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Outsiders vs. Insiders: The only way to drain the DC swamp is out with the old and in with the new

With all the extraneous news turmoil of recent weeks it would be understandable if Americans temporarily lost focus on events in Washington and what’s going on – or not going on – in the nation’s capital. 

Hurricane recovery in several states (and territories), NFL players protesting the American flag and of course the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas last Sunday night have justifiably stolen attention away from the Donald Trumpstalemated reptile-infested stagnant swamp in Washington, perhaps granting ruling class Republican leaders a bit of a respite from the intense harangue of angry constituent phone calls – you know, from the people frustrated over their lack of competence.

But don’t be fooled – just below the surface the conservative/populist fire still burns hot and people haven’t forgotten in the slightest just how incapable Congress has proven to be in turning President Donald Trump’s campaign agenda into federal law.

In other words, the political stories may not be at the top of page one but the grassroots’ unease is still very much there. People are losing patience and they’re starting to look to other potential sources of reprieve from the legislative logjam.

One of those relief outlets is former Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon. David M. Drucker reported in the Washington Examiner, “Some GOP bundlers, in Washington this week for a Republican National Committee fundraiser, sought meetings with Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, to forge relationships and better understand his plans to target Republican incumbents in 2018 primaries…

“Republican donors are furious with Senate Republicans — many with McConnell specifically. They're disappointed with the outcome in Alabama and angry that the Senate hasn't passed legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“That has some donors, who usually circulate in establishment circles, taking the measure of Bannon to prepare for the upheaval that many party insiders believe is coming in next year's primaries — especially if Republicans fumble tax reform.”

If an “upheaval” is indeed on tap for next year, it couldn’t get here soon enough. The calendar says it’s the end of the first week of October, going on nine months since President Trump was inaugurated. It’s safe to say in January conservatives and Republicans were brimming with confidence and hope that their long-awaited agenda expectations could at last go from the idea phase on the drawing board to the implemented stage in America’s cities and towns.

All congressional Republicans would need to do is legislate, and with majorities in both lawmaking chambers and a seemingly non-ideological president eager to sign some bills, the pathway to doing so seemed open and the political winds highly favorable.

It certainly hasn’t turned out that way for a number of reasons but mostly due to the establishment’s fecklessness. The Washington ruling class and media places the blame on Trump for the “distractions” he’s created through his twitter-happy fingers and his unconventional speaking style, as if something the president utters or types could physically prevent them from pushing papers, making schedules and taking votes.

Then there’s the ever-present Russian collusion non-scandal that’s taken months’ worth of time to talk about but thus far the only relevant actions it’s produced are the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and an apparent predawn raid on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s home. In between there’s been a great deal of Democrat pontificating over charges and allegations that have failed to yield any solid evidentiary support.

Heck, not only is the proverbial gun not smoking in the Russia affair it’s still locked up in the safe and has never been fired. Even the media doesn’t talk about Russia much anymore. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has his crack team of lawyers (I mean Democrats) snooping in every possible hole but it doesn’t look like they’ve discovered anything – at least not something with a Russian accent and connection to the Kremlin.

Meanwhile the so-called conservative #NeverTrump crowd is confining itself to side matters like complaining about Trump’s stirring up of the NFL players controversy and questioning his commitment to maintaining the balance of federal power. At a recent Forbes Under 30 summit, for example, former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin’s main emphasis was Trump needs to be checked because he’s authoritarian and that America’s basic principles of liberty and equality are disappearing under the current leadership.

“I thought it was important -- especially for someone from the right -- to stand up for liberty and equality in America…I watched the GOP party fail to be a party that could lead,” McMullin said.

If liberty and equality are under assault in today’s America it’s from the same political left that Trump battles on a daily basis. Why does anyone even give this guy a platform to speak anymore? Who cares what Evan McMullin says? He’s a nobody.

McMullin is right about one thing, however -- the GOP is failing to lead; but it doesn’t have much to do with Trump who is trying his best to nudge the complacent congressional leadership forward. The GOP ruling class’s stack of believable excuses is rapidly deteriorating which is the primary reason why loyal party donors are turning to people like Steve Bannon for ideas on how to vote out the obstructionist legislators and therefore try and get something accomplished.

Bannon helped Judge Roy Moore defeat the establishment in Alabama last month and there are emerging signs that another “upset” could be in the works in Mississippi next year. Caitlin Huey-Burns of Real Clear Politics reported, “Chris McDaniel came close to defeating U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran in 2014, and is now weighing a bid against Republican Sen. Roger Wicker. McDaniel monitored the Alabama runoff up close, appearing there in support of eventual victor Roy Moore and getting face time with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who is plotting his own war against the establishment GOP via congressional primaries next year.

