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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Should Kaepernick be used to highlight contrasts between R’s & D’s?

Nearly a week later it’s safe to believe many of us have already forgotten about Thanksgiving.

It’s not as though we’re no longer thankful or grateful to God for the many blessings derived from living in the greatest nation on his earth, but with Christmas around the corner as well as the impending end of calendar year 2017, by now many folks have mentally moved on to what lies ahead while also taking a good long glance Tomi Lahrenback at the historic year that was the current one.

There is one Thanksgiving leftover that still merits recognition and comment, however.

Last week former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and now unemployed rabble-rousing loser Colin Kaepernick joined with a bunch of disgruntled leftist Native American activists to commemorate Un-Thanksgiving Day.

No joke; such a “celebration” exists and it’s observed on none other than Alcatraz Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Debra Heine of PJ Media reported Kaepernick said to the gathered crowd, “’[O]ur fight is the same fight. We’re all fighting for our justice, for our freedom. And realizing that we are all in this fight together makes us all the more powerful.’

“[Does one need to point out the absolute absurdity of people ‘fighting for freedom’ in what is already the freest nation in the world?]

“He continued: ‘If there's one thing that I take away from today -- in seeing the beauty of everyone out here, it's that we're all getting stronger every day. We're getting larger and larger every day. I see the strength in everybody -- the dancing, the rituals. That is our resistance.’”

Dancing and rituals are resistance?

Granted I don’t know the nitty gritty details of Kaepernick’s ethnic heritage (other than his birth mother looks to be a Caucasian woman), but it’s curious to see how he’s adopted the cause of Native American separatists as his own – either that or he’s grouping himself in with true ethnic natives in a manner similar to Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

Heine further reported, “Unthanksgiving Day commemorates the 19-month occupation of the island and former penitentiary by Native American activists from 1969 to 1971.

“The 89 activists who occupied Alcatraz demanded that it be turned into an American Indian cultural center and school. The occupation ended after the government cut off their electrical power and telephone service and a fire destroyed numerous buildings on the island. A large force of government officers removed the remaining 15 people from the island on June 11, 1971.”

Only oppressive governments do such things, right? From appearances (I admit I don’t know the whole story) someone in the Nixon administration allowed “activists” to squat on federal land (Alcatraz) for over a year and a half and then forced them to abandon their quest by cutting their government provided utilities. Most other countries wouldn’t be so lenient in dealing with a collection of outcasts pursuing so fruitless and absurd as the Natives’ cause.

In totalitarian countries government secret forces would storm the island by night, murder the protesters and dispose of any sign they ever existed before the sun rose the next day.

For those who might not be familiar with Alcatraz Island, it’s a desolate piece of rock situated about a mile and a quarter from the city of San Francisco. Due to its virtually impossible to escape nature (the Bay’s currents and cold water make it an extremely hazardous swim for anyone trying to leave without a boat) the federal government decided (in the early 30’s) to locate its maximum security prison there.

Stories about “The Rock” are legendary, having at one time housed such infamous murderers and gangsters as Al Capone, Robert Franklin Stroud (the “Birdman of Alcatraz”) and George “Machine Gun” Kelly. The island only served as a prison for just under three decades (closed in 1963) yet remains a symbol of a bygone era where bad guys were sent to the pen and there wasn’t a lot of politically correct consideration given to making their lives easy while doing their time.

Today Alcatraz remains a popular tourist destination. The views of the San Francisco skyline are unmatched from the island – it’s a beautiful place to spend a few hours (I always said it’s a terrific spot to take a date) -- but I wouldn’t want to live there.

The fact leftist Native American activists – and now Colin Kaepernick – use Alcatraz as the site for their Un-Thanksgiving Day protests somehow seems fitting. They all want to occupy something that isn’t theirs, use it for their own selfish purposes and expect someone else to pay for it.

One of the many reasons the federal government closed the Alcatraz prison is because of the tremendous expense involved with operating there. It may only be a short boat ride from the San Francisco pier to reach it but there’s no fresh water (or sewage treatment) once you get there – so everything had to be shipped over. In addition, the landmass is only 22 acres in area, so there isn’t much there except the scenic views, birds and now apparently, leftist activists.

