Newton’s Third Law of Physics is Alive and Operating in the Political Arena

Last week I appeared on a panel at a Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) Data Strategy Forum with my longtime friend and counterpart/opponent on the left, Roger Craver.

As some of you know I pioneered ideological/political direct mail starting in 1961 as the Executive Secretary of YAF, then in 1965 with The Viguerie Company.

RAV Roger CraverRoger introduced the Left to direct mail in the 1970s (Common Cause, People For the American Way, Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women, etc.)

When in the early 1980s I could clearly see the fruits of my ideas on direct marketing applied to conservative politics I thought “Wow, it has taken me twenty years to figure this out, it will take the Left at least twenty years to catch up.”

Not so.

In just a few years, thanks to brilliant marketers led by Roger Craver, the Left caught up and has now surpassed the conservative movement in building new organizations and in fundraising for them.

And part of the reason for this success is that the Left is constantly starting and funding new single-issue groups to fight for their policies and agenda.

Think about this: If tomorrow Barack Obama called a meeting of all of the specialized environmental organizations, there would probably be over three hundred represented, each with its own area of expertise, agenda, supporters, and donor base. There are probably between ten and twenty thousand left-wing single-issue fourth-force groups.

Think of the thousands of unions just at the local level (teachers, college professors, public-sector unions, service employees, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, pipe fitters, auto workers, teamsters, coal miners, nurses, etc.). Those are just a sampling of the unions, but the Left also has thousands of race-based organizations, antitraditional family organizations, radical feminists and pro-abortion advocates, radical environmentalists and now all of the local anti-Trump “Resistance” groups getting start-up money from George Soros and his allies in the so-called Democracy Alliance.

During our one-hour panel discussion, Roger talked about the massive amounts of money the left has raised since Election Day, November 8, 2016.  Of course, that is not news; that information has been widely reported.

The purpose of this column is to bring to you a very important message:


The Republican National Committee has just set a record for fundraising after a presidential election. The RNC raised nearly $20 million in January and $12 million in March for a total of $41.5 million in the first quarter.

What’s more, Rush Limbaugh says his audience, contrary to traditional post-election news burnout, has grown. Rush says, aside from the supreme talent of the host, he believes that the actions of the Left to literally destroy anything and everything resulting from President Trump’s election is keeping people angry and involved, and so his listenership is skyrocketing.

And he says he is attracting new listeners to his audience.

All of this proves that Newton’s Third Law of Physics is alive and operating in the political arena – “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

The left has become unhinged and out of control.  They are acting inappropriately, whether they are in the streets, the universities, the media, or in the U.S. Congress. They are trying to undo the election results by attempting to make President Trump ineffective and to weaken him, with impeachment as their goal, and disruption of his agenda as their tactic. 

However, grassroots conservatives are responding with strong support for conservative organizations that are effectively opposing the left. This is the first time I’ve seen this in my 56 years of national fundraising for the conservative cause.

Always before, those out of power were able to raise large sums of money, and those in power had a hard time keeping their doors open.

But this time it’s different.  In my opinion the next 3 ½ years will be the best time to grow conservative organizations in my lifetime (and that’s a very long time).

So, conservatives, this is not the time to stay the course or conduct business as usual.  Our opponents are raising hundreds of millions of dollars and growing their organizations. They are planning, organizing, and working to come roaring back in 2018 and 2020.

Grassroots conservatives are looking for action, results, energy, solutions, and, above all else, leadership.

I’ve seen an environment this encouraging once before, and frankly, conservatives almost blew it.

In the summer of 1975, I received a visit from a friend, a conservative stalwart who shall remain unnamed—coming as the spokesman for a group of Old Right leaders—who suggested that there were only 100,000 to 125,000 conservative donors in America, and all I was doing by helping start all the conservative organizations and publications of the New Right was slicing the pie thinner and thinner, and that I should cease and desist because I was hurting the established conservative organizations with my efforts.

Some of this angst was simply misguided, and some came from individuals who had grown comfortable with the way things were and didn’t really want to put in the hard work to make their organizations more appealing and effective than other conservative organizations.

I listened politely, but thought to myself that if there were only 125,000 people in America that would contribute to conservative causes, then the cause of liberty didn’t have long to survive, and maybe I should take what time was left to spend more time with my family and play more golf. What’s more, I knew it wasn’t true and far from ceasing and desisting, we redoubled our efforts.

All those complaints and criticisms stopped on Election Night 1980 when Ronald Reagan was swept into the White House on the tide that was in large measure generated by the people and organizations of the New Right.

As the longtime nonprofit fundraising professional Jerry Huntsinger said many years ago, “There’s no shortage of money, only a shortage of ideas.”

Those organizations that primarily communicate with political donors by cussing the left and don’t have concrete programs, policies, and projects to combat the enemies of freedom and liberty under God’s laws, will not only not be able to grow their organization, they will probably lose significant ground.  Those groups with good programs and strong marketing will receive the lion’s share of the conservative support.

Many conservative organizations are growing significantly and are raising record amounts of money.  If you are not doing the same, you owe it to your beliefs, values, and organization to maximize this opportunity.  Rush to the sound of the guns.

As Ronald Reagan said many times, “Ask yourselves if not us, who? If not now, when?”

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