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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Media culture that accepts everything honors & appreciates nothing

Perhaps fatigued from repeatedly trying and failing to get under the skin of the man with the thickest media-resistant hide in the country – President Donald Trump -- elements of the news media are now resorting to questioning whether First Lady Melania Trump really likes her “job,” or ever wanted to be a president’s wife in the first place.

Case in point is a recent Vanity Fair article asserting the first lady is deeply discontented in her new Barbie Love WinsWashington living environment.

Sarah Ellison reported in Vanity Fair, “Melania Trump is an unusual First Lady. She is only the second FLOTUS in history not to have been born in the U.S. (The first was Louisa Adams, John Quincy’s wife, who was born in England.) She is the only one to have been raised in a Communist country. She is the only First Lady to delay moving with her husband to the White House, in her case, until five months after the inauguration. She is the only one to be the third wife of a president, and the only one to have ever posed nude for published photographs. She is fiercely protective of her son, but, unlike other First Ladies, the mystery around her day-to-day movements gives rise to rumors that she spends less time than is typical in the White House.

“To understand the First Lady and her East Wing operation, I spoke to current and former White House staffers, including former East Wing advisers, as well as friends and advisers to Melania and Donald Trump. Melania Trump declined requests for an interview, as did her press secretary. Taking stock of her role as First Lady is an exercise in subtraction. What she does not do is almost as telling as what she does. Her East Wing remains sparsely inhabited.

“There may never have been a First Lady less prepared for or suited to the role. ‘This isn’t something she wanted and it isn’t something he ever thought he’d win,’ one longtime friend of the Trumps’ told me. ‘She didn’t want this come hell or high water. I don’t think she thought it was going to happen.’”

Considering in June, 2015 (when Trump formally announced his candidacy) practically no one outside of radio host Michael Savage thought Trump would realistically compete for the Republican nomination, much less the presidency, Trump’s eventual political success surprised just about the whole country. If Melania was overwhelmed, so was everyone else.

And what, you mean Mrs. Trump doesn’t want to be like every other first lady? Oh the horrors!

The balance of Ellison’s fairly lengthy article sneeringly delves into others’ opinions about what the proper role of a presidential wife should be and how Melania seemingly intentionally deviates from it while including a number of overt negative backhanded slaps at the president himself. The journalist basically asserts the Trumps don’t get along and Melania avoids her husband whenever possible.

After accurately laying out the backdrop to Melania’s coming to the White House (quoted above) Ellison fails to lend much credence to the notion that maybe Melania is different from all the previous first ladies and unlike some notable recent examples (the ones not named Bush at least), the new female lead doesn’t want to be seen as getting too involved in the governing aspect of her husband’s position.

It’s common knowledge Hillary Clinton wrapped her tentacles so tightly around Bill’s policy operation that many people wondered who was truly in charge at the time. While Bill was busy arranging Oval Office trysts with Monica Lewinsky (and no doubt others) Hillary took to the task of haranguing staff and making sure his advisers kept their proper distance so as to not interfere too much with her presidency.

Further, from my admittedly biased point-of-view it’s been incredibly refreshing to witness a return of elegance and sophistication – and humility – to the person of first lady after eight years of Michelle Obama and her feminist girl-power mumbo jumbo where the head woman’s overshadowing presence even had the media delighting in suggesting the president was afraid to cross her.

This isn’t meant to be too critical of Michelle – no first spouse deserves excessive comment or scorn. After all, the position receives more than its fair share of unwarranted attention merely for the status of being wedded to the most politically powerful human being on earth.

But similar to her husband, Michelle’s chosen issues to emphasize included a healthy dose of government elitist condescension. Take school lunches for example; everyone realizes there’s an issue with youth obesity in this country and it’s debatable whether receiving lectures on nutrition from the White House crosses the line on infringing on parental authority – and federalism as well. Shouldn’t local school districts be entrusted to determine their own menus? Shouldn’t parents be the ones to tell their kids to put down the electronic devices and go outside and exercise?

In contrast to Obama, Melania is focusing on cyberbullying, a very real problem (more on this below) where leadership from a national figure might actually do some good. Of course Vanity Fair’s Ellison smirked how it was ironic Melania chose a topic like cyberbullying considering her husband’s Twitter behavior, but Trump’s tweets hardly constitute the actions of someone using the anonymity of a computer to badger someone.

