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Judge Roy Moore Wins The Most Important Election Of 2017

Today, every conservative in America wishes they had a Roy Moore running for the Senate in their state.

Roy Moore's victory in the Alabama Republican Senate runoff was a stunning rejection of Mitch McConnell's corrupt and incompetent leadership and proof that the conservative - populist agenda that brought Donald Roy Moore Victory SpeechTrump to the White House is bigger than one man.

Rejecting the corrupt leadership of the Capitol Hill Republican establishment, repealing and replacing Obamacare, building a wall on our southern border, enforcing our immigration laws, defunding Planned Parenthood and standing for the Judeo-Christian values that made America great were the issues that Roy Moore ran on and that powered his David vs Goliath campaign to victory.

America owes a debt of gratitude to the conservative voters of Alabama who today proved that the DC establishment can be beaten. Roy Moore’s victory is a warning to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan; if Obamacare is not repealed and pro-growth tax reform passed, expect more primary challenges to be mounted against incumbent Republicans.

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Judge Roy Moore Win

Judge Roy Moore win is a big step forward for Republican conservatives.
This election cycle for 2018 is crucial that Republican conservatives win
and replace Establishment Republicans who haven't delivered on their promises to their Constituents with staunch conservatives like Judge Roy Moore who will work to advance President Donald J. Trump's agenda through Congress including, tax reform, building the Wall, repealing and replacing
Obamacare, term limits and draining the swamp in Washington D.C. reining in
big government bureaucrats and their corrupt practices and crony friends.
It's also crucial that Conservatives win in 2018 to not let the Democrats gain hold of the Senate or the House or else they will put a stop on advancing President Donald J. Trump's agenda of which Conservatives will not
let happen they must fight tooth and nail.


Congradulations to the people of Alabama for realizing that a claim of Republicanism is not the reason for voting someone into office. Prior actions show the true man vs. the establishment (RINO) man. I will pray that Judge Moore remains incorruptable and never becomes swayed by establishment politics that are ruining our country.

Judge Roy Moore

I am glad for President Trump. Even though his chosen did not win, Judge Roy Moore will serve him better and this gave his base a chance to show they mean business (voting against his choice) with getting our government back. President Trump should learn to vet more carefully and to listen to GOD more clearly. He has rather by choice or by crookery surrounded himself with those against WE the People taking back our freedoms. Listen to the People outside your advisors, Bannon, Carson, your Pastor friends, Pence, your wife, please.

Roy Moore

Lets be clear. He won the primary and will probably win the general election, but he hasn't yet. Until he wins the general election, he hasn't won. Don't be surprised to see Mitch McConnell try t support the Democrap candidate in the general election.

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GO PRESIDENT TRUMP.......MAGA.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!