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Sessions’ Asset Forfeiture Support Wrong, Hurts Police

Each day conservatives should wake up and thank the Lord that a good and moral man like Jeff Sessions is U.S. Attorney General – instead of the horribly corrupt leftist attorneys general we had under President Obama, or an even worse expected choice under a President Hillary.

In fact it was Jeff Sessions’ “anti-Loretta Lynch” style of trying to stay beyond reproach that led to his mistake of recusing himself from the Russia, Russia, Russia probe. This eventually led to the Star Chamberesque Clarence Thomasspecial counsel probe, where Robert Mueller and his expanding team of Democrat donors have virtually unchecked power. Democrats and the deep state smiled at Sessions’ decision to leave their arch nemesis, President Trump, at the mercy of an investigation untethered from restraint.

General Sessions’ second high-profile mistake comes in the form of his support for asset forfeiture, under which law enforcement keeps seized assets of those arrested even without a conviction. Tiana Lowe writing at National Review calls this practice “government-sanctioned stealing,” supported by California’s uber-leftwing statist Senator Kamala Harris, and described by conservative constitutionalist giant Justice Clarence Thomas as “‘policing for profit’ while calling into question its constitutionality.”

American police are under literal assault from radical forces of leftwing anarchy seeking to disrupt the security of American communities, as chronicled in Heather Mac Donald’s The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe. In response to Black Lives Matter and other present-day versions of the radical leftwing, anti-police terrorist movements of the past, which included the likes of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, a “blue lives matter” movement has sprung from pro-law enforcement conservatives.

In our e-book The Law That Governs Government we describe government as America’s biggest lawbreaker. The conservative movement and even more Americans beyond conservatives have come to see government as doing more harm and less good because of its lawless abuses of power. Asset forfeiture is seen as immoral, not to mention unconstitutional, by many Tea Party, constitutional conservatives who make up a substantial part of Trump’s base. It appears to be just more government lawbreaking and theft.

Asset forfeiture positions police as part of lawbreaking, thieving government instead of friends to the security of our communities. It is unfair to hoist on our police the cross-ideological disdain for asset forfeiture. General Sessions would be wise to reconsider and walk back his recent support for this government theft via asset forfeiture regardless of whatever merits he sees in it.

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Sessions’ Asset Forfeiture Support Wrong, Hurts Police

Not only is the Judge absolutely correct, it is pure common sense and can be understood by any child in school.

Asset Confiscation By Police

Attorney General Sessions is doing a great job since being appointed by President Donald J. Trump Attorney General. He's not to blame for police confiscation of peoples property it's the bureaucrats who were working at the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and their liberal left buddies we should hold accountable not staunch conservative Attorney General Jeff Sessions. President Donald J. Trump has made his commitment to Drain The Swamp and it must start with the Justice Department to remove those corrupt and lawless bureaucrats from the Justice Department for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to perform his duties and weed out the liberal left lawless and unfair practices and policies that is ruining our country and subverting the Constitution.
And our men and women in blue should not be the scape goats for their illegal and lawless practice either.

Attorney General Sessions

I agree that Sessions is generally doing a great job as Attorney General, yet his support for police confiscation of citizens' property should be criticized, as the writer here has done. To be sure, it is bureaucrats like police chiefs, county attorneys, U.S. Attorneys, and ultimately state and federal attorneys general (like Jeff Sessions) who encourage and reward the officers on patrol who engage in these reprehensible but lucrative police practices. In any law enforcement hierarchy, the cops on the beat and junior prosecutors take their marching orders from the top, and the U.S. Attorney General is only one step away from the top of the federal food chain.


For all that is good means if 1 or a small percentage do not fill or fit all the rules and moral financial values then trow all out. Why is that the American way or the way to beat or slow down a process that is effective at justice and helping pay for justice with the poison it captures. Confused I'll bet you are. What part does the wrong not understand about what is right. The Constitution is very specific yet very vague. Maybe it is just the shuffling of the words to create the meaning you desire or need or better yet the need you want to show for your spotlight! I'll bet where making sense now but you will not want to acknowledge that sense now, it does not have your particular want. Who is or what is the best way to get the best result because you can never and I mean never be 100% right all the time. But you can decide to be the best to be fair and reevaluate every case that does fall on that dotted line of LIBERAL RIGHTCHESSNESS! NEW WORD FOR MAKING LAWFULLY FAIR!