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Outsiders vs. Insiders: To find who the elites really despise, ride to the sound of the criticism

A useful catchphrase made famous by the movie All the President’s Men is “Follow the money” – because the money is usually where the real action (or culpability) is found. Or, as “Pitchfork Pat” Buchanan memorably declared, “Ride to the sound of the guns.” That’s where the fight will be.

In politics the saying should be something more like – if you want to discover what the establishment is truly frantic about, follow the criticism.

White HouseSuch was the case during Donald Trump’s entire run for the presidency. Trump’s announcement speech generated the kind of notice and outrage (from the left and the establishment) that he instantly became a lightning rod for criticism simply because he articulated what was on many people’s minds in a way they could understand and identify with.

The same kind of criticism is now being directed at Trump advisor Steve Bannon for many of the same reasons as the elites hated Trump – because he’s a threat to the ruling class and the power centers in Washington and New York that seek to keep the people passive and subjugated.

Therefore it was hardly surprising after the all-sided race riots last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia that the media immediately started coming after President Trump. And then as the dust began settling they took off after Bannon in addition, painting the White House senior advisor as the dark and sinister purveyor of the “Alt-right” that’s supposedly gained control of Trump’s mindset.

Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner reported earlier this week, “One source close to the White House said Bannon's critics within the West Wing are ‘making their move’ on him in the wake of controversy over the violence in Charlottesville on Saturday. Democrats have accused Bannon of personally supporting white nationalism and hammered Trump last year over his decision to bring Bannon into the campaign. He and his allies deny the charge, saying Democrats provide no evidence for these allegations.

“A social media campaign to ‘#FireBannon’ gained traction shortly after an anti-racist protester and two police officers died in connection with the demonstrations in Virginia.

“And critics of the White House have saddled Bannon with the blame for Trump's slow response to the violence.”

None other than Nancy Pelosi suggested Bannon was the driving force behind Trump’s belated specific condemnation of white hate groups. Since everyone knows Pelosi always spouts off with President Trump’s best interests in mind, perhaps the Oval Office occupant should take her advice to heart and terminate Bannon immediately because he’s a racist.

The more troubling rumors swirling around Bannon concern a purported falling out with new Trump chief of staff John Kelly over supposed leaks to the press about National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster. McMaster has drawn the ire of conservatives over his willingness to purge Trump’s personnel under his purview while retaining a host of Obama holdovers. These Democrat retreads are providing the impetus behind the counsel McMaster gives to the president on matters ranging from Obama’s Iran deal to upping troop levels in Afghanistan.

If there ever was evidence that the establishment considers Bannon dangerous, it’s right here. McMaster – and Kelly, frankly – maintain a discredited view of the perpetual struggle with Islamists (see yesterday’s Barcelona attack, for example) and therefore act as counterweights to a change in foreign policy which the American public appears to sincerely desire.

Andrew C. McCarthy wrote at National Review, “It is one thing to say, as Washington does, that picking unnecessary fights with Islamists — e.g., designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization — complicates our ability to make and keep alliances against global jihadism. It is quite another thing to fail to recognize the threat Islamists pose to our own society and constitutional system.

“An Islamist is a Muslim committed to the imposition of sharia. There may be ‘moderate Islamists’ in Anbar Province; there are none in America. I have great respect for General McMaster, but I’m just as worried about whether he gets that, as he apparently is worried about whether there are too many Islamophobes on the NSC.”

Therein lies the tension in the White House. President Trump ran on a platform of taking a realistic approach to dealing with terrorism in a firm and aggressive manner. Trump also advanced a view during the campaign that the Iraq War was a mistake and America would avoid excessive military commitments in the future if he were elected president.

Now McMaster, surrounded by Obama’s people, seems to be advocating for a “more of the same” approach to foreign threats. Naturally Bannon’s worldview clashes with McMaster’s. The establishment is squarely in McMaster’s corner as are the neocons and the blueblood Bush Republicans.

“Racism” is a convenient label to pin on Bannon when their real goal is to remove Trump’s trustworthy counselor over his disagreements with the ruling class and established order. Differences of opinion on policy (i.e., view of Islamists) are weaponized and treated as though they’re concrete examples of “racism.”

