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Outsiders vs. Insiders: All hands needed on deck to defend Trump from the leftist fringe

During last year’s campaign it wasn’t clear at virtually any point that Washington Republican establishment bluebloods would ever accept much less get behind the candidacy of Donald Trump. After all, the New York celebrity businessman had stormed in from the outside, rejected advice and money from party insiders, refused to bow to its leaders and generally introduced a platform that was an affront to many things Republican elites claim to hold dear.

The panic was tangible a year ago this time as many establishment GOP groups were actively seeking backers for a convention coup to wrest control of the party presidential nomination away from the undisputed Kathy Griffinprimary winner and hand it to someone like Mitt Romney or John Kasich, a “consensus candidate” who would politely and meekly attend political events and raise money for the party like a good boy should.

What a difference twelve months makes, however, as the establishment Republican National Committee has come full circle and is now staunchly defending the outsider Republican president from the venomous attacks of his enemies…and some in the party aren’t wild about it.

David M. Drucker of the Washington Examiner reports, “The Republican National Committee is evolving into an extension of President Trump's attack squad.

“In addition to the copious amount of political hits the RNC issues daily against Democrats and liberal policies, the committee's communications department has expanded its range of targets to include personal opponents of the president.

“The Russia investigation, and even former FBI Director James Comey, has come under fire, in line with attacks from the White House. So has MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, who appears to have had a falling out with Trump after months of being one of his reliable cheerleaders.”

Comments cited from anonymous Republican sources in Drucker’s article are classic as it certainly appears as though the consultant class is still very uncomfortable with the confrontational style of the president – and by extension, the “new” RNC, too. There even seems to be a bit of jealousy as “strategists” gripe about the party apparatus rapidly evolving into the president’s personal public relations bodyguard instead of touting all Republican candidates.

Put another way, establishmentarians are terrified Trump has succeeded in turning the RNC on its head and the party people are now more concerned with defending the conservative perspective he represents rather than trying to make headway with the politically correct crowd that is knee-shakingly terrified of offending anyone.

If these weaklings are yet unwilling to accept that Trump – and Trump’s scuffles – are now the main battlefront in the war against Obama’s and the Democrat left’s transformational change I’m not sure what else would possibly convince them. As the whole sorry Kathy Griffin affair from last week amply demonstrated, the left doesn’t want to talk about anything other than Trump himself.

Liberals did briefly deviate from the Trump-hate to protest the administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord but even there they concentrated the bulk of their rhetorical fire against the current occupier of the Oval Office, not his common sense approach to favoring American workers over the lofty global aspirations of the ruling class and European climate wackos.

Like it or not Trump has firmly claimed the mantle of leading not only the new populist/conservative Republican Party, he’s also managed to assume the exalted role of American spokesperson at home and abroad. What Trump does or says is now being seen worldwide as illustrative of a new American view of politics and the country’s role in the global political balance.

Therefore, Trump’s enemies are the GOP’s enemies. It’s entirely appropriate for the RNC to join the effort to attack his detractors. Trump’s fate will carry the party in at least the next two elections –Republican “moderates” should take note.

If the old advertising slogan goes, this is “No longer your father’s Oldsmobile,” then the new GOP mantra should be “No longer the Bush Republican Party.”

At the same time, as also highlighted in Drucker’s article, there appears to be a media-wide impression that the White House communications department is so overwhelmed dealing with Trump’s controversy-generating nature that it needs the RNC’s help to fight off the president’s rabid leftist critics.

Of course they blame Trump’s fondness for promoting his message through social media for the quagmire. More nonsense. Controlled chaos and dominating every news cycle is what Trump has instinctively thrived on ever since he entered politics. After all that’s happened, who could credibly argue that this isn’t part of the president’s plan?

Apparently there are some, including the #NeverTrumpers at RedState. Jay Caruso wrote over the weekend, “That some conservatives were defending Trump for the Comey mess because it made Democrats angry is ridiculous. Democrats freak out about Republican leadership no matter who’s in office. There’s no reason to give them more bullets so they can reload and keep shooting. If your measure of success is how much Trump angers Democrats and liberals, then he’s doing great. But the fact that he’s sitting at 40% job approval should give people a reason to think through their definition of ‘success.’

“Conservatives should demand a higher bar. ‘Pissing off the libs’ and ‘He’s better than Hillary’ is a bar so low, anybody can reach it. There is a tremendous opportunity for the Republican Party and Donald Trump, and I give him credit when deserved…”

Caruso admits he didn’t vote for Trump and after reading his material periodically since the election I’ve concluded his “credit” for the new president is sparing indeed. The remaining small band of embittered #NeverTrumpers isn’t much closer to accepting that the GOP is now Trump’s party than are the Democrats, anarchists or the angry “world community” that threw such a fit over Trump’s Paris reversal.

At this point, what could the #NeverTrumpers possibly hope to gain? Are they planning to join Democrats and the leftist fringe in calling for Trump’s impeachment? Do they hope to help the establishment discredit the president to the point where he’s weakened and ineffective and essentially politically hamstrung?

Or do they actually believe their persistent whining and grumbling about Trump’s behavior and social media is going to change the way he does things? More than likely they see it as “principled” objective commentary. To a lot of us it just seems like blind obstruction.

And even if some Republicans simply choose to support Trump because he’s better than Hillary, that’s good enough too, because in her own way Hillary has become representative of the Democrat Party. Running against her is the same as running against all Democrats.

Al Weaver of the Washington Examiner wrote, “Republicans could hardly contain their excitement after Hillary Clinton said she plans to get involved in the 2018 midterm contests, which Republicans see as a chance to contrast themselves once more with Clinton, the two-time failed Democratic presidential nominee…

“The GOP campaign arms of the two congressional chambers — the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee — both plan to fundraise off Clinton in the coming days and weeks, as they have in recent months off Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who has long been a Democratic foil for Republicans in campaign cycles. The NRCC said it is set to use Clinton in states like Minnesota, Maine and Ohio against various Democratic candidates.”

The Republicans should fundraise off of Hollywood leftist idiots like Kathy Griffin too. The comedian’s rambling news conference last week provided plenty of fodder for a lot of good ads. If the left is truly this unbalanced the GOP should have no trouble setting a contrast with the other party.

Trump the man may not be as popular as conservatives and Republicans would hope for, but his policies are winners; so too is the president’s drive to make America great again. If recent history is any indication Trump is more than willing to do whatever it takes to get there, too.

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So-Called "Republicans" and "Conservatives"

When was Joe Scarborough EVER a "reliable cheerleader" for President Trump??? Although he may have favored SOME conservative policies when he was in Congress, since then "Morning Joe" has been nothing but a Menshevik turned Bolshevik!

It's about time that the Republican Establishment recognized that, as our current Republican president, Donald Trump is the standard-bearer for the party, and if the party is to survive, it must get behind him. Likewise, one of the unfortunate realities of American electoral politics is that any office-holder needs the support of a party organization behind him or her to survive. So Trump and the Republican Party really need each other. If so-called "conservative" never-Trumpers remain never-trumpers, they will only have themselves to blame as they contemplate their fate in the new Gulags should they succeed in helping the Marxists to regain power.