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I Endorse Judge Roy Moore In The Alabama Republican Senate Runoff

The most powerful slogan in American politics is the simple phrase, “Send them a message.” As the Alabama Republican Senate runoff approaches conservatives can send the Republican establishment an unmistakable message by supporting and voting for Judge Roy Moore for Senate.

To “send them a message” is why I urge all my friends and CHQ readers in Alabama to vote for Roy Moore in the September 26 runoff election. If you don’t live in Alabama you can still “send them a message” by Judge Roy Moorecontributing to Judge Roy Moore’s campaign through this link.

I think it is safe to say that most conservatives wish they had a Roy Moore running in their Republican Senate or Congressional primary, so they could send Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan the message that Alabama’s conservative voters are sending through Roy Moore.

But Judge Roy Moore is more than a protest candidate.

Through our association in various conservative organizations I have been acquainted with Judge Moore for many years and I can say without hesitation that he’s the real deal; a Bible-believing Christian who lives the values he espouses and who has shown time and again that he can’t be bought or intimidated into abandoning his limited government constitutional conservative principles.

The number one thing we conservatives have always needed is more leaders – men and women of principle who will lead by standing for our shared values and who can articulate those principles on a national level.

In Roy Moore, we have one of those rare leaders who will not only vote right, but who has been tireless in advocating those principles and persuasively articulating our values. We can be assured that as the next US Senator from Alabama he will do that on the Senate Floor and in every other forum available.

But let me add that this election is about more than electing a fine man and strong conservative to the Senate.

The establishment McConnell-Ryan wing of the GOP has lied to us repeatedly, has been weak in its promotion of the Republican values they claim to represent, are part of the swamp that needs to be drained, and have hampered the movement to make America great again.

They have ignored the Tea Party wins that put them in power. Even when Eric Cantor was defeated, they clung to their old ways. They are tone deaf.  When, after all the betrayals by the GOP establishment, the voters of Alabama put Judge Roy Moore in the U.S. Senate that will send them a message that to make America great again, the constitutional conservative movement is gunning for them next.

"Men with a backbone of steel are hard to find these days, and even harder to find in the U.S. Senate," said former Senator and conservative icon Tom Coburn, “we need Roy Moore to be a conservative voice in the Senate. He is a man who can't be bought, who won't fall in line with the Washington establishment and who will stand up for what he believes in."

I agree with Senator Coburn’s characterization of Roy Moore and am honored to give him my enthusiastic and unequivocal endorsement. That is why I again urge all my friends and CHQ readers in Alabama to vote for Roy Moore in the September 26 runoff election. If you don’t live in Alabama you can still “send them a message” by contributing to Judge Roy Moore’s campaign through this link.

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Support For Judge Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore will enforce conservative principles and not give in to the
Democrats or Republican establishment. There is too political correctness in
Congress and Democrats rhetoric that Judge Roy Moore won't give in to as he works to implement President Donald J. Trump's agenda through Congress. I am a staunch supporter for Judge Roy Moore.