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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Even on Halloween liberals can’t trick people into believing them

Seeing as it’s Halloween there are a number of things we should expect to happen today and this evening. There are the fun annual customs – carving Jack-o'-lanterns, decorating the house, attending parties and distributing gobs of sugary goodness (or badness, depending on your point-of-view) to kids costumed in all sorts of fascinating getups.

Then there’s the not so fun stuff – cleaning up the mess, dealing with pumpkin-smashing teenaged vandals out Halloweenpast their curfews and coming down from the sugar high garnered from consuming the remnants of the undispersed candy.

It’s a prelude to the excesses of the upcoming holiday season; all in good fun, right?

Some people take Halloween a little too seriously, however – and I’m not just talking about the people in your neighborhood who envelop their house in cobwebs and plastic banshees every year. There are those politicians in Washington who’ve been dressing up as limited government conservatives and pretending to favor something when really they’re just concealing their true liberal intentions.

Take Senator Chuck Schumer, for example, who snuck onto the editorial page last week to attack President Donald Trump’s tax plan as un-Reagan-like before it’s even fully formulated. In the process Schumer donned a conservative’s suit for a day and pretended to admire Reagan; we weren’t fooled.

Schumer wrote in USA Today, “Anyone who remembers the substance and the process of the 1986 Tax Reform Act should be baffled that President Trump has compared his current tax plan to that famous bipartisan bill signed by former president Ronald Reagan. Trump’s partisan tax cut bill differs from that one in three major ways: It helps the rich at the expense of the middle class, it would explode the deficit, and it hasn’t gone through a thorough, bipartisan process…”

It may be Halloween but we wouldn’t expect Schumer to feign to be a real conservative even if his costume suggests he’s trying to impersonate one. Make no mistake: Schumer isn’t the least bit concerned with providing tax relief to anyone lest the federal government be deprived of one dime to redistribute to a Democrat constituency.

The fact Schumer says Trump’s proposed tax reform benefits the rich is standard boilerplate Democrat nonsense the party reuses whenever the words “tax” and “cut” are used together in the same sentence. Without delving into the nitty gritty of Trump’s plan, in short it is designed to stimulate the economy in a similar way to Reagan’s initial round of tax cuts that slashed rates and triggered the longest period of peacetime prosperity in American history.

Sure, the “rich” benefitted from it, but so did everyone else who was interested in working and earning an honest wage. The “rich” simply use their money to make more money. What’s wrong with that?

By spending their money the “rich” generate business activity in other capacities. By saving their money wealthy people provide opportunities for others to borrow it and use it to pay for things like houses, college tuition or consumer products. By investing their money the “rich” create economic growth which benefits everyone – including the government.

That’s basic economics. Maybe Schumer should take a course in the subject.

Schumer’s second critique of the Trump policy involves “exploding the deficit.” Democrats only care about the national debt when Republicans are in charge and couldn’t give a hoot about how much the country borrows when they’re the ones holding the keys to the treasury. Obama’s presidency saw the federal debt basically double – and were any of them talking about it? Hillary? Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi?

There isn’t a single Democrat that comes to mind who was ever worried about excess federal spending. Whenever cuts were proposed – or more accurately, reductions in the rate of spending growth from year to year – Democrats cried foul and stirred up opposition by scaring the poor.

Besides, if Trump’s plan works as it should the economy will grow and so too will tax revenues. If anything, Trump’s tax reform would contract the deficit in the long run. If you don’t believe it just look at how tax proceeds doubled in the eighties (spending tripled…that’s another story).

On his third beef, Schumer continued, “[T]his White House kicked off its tax reform effort by releasing a one-page summary before administration officials retreated behind closed doors with fellow Republicans to hash out the details. After five months of back-room negotiations, they released a nine-page framework, and now will seek to ram their bill through the House and Senate on a party-line vote through an arcane legislative process known as reconciliation. The healthy, years-long debate that characterized tax reform in 1986 is a far cry from this process of secrecy, silence and reckless speed.”

While in theory it would be a good practice for the Republican majority to solicit and receive input from Democrats on the tax plan, the partisan nature of the minority party in 2017 makes such civil discussions difficult if not next to impossible to achieve. Last week’s news reporting, for example, was dominated by Democrats savagely attacking Trump over his phone call to a grieving widow; nothing the man ever does is good enough for them and they’re much more interested in scoring political points than talking about tax rates or ways to reduce the deficit.

