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FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Back Trump On ObamaCare Repeal

Conservatives support President Trump’s demand that Congress move promptly to repeal ObamaCare, according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

When asked whether ObamaCare has succeeded or failed more than 95% of respondents to FedUp PAC’s latest poll agree that ObamaCare has failed, having raised premiums, reduced choices, and canceled policies Trump tweetfor millions, while becoming an ever-increasing burden on the Federal treasury through its huge subsidies.  (The Congressional Budget Office confirmed that repeal would save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade.)

Although the House of Representatives passed a partial repeal, action in the Senate has stalled as liberal Republicans demand that ObamaCare be left in place with only minor adjustments.  Trying to break the deadlock, President Trump recommended last week that Congress simply repeal ObamaCare now while continuing to work on a replacement bill and over 95% of those responding to FedUp PAC’s online poll also agreed with the President’s recommendation.

FedUp PAC is a grass roots organization that advocates that constitutional conservatives take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.

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Health Care

I pay $506.81 for health insurance, when I go to the DR. it cost me $30.00 - when I go to a specialist it cost me $60.00. I had a MRI and a CT they charged me $400.00 for that. Then my doctor said she needed to do a EGD and that cost me $400.00. know they want me to do a colonoscopy +/- capsule endoscopy plus see a ENT about vocal cord. I have a liver,spleen & gallbladder problem and in a lot of pain can't hold in # 2 have had accidents in stores etc..... And they just keep doing one test after another I haven't even got the bills from the doctor office etc..................
If this keeps up I am going to have no choice but to sell my home as I can't afford both medical or roof over my head with my husband and handicap grandchild ( adult 20)
money doesn't grow on trees RIGHT. WE NEED HELP IN THE MEDICAL HEALTH AND PRESCRIPTIONS Something needs to be done or there are going to be more homeless families. This needs to be done today!!!!!!!!!!

Repeal Obamacare

Conservatives don't want to repeal Obamacare, WE WANT IT TO DIE. Healthcare is NOT A GOVERNMENT FUNCTION OR RESPONSIBILITY. Republicans grow a pair of balls and act like men. Stop worrying about the press THEY DON'T LIKE YOU AND NEVER WILL. Just do the right thing, let it die.