In most respects Alcatraz is a cold, miserable, uninhabitable place. Maybe President Trump should work a “deal” to give it to Kaepernick and the Natives under the condition they pay for whatever they receive (including their waste disposal) while on the island – and they promise to never again leave the rock.

Now that would be a “Thanksgiving” for everyone to celebrate and guarantee Trump’s reelection in 2020.

Instead, Kaepernick’s America-bashing cause lives on. The NFL players’ kneeling, sitting, arm-linking etc. isn’t receiving nearly the blanket media coverage it was a couple months ago yet the comparative few Kaepernick disciples continue their demonstrations. Since Kaepernick no longer has a job in the NFL he must confine himself to speaking out against America in the company of other fringe groups.

Some NFLers are keeping it up on Kaepernick’s behalf, however. Jay Busbee wrote at Yahoo News of one such player who was even given an honorarium for his betrayals, “The Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, one of the most outspoken voices during the NFL’s season of protest, said he received an unexpected honor on Sunday: a unit coin from a Vietnam veteran.

“’He lost half his battalion,’ Bennett said of the veteran who approached him on the field after Seattle’s 24-13 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. ‘He was telling me about the POWs and the people missing in action. He gave that to me, says he loves everything I stand for. That’s just an honor to be able to get something like that. That’s a big deal.’ Bennett displayed the coin for media to see after the game in Santa Clara.”

Pictures don’t lie – most of the time, anyway – Bennett did show the coin. Apparently one veteran felt compelled to give something to a Kaepernick follower and tell him how great the flag bashers’ cause might be. But why would a left-leaning publication like Yahoo! go out of its way to highlight the opinions of one guy when there are tens of millions of Americans (veterans included) who feel sickened by the actions of Bennett and Kaepernick? Where’re their stories?

(Note: Bennett sat for the national anthem on Sunday after standing the previous two weeks.)

Bennett supposedly now plans to extend the scope of his protests to include highlighting the cause of POWs and MIAs in addition to the nebulous “inequality” and ill-defined “police brutality awareness” missions he’s already spoken out against. Maybe Bennett will sport a George Soros headband and begin raising money for a future Kaepernick presidential run (though the quarterback doesn’t meet the Constitution’s minimum age requirement for another five years).

Like the small quantity of protesters themselves I’m guessing the number of veterans who side with Bennett and Kaepernick because of a tortured (and incorrect) view of First Amendment rights (the First Amendment only applies to government actions) has to be on the lower end. Meanwhile, the flag affronting issue continues to receive more than its fair share of controversy and by all appearances shows no real sign of dying down or going away anytime soon -- as long as the cause’s leaders celebrate things like “Un-Thanksgiving Day” and keep insulting people by sitting or kneeling for the national anthem.

As has been argued and restated numerous times the NFL could have dealt with the problem when it first surfaced like a weed in an asphalt crack. The league’s official policy states players must stand at attention during the anthem and be respectful. NFL management ignored the policy in Kaepernick’s case and the matter blew up way out of proportion.

It’s now owner against owner and fan against fan. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has to be the biggest bumbling fool in the history of notorious idiots. President Trump seems to agree.

The Politico Staff reported last week, “President Donald Trump on Friday slammed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for losing ‘control of the hemorrhaging league’ over players kneeling during the national anthem.

“’Can you believe that the disrespect for our Country, our Flag, our Anthem continues without penalty to the players,’ the president tweeted. ‘The Commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. Players are the boss!’”

Even Bennett and Kaepernick supporters should concede Goodell has handled the situation poorly. A recent survey indicated one-third of regular NFL fans now see the league as “unfavorable,” over twice that of any other sport. No wonder management of other major sports nipped the issue in the bud before the NFL’s poison seeped into their leagues.

What other business entity’s owners would allow management to alienate one-third of its customer base and not only allow the people to keep their jobs but grant them a huge raise in the process?

It almost sounds like a political operation. Obama and the Clintons oversaw the decimation of the Democrats at the local level and in Congress yet the minority party’s loyal subjects still revere the liberal ruling class.

Conservatives and Republicans should learn from the failures of the establishment and use things like Colin Kaepernick’s Un-Thanksgiving Day protest to highlight the differences between the two parties. Instead of wasting time and resources attacking conservatives, GOP leaders should get real and go after the true enemy.

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