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Obama LGBT Policies at Pentagon, Other Agencies Running On Autopilot

In the aftermath of President Trump’s election many conservatives, including the Conservative Action Project, called for the Trump administration to “discontinue funding and directing personnel resources” for special interest events such as LGBT Pride Month that “do not strengthen military readiness.”

Those pleas apparently fell on deaf ears.

Pentagon LGBTQThe Defense Department recently held an LGBT Pride Month event, while the Army conducted transgender sensitivity training, moves that baffled retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin and some other conservatives.

In a June 12 statement marking its sixth annual LGBT Pride Month celebration, Anthony M. Kurta, a retired Navy rear admiral, stressed the importance of the event.

“[L]et us reflect on the service and sacrifice of all DOD members, past and present,” Kurta said, according to a Defense Department press release on the event. “We take pride in the contributions of all who defend and serve our country, and rely on the diversity of our members to meet our mission.” [Emphasis added by CHQ]

Kurta is the Defense Department’s undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, a position he has held since 2014 under the Obama administration.

And the celebration of “diversity” even involves handing out awards for promoting the homosexual agenda.

The Pentagon website shows a photo (above) of Navy Lt. Cmdr. Damita Zweiback presenting a Department of Defense Pride Military Leadership Award to Army Maj. Gen. Tammy S. Smith, during an award ceremony marking LGBT Pride Month at the Pentagon, June 12, 2017.

Smith was the first flag officer to come out as a homosexual after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal, and is now deputy commanding general for sustainment of the Eighth Army.

Air Force Maj. Gen. Patricia A. Rose, mobilization assistant to the deputy chief of staff for logistics, engineering and force protection spoke during the event and said naysayers will say diversity is just a form of political correctness.

Major General Rose, another Obama holdover, and currently the highest ranking openly homosexual serving in the US Military.

Rose went on to use this official Pentagon event to promote the inclusion of transsexuals in the military.

“We must resist those attempts to marginalize us because our heritage enabled by self-sacrificing pioneers must be preserved and advanced upon, especially for transgender citizens and military members,” Rose said.

Conservatives interviewed by The Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal said they particularly are concerned about the military, specifically with transgender recruits, because of what they consider issues of preparedness for war and unit cohesion.

“This puts extra burdens on military doctors and nurses who have to provide these hormone benefits and surgeries to service members who aren’t deployable for months. So, this becomes a magnet [for people seeking gender transition],” Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, a conservative pro-defense group, said in an interview.

Keynoting the event was Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.), who is an open homosexual and co-chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus as well as the No. 2 Democrat on the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

“There was a time when the Department of Defense discouraged and hid its diversity instead of celebrating it as we are today,” Takano said. “The progress has made this moment possible that we should really never overestimate America’s capacity to remake itself for the better.”

Receiving an award at the event for civilian leadership was Amanda Simpson, the first-ever transgender woman U.S. government appointee and Obama’s deputy assistant secretary of defense for operational energy.

To coordinate all of these activities the Pentagon maintains “DoD Pride” as the Department of Defense's official LGBT employee resource group.

And so do other federal agencies.

Other federal agencies, from the State Department to the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of Veterans Affairs, confirmed to The Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal that they use government resources to promote LGBT Pride Month during June.

Kathy McGettigan, the Trump administration’s acting director of the Office of Personnel Management, which oversees all federal employees, heralded the month celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

“LGBT Pride Month is just one way that we can honor the struggles and achievements of the LGBT community, including the LGBT members of our federal workforce,” McGettigan, a 25-year employee, wrote June 9 on the Office of Personnel Management website. Her post provided related links for LGBT employees.

“Enjoy your celebration and Happy Pride Month,” McGettigan wrote.

That the Defense Department is still committing resources to LGBT Pride Month event, and the Army is still conducting transgender sensitivity training, baffles retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin.

“I was very surprised, not so much by Donald Trump but by Gen. Mattis. I thought his total focus would be on military readiness and winning wars, and not social engineering,” Boykin told Heritage Foundation’s The Daily Signal.

The retired Army general argues that political correctness about both gender identity and women in combat is degrading the morale and readiness of the armed services by having troops spend hours in classrooms learning about gender issues.

“For 16 years we’ve been at war. When service members are not deployed overseas, they are preparing for war,” Boykin said. “Not one minute of preparation time should be squandered on social experiments.”

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The military should be above politics. I do not care what sex or color my doctor is ,just want them to be the best prepared and the best at what they do.
The military ,fire dept. and police dept. the same. If I am in a burning building unconscious. I want some one that can pick me up and get me out of the building. not some person confused about what sex they are that day and able to get my big ugly self out of the building.

LGBT in the military.

What makes you think an LGBTQ person could not - would not - do the job if they are on the first responders team or are otherwise in a position to rescue you? You're just letting your clearly ignorant bias be seen for what it is.

The Purpose of the Military!

When you are in the Military you have no Party or politics! You are a warrior and your only requirement is to train to defend the USA, Period! All political Officers must be removed from all of our military, from the top down! When will President Trump start to dump the Officers that the past President put in our military for the single mission of destroying the best military in the history of this world!

LGBTQ celebrations by Federal Government

The celebrations of LGBTQ "month" by the Defense Dept, State Dept, etc. are totally inappropriate. The government should only be concerned with individual's actions and behaviors not with their sexual interests, their religious interests and beliefs or any other area of thought not manifested by action. A display of government happiness that a group of people are sexually attracted to those of their own sex, or confused about why they were born one sex but feel they should be the other, or even interested in sex with anyone be they of the same or opposite sex of themselves is silly. And I suspect that no one in government would be willing to have a celebration of heterosexuals although one should keep in mind that those are the people populating the vast majority of the next generation.


Time to put all this crapola back in the box. It is an ongoing pathetic show of "look at me, isn't my diversity just marvelous?" No, it isn't. It is your personal business, and not something that need be enshrined anywhere for any reason, and certainly NOT in the military. So you're a dyke, or gay, or triple bißbidextrous, so what? Back in the box.