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CMR Report: President Trump’s Guidance Will Direct Officials to End Obama Transgender Policies

Our friends at the Center for Military Readiness have alerted us that The Wall Street Journal and Reuters have reported that President Donald Trump will issue a 2½ page guidance directing the Department of Defense to essentially reinstate policies regarding transgenders in the military, which were in effect before President Barack Obama changed them at the end of his term in office.  White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that an announcement on the issue would be released soon. 

In reaction to these reports, Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness told us, “It is difficult to comment on the reported guidance from President Donald Trump without seeing the document in CMR imagequestion, and it’s too soon to know how the Department of Defense will implement the President’s intent in coming months.

“With those caveats stated, the Center for Military Readiness applauds President Donald Trump’s reported intent to take official steps to halt a massive social experiment in the armed forces.

“It appears that Pentagon officials will have six more months to reinstate policies regarding eligibility that were in place before President Barack Obama unilaterally imposed his transgender agenda on the armed forces during his closing months in office.

Donnelly also pointed out that, “President Trump’s stated intent supports the troops, and recognizes that three of four military service chiefs initially asked for a two-year delay before implementing Obama-era mandates.  The Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff also expressed doubt about the science of transgender  mental health care, including hormone therapy and surgeries for individuals who suffer from gender dysphoria.”

“We don’t know what the exact wording of the President’s guidance will be, but it could mean that Defense Department officials will reinstate gender dysphoria on the list of non-waivable medical conditions that disqualify individuals for military service.  Currently-serving transgender personnel who suffer from gender dysphoria, which involves confusion about gender identity, might be handled like others with physical or psychological conditions that impede their ability to perform requirements of their jobs, including readiness to deploy,” noted Donnelly.

The President’s guidance reportedly will call for an end to gender dysphoria treatments and surgeries at military medical treatment facilities.  The RAND Corporation and LGBTactivist sources that RAND relies on keep claiming that thousands of transgenders currently are serving in the military, but their elastic estimates (between 1,320 and 6,600) are not credible.  The Hill has reported that only 250 persons requested transgender treatments since 2016 according to CMR.

“President Trump’s policy change would inspire a sigh of relief among military doctors and nurses who do not want to be forced to participate in or perform procedures that violate medical ethics or sincerely-held personal convictions.  Military women also will be pleased if they no longer have to attend training sessions on how to accept infringements on their personal privacy, including unclothed biological males in shower facilities and conditions of forced intimacy,” noted Donnelly.

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler has discredited the methodology that RAND corporation used in a 2016 report that is often quoted in unquestioning media reports.  Mrs. Hartzler noted major expenditures that RAND minimized or left out, and calculated potential costs at $1.3 billion over ten years.

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“Pro-defense taxpayers and many members of Congress object to open-ended expenditures for expensive life-long hormone treatments and irreversible surgeries associated with gender dysphoria, which cost far more than LGBT activist groups claim they will,” said Donnelly.

“Many experts have stated that extraordinary measures to accommodate transgenders in the military would negatively affect personal deployability and mission readiness, without resolving underlying psychological problems, including high risks of suicide.

“Intellectually honest servicemembers reject the notion that gender is “assigned” at birth and can be changed.  They also reject the irrational belief that regardless of unchanging human DNA, revisions in bureaucratic “gender markers” really can transform a man into a woman or a woman into a man.

“The armed forces are not just another equal opportunity employer; there is no constitutional right to serve.  And the military health system (MHS) is designed to be a national security force multiplier.  Limited military resources should not be misused to indulge transgender demands and theories that are contradicted by biological realities, science, and common sense, concluded Elaine Donnelly.

During the next six months, we hope Defense Department officials will reject skewed data from liberal consultants and Obama holdover officials who routinely rely on LGBT activist groups for ridiculously low estimates of transgender costs and consequences and develop a plan to separate from the service undeployable transgender individuals that is sound from both a biological and national security perspective.

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