If you doubt this is the case, look at the storm of criticism Trump has endured since last weekend when he immediately spoke out against the hatred and bigotry “on all sides” in Charlottesville and received a harsh beat-down from Democrats, the media and establishment naysayers in his own party.

David M. Drucker of the Washington Examiner reported on one of them: “Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told the Washington Examiner he was disappointed with the weekend's events in Charlottesville, Va., as well as President Trump's move Tuesday to equate the actions of white supremacists there with demonstrators who held counter-protests.

“’There needs to be outspoken rejection of neo-Nazis, of white supremacists, and KKK, and there should be absolutely no equivocation,’ said Cantor, of Richmond...

“’When we see the president, basically, ascribing, or assigning equal blame? I just can't buy it. I just don't agree with that,’ Cantor added, during a telephone conversation.”

Apparently Cantor hasn’t seen (or wanted to see) the black hooded “Antifa” thugs around the country trashing cities and assaulting people in their lawless “protests” against Trump and the agenda he represents. On Wednesday Michelle Malkin pointed out that there were “equal” arrests last Saturday – two brainless white supremacists and two leftist counter-demonstration thugs.

From what I saw of the video the arrests should have numbered in the hundreds. There were a lot more than four people perpetrating the violence and mayhem, just as there are dozens of derelicts at all of these “protests” who elevate already contentious clashes into dangerous physical confrontations.

To his credit Trump has backed law enforcement and promised to make cities safer. Let’s hope he’s able to come through on his commitments.

But the #NeverTrumpers won’t settle for anything less than Bannon’s scalp in the present circumstances. David French wrote at National Review, “Bannon’s actions indicate that, if nothing else, he’s a vicious opportunist. As alt-right leader Richard Spencer explained, under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart turned into a ‘gateway to alt-right ideas and writers.’ His former colleague Ben Shapiro called him a ‘vindictive, nasty figure, infamous for verbally abusing supposed friends and threatening enemies.’ Vindictive men who promote the work of racists and normalize their ideas obviously shouldn’t be within 100 miles of political power, never mind two steps from the Oval Office…

“If the president wants to take decisive action to distance himself from America’s most hateful elements, there is one thing he can do today: He can fire Steve Bannon, the man who gave them a platform.”

Other #NeverTrumpers were just as punitive in their condemnations of Bannon, though RedState’s Ben Howe claims Trump won’t get rid of Bannon because he (Trump) is a coward. Howe wrote, “I’m going to point out that Donald Trump is afraid of upsetting the alt-right at large, and Bannon in particular. Because Steve Bannon told him to worry about losing them. And because Donald Trump does what Steve Bannon tells him to. Donald Trump is afraid of Steven Bannon.

“Maybe if Trump wasn’t so incredibly weak, he could stand up to Steve. But as it stands, that’s just not the president we have.

“Instead, we have Donald Trump: Steve Bannon’s bitch.”

Yes, it really has gotten that stupid, folks.

A few weeks from now when Congress returns from its recess and the attention-challenged media goes back to bashing conservatives and Republicans over actual issues like proposed budget reductions or tax cuts “for the wealthy,” much of this racism talk will subside -- for a time. Bannon will return to acting as Trump’s base’s voice behind the scenes and hopefully something will get done to move the reform agenda forward.

After all, that’s what Trump was elected to do – get the economy going, enforce the laws and generally, to make America great again.

Steve Bannon will continue to be a controversial figure as long as there are forces in the country out to cause trouble and establishment whiners to criticize him. But if Trump is smart he’ll look past all the outrage and recognize Bannon is only despised because he’s a threat to the established order.

The ruling elite won’t settle for just getting rid of Bannon; they won’t stop until it’s Trump’s head on the proverbial chopping block.


In order to prevent the start of a complete purge of conservatives from the White House staff we need to build a groundswell of support behind Steve Bannon.  We invite CHQ readers to use their channels to send the White House a message similar to the one in our column by posting to your blog, website or email list, calling talk radio, writing an op-ed or by contacting the White House directly.

You can call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 or contact the White House through this link or contact President Trump through Twitter at @realDonaldTrump or @POTUS . Time may be short to get this message through to the President, so we urge you to act today.

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