What’s the point of consulting Democrats today? In the 1980’s there were fiscally conservative and moderate Democrats who did work with Reagan on important matters such as tax reform. Those days are gone. Where there once was a Senator Sam Nunn who would occasionally talk some sense there’s only Senator Elizabeth Warren and company calling to impeach Trump now.

Schumer can’t fool anyone by decrying the lack of cooperation when he and his caucus behaved the way they have on virtually every major proposal the Republicans put forward since Trump was inaugurated.

The Democrats have turned Congress into a European-style parliamentary democracy where the minority party never votes with the majority – they shouldn’t whine about it now. Once the tax reform bill is introduced it should go through regular order; until that time, it doesn’t matter that the Democrats are in the dark.

Lastly, it’s arguable the Democrat point-of-view is already amply represented in the tax reform negotiations. White House economic adviser Gary Cohn and Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin were lifelong Democrats as were many in the president’s inner circle (including son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump) before Trump ran as a populist/conservative change agent. Isn’t that the epitome of bipartisan involvement?

The president has bent over backwards to try and bring Democrats to the table; they’re not cooperating.

The hypocrisy isn’t limited to Schumer and the Senate Democrats either. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is also masquerading as someone with conservative ideals, pretending to value all people of all races for the content of their characters and not just their skin color – but when it comes to African-Americans in Congress Pelosi only looks to the liberal ones.

Emily Jashinsky of the Washington Examiner reported, “Drawing on her own experiences, Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, sharply challenged the sincerity of Democrats' oft-expressed reverence for diversity this week.

“During a conversation with Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., on Thursday's edition of his weekly ‘Plaidcast,’ Duffy asked Love to speak to her experiences with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party, given that she's both a woman and a minority.

“Love didn't hold back when it came to Pelosi. ‘It's okay for you to look a certain way,’ Love explained, ‘but if you don't think the same way as she does, then that's not the kind of diversity she wants.’”

Love added the Democrats’ House campaign arm recruited a white male liberal to run against her in her Utah district. So much for “diversity.” For Love, being a conservative and a minority isn’t like wearing a Halloween costume and professing to be something she’s not. One can only imagine the dirty looks Love receives from people like Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson when she speaks in favor of an issue President Trump supports.

Democrats would rather imagine all minorities believe like they do and pander to these groups in order to stay politically relevant. If conservative blacks started voting Republican the entire Democrat base would collapse -- so the lies just keep coming.

On Halloween you might think it’s okay to fib, if just for a few hours. It’s not.
The last example of Halloween foolery involves the establishment media. One of its prominent members was revealed to be a hypocrite last week, a “costume” he won’t soon be able to shed.

Michael Calderone of Politico reported, “The 2016 edition of ‘Game Change,’ the most lucrative franchise in political journalism, appears doomed as Penguin Press canceled the much-anticipated book and HBO dropped the movie version in response to five women accusing co-writer Mark Halperin of sexual harassment during his time at ABC News.

“’HBO is no longer proceeding with the project tied to the untitled book co-authored by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann on the 2016 Presidential election,’ the network announced late Thursday afternoon. ‘HBO has no tolerance for sexual harassment within the company or its productions.’”

Halperin and Heilemann already appeared in a Showtime production on the 2016 campaign titled “Trumped: Inside the Greatest Political Upset of All Time.” Here’s a YouTube link – well worth your time if you want to revisit the sights and sounds of the historic campaign while watching a gaggle of pundits lament how wrong they were in their pre-election analysis.

In the film Halperin and Heilemann reveal themselves to be foul-mouthed whiny liberals so it wasn’t at all surprising to hear about Halperin’s perversion and sexual harassment. In the Politico article one CNN correspondent (who formerly worked at ABC with Halperin) described Halperin’s reputation as a woman-abuser as an “open secret.” Can you say, Harvey Weinstein?

There’s no hiding behind a mask for liberals pretending to be someone or something they’re not, even on this day. Most Americans see Halloween as a fun and basically harmless tradition and an excuse to dress as someone we admire or wish to lampoon. Unfortunately for them, liberals can’t just dress as themselves.

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