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Is The Pentagon Finally Listening To Conservatives On LGBT Issues?

On the very last day of what the Obama holdovers at the Pentagon called “LGBT Pride Month” Defense Secretary James Mattis quietly squelched (at least temporarily) the Obama plan to enlist transgender recruits into the United States military services.

Mattis has delayed enlistment of transgender people into the armed services for another six months, allegedly to give military leaders the additional time to insure the change won’t affect the readiness and lethality of the Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykinforce. That new deal rejects Air Force and Army requests for a two-year wait. That’s according to a memo Mattis wrote that was obtained by The Associated Press.

Our sources inside the Pentagon tell us that Mattis waited until the Friday afternoon before the Independence Day holiday because he didn’t want the distraction of a battle with the radical homosexual lobby in the middle of the existing DC media feeding frenzy.

Waiting until the last day of the federal government’s Obama-created month-long celebration of homosexuality, transgenderism and other “alternative lifestyles” was a smart move, however, the question remains whether Mattis plans to kill Obama’s plan to enlist transgender volunteers or eventually let it become Pentagon policy.

It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that Mattis let the news of the delay come out at the same time our friends at the Center for Military Readiness released a well-regarded study analyzing fifteen Obama-era Pentagon directives and training documents promoting retention and eventual recruiting of transgenders in the military:

Department of Defense & Military Services Should Revoke Problematic Transgender Policy Directives and Instructions (Full Report)

Department of Defense & Military Services Should Revoke Problematic Transgender Policy Directives and Instructions (Executive Summary)

The 27-page document reveals and analyzes President Barack Obama-era policies, which order the armed forces to assume the risks of retaining and recruiting a cohort of persons who are suffering from gender dysphoria ˗ a difficult condition involving confusion about gender identity.  Gender dysphoria and its treatments are among several psychological conditions that negatively affect personal deployability and mission readiness.

Wrote Donnelly, “We don’t need a “mad dog” or a sleeping dog – we need a vigilant and fearless watch dog who will strengthen our military by restoring sound priorities that are long overdue.”

Problematic transgender mandates include:

·       Open-ended costs for lifetime hormone treatments and sometimes irreversible surgeries.  (Transgender advocates demand special status for recruits seeking lifetime medical benefits despite deployability problems.  They also demand coverage for veterans in an already over-loaded system, and for family dependents, including minor children);

·       Infringements on personal privacy in conditions of forced intimacy;

·       Demoralizing pressures on military commanders, doctors, and nurses to approve, participate in, or perform procedures that violate medical ethics or sincerely-held personal or religious convictions;

·       Negative impacts on morale and cohesion when transgender treatment side effects negatively affect combat deployability and readiness;

·       Establishment of a network of remote “Service Central Coordination Cells” (SCCCs) allowing LGBT consultants to politicize the Military Health System;

·       Erosion of trust in military leaders who endorse medical delusions; and

·       Diversion of scarce time and resources in pursuit of politically-correct social agendas that are not consistent with sound priorities in the military.

We expressed our own concerns about the Pentagon and other federal agencies allowing Obama-era social experiments and policies prioritizing recruiting transgenders and homosexuals in our column “Obama LGBT Policies at Pentagon, Other Agencies Running On Autopilot” and we are glad to learn the autopilot has, at least temporarily, been turned off.

However, this isn’t a battle won, let alone the end of the war. Conservatives must keep the pressure on Secretary Mattis to end these Obama-era social experiments once and for all.

A good place to start that effort would be with the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act. We conservatives should all be calling and writing our Representative and Senators to let them know that when our country is at war the Pentagon should be focused on defeating the enemy and not one penny should be authorized for the recruitment and retention of undeployable transgender individuals or the celebration of “alternative lifestyles.”

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