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FBI Says No Public Interest In Hillary Clinton Email Files: Time To Prove Them Wrong!

The FBI recently turned down a lawyer's request for the release of FBI files on Hillary Clinton, faulting the lawyer’s documents for not providing enough proof "that the public interest sought is a significant one," according to our friend Mandy Mayfield’s reporting for the Washington Examiner.

Mayfield reports the FBI killed the request made by attorney Ty Clevenger, who filed a Freedom of Information Act request earlier this year to obtain information relating to the investigation into Clinton's emails.

Hillary Clinton"You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public's interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject," an FBI bureaucrat said to Clevenger in a letter on Monday. "It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public's interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA."

"I'm just stunned. This is exactly what I would have expected had Clinton won the election, but she didn't. It looks like the Obama Administration is still running the FBI," said Clevenger.

Though former FBI Director James Comey did not recommend formal charges against Clinton, Clevenger is seeking the documents, hoping to prove that she committed perjury, the Washington Times reported.

Attorney Clevenger has been working to get Clinton and her personal attorneys disbarred for perjury and their handling of her official emails during her tenure as secretary of state. He filed a FOIA request with the FBI on March 7, 2016.

Hardy delayed Clevenger’s request on Aug. 8, demanding Clevenger produce information that would necessitate the release of the requested documents.

Powe reports that Hardy told Clevenger in a letter that he would “have to prove one of three things in order to get the records: (1) Mrs. Clinton consented to the release of the records; (2) Mrs. Clinton is dead; or (3) my request pertains to a matter of public interest.”

In another letter on Monday, Hardy shut down Clevenger’s request, again claiming there is not enough public interest in Clinton to justify releasing her records WND’s Alicia Powe reports.

“This is in response to your additional correspondence dated August 11, 2017, in which you ask the FBI to reconsider your request for public interest, we have determined you have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” Hardy wrote. “In the absence of a privacy waiver or proof of death, it is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA.”

Clevenger responded to Hardy’s dismissal in an interview with the Washington Times, explaining he was astonished by the lengths intelligence agencies go to protect Clinton.

“I’m just stunned. This is exactly what I would have expected had Mrs. Clinton won the election, but she didn’t. It looks like the Obama administration is still running the FBI,” he said. “How can a story receive national news coverage and not be a matter of public interest? If this is the new standard, then there’s no such thing as a public interest exception.”

Clevenger’s reaction of stunned disbelief quickly went viral and now there is a White House petition up demanding that the government release the documents.

The petition states that FBI records section chief David M. Hardy told investigator Ty Clevenger that he did not sufficiently demonstrate that the public’s interest in disclosing Clinton’s FBI records “outweighed her personal privacy interests.”

“This petition will show the executive branch that there is sufficient public interest in releasing all FBI records pertaining to this case,” reports Alicia Powe of WND.

“Hillary Clinton was shielded by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey during the email ‘investigation’. Hillary has continued to echo Russian interference in the 2016 election and releasing these records should help clear the air on this matter,” it continues. “President Trump should compel the FBI to release to the public all records related to this investigation.”

Something is definitely wrong at the FBI if this is their official position, but we urge all CHQ readers to demonstrate the public interest in releasing the Hillary Clinton FBI files by going to the White House petition website through this link and signing the petition.

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Politicization of the FBI et al.

More evidence that Obama fulfilled his campaign promise to "fundamentally transform America." By politicizing the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., Obama and the "Democrats" have succeeded in transforming those once-respectable agencies into an American version of the KGB. Now the FBI, at least in Washington, DC, is nothing more than a political police force.

FBI and email scandal

It is infuriating that the FBI says "No public interest" when there certainly is GREAT public interest. However, "public interest" is not the main factor in investigating the CRIMINAL use of a private server, allowing security breach of GOVERNMENT correspondence. She, along with anyone else who handles confidential, classified, secret and above government correspondence, has been briefed on the proper handling of such correspondence and the criminal penalties for improper security measures taken. She has, along with her cohorts, conducted a serious breach of security and LEGALLY MUST be prosecuted.


Why is it the FBI's place to determine if we are interested in a criminal like Hilary. We are interested in seeing her prosecuted just like we would be if we commit a crime. She has commited a lot of crimes so why is she special?


Crooked Hillary

She is never going to be POTUS, thankfully. I don't even care if she goes to jail, but I want her exposed for the snake that she is. Hume Abedin and Debbie Wasserman Schultz need exposed too.


I was and am still want her to go to jail or at least found guilty and her and anyone involved also suffer her punishment! There shouldn't be a two teared justice Syst. allowing Gov. officials not to be punished as everyone else! She and her co harts need to do some time and have their top secret credentials pulled! No ecuses!


So this is how the FBI operates? Gauge public opinion before deciding to investigate? What happened to following rule of law? And nobody asked me. I say investigate, prosecute, then prison and throw away the key.

Hilary E mails

No branch of government can vioate anyone's fourth amendment rights and that is what this request asked the FBI to do. these are her personal emails and are off limit unless they are part of a criminal investigation and that is not the case.

dumb ass

You are certainly a Dumb Ass if you wrongly think this is about "personal" emails. This is about Government Property. This is, the illegal use of a personal server for Government Correspondence of a classified correspondence. She was briefed before assuming office on the criminal penalties for such a breach of security. She legally MUST be prosecuted for such actions and deserves prison time for such. In a time of war, she (or anyone else in such circumstances) would be tried for treason, taken out and shot (executed). The Rosenbergs in Franklin Roosevelt's time, were. (They were hanged.)Many others in the administration (of Obama) were correspondents in this illegal operation, including the usurper himself, Obama.
Where is the Elliot Ness (the untouchable) when we need him? There are no "untouchables" in any office of government of the present.

FOIA request for Clinton emails and documentation ...

I am interested. Anybody else?