Trump picks on grown-up targets like the media, Democrat opponents, GOP congressional leaders and international oddballs like Kim Jung-un. If they can’t take it…well, tough.

For his part Trump disputed the allegation Melania is averse to her new role. Louis Nelson of Politico reported, “President Donald Trump said Tuesday that his wife Melania Trump ‘truly loves what she is doing’ as first lady, an apparent rebuke of a Vanity Fair story about Melania Trump last weekend.

“’Melania, our great and very hard working First Lady, who truly loves what she is doing, always thought that ‘if you run, you will win,’’ Trump wrote on Twitter. ‘She would tell everyone that, ‘no doubt, he will win.’ I also felt I would win (or I would not have run) - and Country is doing great!’”

Nelson’s article additionally reports on a statement from Melania’s spokeswoman indicating the Vanity Fair story was “riddled with ‘false assertions’ and characterized it as ‘salacious and false,’ according to Fox News.”

If Melania is truly as upset about being first lady as the VF story implies she’s doing a terrific job of acting otherwise. While it’s true her public visibility isn’t what others’ has been in recent times – and her staff is much smaller – it doesn’t necessarily mean Melania isn’t taking to living in the executive mansion. Politico also featured slides of this year’s White House Christmas decorations (most shots with Melania in them) and it looked like a scene out of a high-budget yuletide movie production.

Throughout last year’s campaign and during the presidential transition Donald Trump made no secret of his fondness for saying “Merry Christmas!” and how he adores longstanding celebrations -- so it’s no surprise that this year’s White House theme is “time-honored traditions” and pays tribute to more than 200 years of holiday traditions at the White House.

Christmas is back in vogue in Washington thanks to a first couple that makes no attempt to tuck religion and reverential observances between the couch cushions in a bureaucrat’s office. I’m guessing most Americans of all religions appreciate the new outlook, too.

The Trumps’ nod towards making America great again naturally features a lot of what people used to expect from the Christmas season, in stark contrast to the greater liberal culture which seems to be moving farther and farther away from acknowledging the cultural glue that once bound us all.

As mentioned above, Melania’s cyberbullying concentration has its practical side too. The internet certainly has its ugly elements, including those who put politically correct peer pressure on children to honor boys who have gone viral for skillfully applying gobs of facial makeup. Michael Walsh of PJ Media reported, “The cultural-Marxist social justice warriors at the New York Times never stop, never sleep, never quit in their ongoing war against Judeo-Christian civilizational norms...

“…At the same time the MSM tosses around the word ‘pedophilia’ without the slightest idea what its definition actually is, the Newspaper of Record goes and runs a celebratory story like this (link): just have a look at the picture at the link of a ten-year-old boy. This is not only the sexualizing of children, it's the homosexualizing of them, which is of course the point, given the Times's passionate and enthusiastic advocacy of all things gay.”

It’s true. “Cyberbullying” certainly extends to the type of cultural onslaught media outlets like the New York Times is forcing Americans to endure. If you have time I would highly recommend clicking on the link to the article in the blurb above where you’ll see boys – one as young as 10 years old – made up like flamboyant drag queens.

Instead of condemning the sick absurdity of this type of thing the liberal media celebrates it. Major makeup brands are even paying these adolescent boys to represent their products, too. Is this the manner in which we should be encouraging our children to try and make extra money, by offering feature stories on peculiar deviants with gender dysphoria?

The same diseased media culture that produces phony innuendo-filled stories about the first lady’s allegedly poor work habits takes no issue with regularly offering articles on LGBTQ “couples,” all the while passing it off as “normal.” Here’s another story at PJ Media highlighting lesbian (or bisexual) Barbie dolls. I guess “Malibu Barbie’s Country Camper” isn’t just for Barbie, Ken and their suntanned friends anymore. Instead it’s now a vehicle for tolerance hosting “all love is good” orgies complete with illegal substances and booze.

Social media has successfully turned Barbie into a bisexual sexpot who wears “Love Wins” t-shirts. Remember this the next time a journalist tries to pass Melania Trump’s White House conduct off as “abnormal,” strange or non-traditional.

No one expects much truth-telling from the media anymore but some of these recent stories have really gone over the top. Since they can’t get to Donald Trump they’re now smearing First Lady Melania. It’s all part of the larger cultural war to reclaim what was once a great America.

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