“McDaniel says Bannon is encouraging him to run against Wicker in Mississippi. And while he won’t make a final decision about getting into the race until the end of this month, he said last week’s results in his neighboring state were nothing short of inspiring…

“Even if the Alabama results presented a unique set of circumstances, strategists in Mississippi acknowledge the intensity of voter anger there toward Washington is palpable.”

Voters aren’t just “angry” in Mississippi, either. Conservatives everywhere are ticked off at the GOP congressional leadership and Bannon is drawing a very inspired and resource-heavy group of backers who are determined to take the Trump movement forward against party incumbents next year unless they do something to justify staying in DC.

While it’s true Senator Wicker has a generally conservative voting record he’s also inexorably linked to the party establishment under the leadership of Mitch McConnell. It means Wicker can be relied upon to vote soundly most of the time but not get out in front and lead the “resistance” to the forces that are stalling Trump’s drive to make America great again.

Can anyone name a major conservative initiative that Wicker has led?

Wicker is part of the big spending bloc of establishment Republicans that have done nothing but engage in “show votes” during their tenures in the senate, having rubber-stamped funding for all of the Democrats’ big government programs under Obama. Where was Wicker when colleagues such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul were publicly leading on a number of issues spearheading the conservative effort to rein-in government?

Answer: he was chairing the ultra-establishment National Republican Senatorial Committee, that’s where. While grassroots conservatives were battling for worthwhile candidates in a number of state GOP primaries Wicker was there defending men like John McCain and the status quo.

If Trump and the conservatives backing his agenda are going to be successful in the coming years we must have a larger supporting cast of “boat rockers” like the president who aren’t afraid to jump into the mosh pit of politics and get a little dirty.

The grassroots would back them up every step of the way, too. Conservative senators aren’t facing primary challenges, only the mushy moderates. Trump must go on offense against the establishment and the Democrats.

Steve Baldwin wrote at The American Spectator, “[If] you [Trump] were to order your agencies to cooperate with congressional investigations and to respond to FOIA requests legally submitted by private groups seeking to expose corruption and you are able to persuade your Attorney General to open up investigations into Democrat corruption, that will change the dynamic.

“You will be on offense and your enemies will be on defense. Moreover, the media will simply be unable to ignore the multiple investigations exposing Democrat corruption that will likely yield stories on a weekly basis. Failure to do these two important things will ensure that many voters will never know the degree to which the Democratic Party has engaged in illegal activity to keep and maintain power. Only you can change this.”

It’s true; there are a number of things Trump can do at the executive level to further his cause. Conducting thorough Justice Department investigations of ruling class lawbreaking -- or allowing private entities like Judicial Watch to perform the work on their own – will expose the years of corruption and nefarious influence that’s made the Washington quagmire as foul as it is today.

One thing’s for sure, the swamp ain’t going to drain itself. President Trump has made excellent strides towards getting the right people in place to “man the pumps” but if the establishment succeeds in fighting off primary challenges from those who would lead the fight to change the status quo in Washington, nothing will ever get done.

Washington needs leaders. Trump should position himself on the Bannon side of the struggle – only then will the swamp critters and insects start looking for some other bog to inhabit.

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The Creatures from The Black Lagoon

What they are is brainwashed communists. More than that they are greedy, criminal and evil. Money and power are their god. Any possible reduction or loss of either sends them into a frenzy from hell. They develop false narratives that are ludicrous - because they are scared demons ! God did not make people like the communist....Satan did! God and his people have crushed communism before and will do it again !


the swamp and bump stocks

first of all Drain the swamp by escorting those creatures from the workplace
assign those individuals to industrial buildings where they will find a painted circle on the floor with a number stenciled within it over the number will be a banquet style chair with their name stenciled on both sides of the back of the chair.
NO computers, notepads, cell phones, recording devices or any kind are allowed
in this new work space...a Judge might be sitting next to a janitor or a white house guard...the circles are painted in columns and rows six feet from the next circle
they are paid their salary and if they do not like their new job they can
Quit, Retire or Resign...

about the Bump stocks...write a bill for congress to approve outlawing them
include in the bill...language killing Obamacare, taxes 12 % for corporate, wipe out death, estate taxes, reduce personal to the 3 brackets, no forth bracket (unless it is for $100,000,000.00), add all the Judges you need approved too...