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I Endorse Josh Mandel for U.S. Senator

If you want to meet the future of the conservative movement I invite you to meet 40-year old Josh Mandel, the current Ohio State Treasurer, and the limited government constitutional conservative choice to be Ohio’s next Josh MandelUnited States Senator.

By the way, Josh will be in Washington DC Tuesday, November 7, 2017. If you would like to meet Josh Mandel and learn more about his conservative campaign for the US Senate see the details at the end of this article.

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, up for reelection in 2018, is the most liberal member of the Ohio congressional delegation, according to

Here are his ratings on some of the top conservative scorecards:

Heritage Action: an average of 6 for the last four years.

American Conservative Union: 2 for the last four years.

FreedomWorks: 0 so far this year.

Brown wants to keep Obamacare and not cut the food stamp rolls, in short, Senator Brown is Ohio’s leading spokesman for expanding the welfare state and all the government spending and debilitating dependency that Big Government creates. He is also an outspoken advocate of treating abortion as a “right.”

Brown’s throwback to the 60s liberalism makes Ohio a strong possibility for a Republican pick-up this year. President Trump having beaten Hillary Clinton by almost half-a-million votes to win the state by 51.3 percent to 43.2 percent for Clinton.

Josh Mandel was first elected State Representative in 2006, knocking on 19,679 doors and wearing out three pairs of shoes. He was elected the 48th Treasurer of the State of Ohio in 2010, and re-elected to a second term in 2014, winning both elections by double-digit margins.

Mandel, is running as an unabashed conservative and drawing a sharp distinction with Brown’s liberalism.

In August Mandel announced the creation of a faith outreach team whose first goal is the repeal of a federal law prohibiting religious organizations and other charitable groups from backing political candidates.

Mandel, said the 1954 Johnson Amendment is "overreaching."

"I know no other statewide leader that has been so outspoken on defending the First Amendment from the incursion of government," Father Ric Bowser said. "Our goal is to unite social and constitutional conservatives across the state to rally around Josh."

As State Treasurer Josh Mandel has worked tirelessly to make conservatism real and conservative policies relevant to the citizens of Ohio.

Josh Mandel is the first elected official in history to push his state spending to a mobile app. Thanks to Mandel you can see the good and the bad in Ohio state government spending from the palm of your hand through the OHIOCHECKBOOK APP.

This new mobile app gives users the ability to track 151 million individual Ohio state expenditures and 562,000 Ohio Public Employee Salaries.

When Josh Mandel was elected Treasurer of Ohio, his state ranked 46th in the nation on fiscal transparency. Today, Ohio ranks #1 and now the national bar is set even higher.

Mandel will also come to the Senate with much-needed experience in the realm of national security and foreign affairs.

Josh enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2000. During an eight-year Marine career including active and reserve service, Josh served two tours in Anbar Province, Iraq, protecting our values, our freedoms and our way of life.

Mandel gets the war Islam has declared on the West, and he’s not afraid to speak up and call it what it is.

Josh Mandel was one of the few politicians to get the jihadi attack on the Ohio State University campus right.

After the attack he tweeted: "Looks like Radical Islamic terror came to my alma mater today. So sad what happened at OSU. We must remain vigilant against Radical Islam." About two hours later, he tweeted the last line again.

Mandel’s tweet came after the student responsible for the attack was identified as a Muslim, a Somali refugee who stayed for a short time in Pakistan, characteristics shared by several other Muslim terrorists.

While establishment Republican Governor of Ohio John Kasich foolishly claimed that "we may never find out" the motivations of the attacker Josh Mandel got it right.

Of particular interest to cultural conservatives will be Josh Mandel’s outstanding pro-life record. Mandel received the endorsement of Ohio Right to Life PAC in his runs for State House and for Treasurer.

According to during his stint in the Ohio House, Mandel championed numerous pieces of life-saving legislation. He co-sponsored H.B. 280, the Protecting Pregnant Women from Coercion and Violence Act to increase penalties for domestic violence when the offender knew the victim was pregnant and to require abortion facilities to post a “No One Can Force You to Have an Abortion” notice.

Mandel also co-sponsored H.B. 314, the Ultrasound Viewing Option Bill and H.B. 102, a bill to promote umbilical cord blood donation as an ethical source of stem cells.

Mandell is opposed in the GOP primary by millionaire Cleveland businessman Mike Gibbons. Gibbons has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican political causes but never sought elected office before.

Josh Mandel has already been endorsed by my friends Senator Jim DeMint, the Club for Growth, Mark Levin, FreedomWorks, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the Citizens United PAC – I am proud to join them in urging my friends and readers to vote for and support Josh Mandel to be the next Senator from Ohio.

Josh will be in Washington DC Tuesday, November 7, 2017. If you would like to meet Josh Mandel and learn more about his conservative campaign for the US Senate contact Rachel Wilson, [email protected] (512-423-0413) or Brooke Bodney [email protected] (614-560-5622).

To learn more about Josh Mandel or contribute to his conservative campaign go to

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