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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Could today’s media report on what really happened at Pearl Harbor?

December 7th, a day that will live in infamy… or at least this calendar date in 1941 will do so.

It’s highly unlikely December 7, 2017 will earn a similar designation, though with the state of American politics today just about anything could happen. With the furor surrounding the goings-on of late you’d almost think an Pearl Harboraggressive foreign enemy launched a successful sneak attack against United States interests and caught the nation napping in its direst hour of need.

That’s hardly the case though the media tizzy surrounding the Senate Republicans finally passing something substantive (the tax reform bill) together with the trumped-up and overhyped guilty plea of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn (to a simple process crime), journalists would have everyone believing the world – or at least the Trump administration – was about to come crashing down like the conning tower of a rapidly submerging battleship.

History provides perspective on how “bad” (or not bad) circumstances really are today though it doesn’t appear media members give the past much credence. Seventy-six years ago today things were a little different.

Lee Ross (of Fox News in 2012) told the story of one man, Glenn Lane, who survived the infamous Japanese attacks in unforgettable fashion. “While engaged in a futile attempt to extinguish the tremendous flames [on the U.S.S. Arizona], Lane was sent flying overboard when a crippling explosion rocked the front of the ship. Now treading in the oil-slicked waters, Lane saw no signs of hope in returning to the Arizona.  Instead, he found a small barge and steered toward the U.S.S. Nevada which was moving to escape the attack.

“Once on that ship, Lane tried to enter a munitions room called a casemate but was turned away because he was drenched in oil.  Other sailors nearby were more welcoming and Lane was able to take shelter. A bomb eventually ripped through that first casemate killing all of the men inside.”

Hence Lane survived near-death incidents on two different battleships, the only sailor known to have done so on December 7th, 1941. Lane died in September of 2012 and is interred in the hull of the Arizona with his shipmates who perished at Pearl Harbor all those years ago.

Americans appreciate the retelling of such tales of heroic deeds from men like Lane because it reminds us, once again, of the ultimate price so many paid defending this country against real enemies bent on our destruction. There’s nothing fake or phony about news reports from back then, an authenticity that’s sorely lacking in today’s hyper-partisan bash-Trump-at-all-costs reporting class. Just about everything in the news these days is under suspicion because the people typing the stories are so blinded by Trump-hate that it’s impossible to separate the truth from the blather.

One can only imagine how different World War II may have turned out if the news media in 1941 was as irresponsible as it is today. Public support for the American effort was crucial for mobilizing full-out military responses at two opposite ends of the earth. Could a similar deployment take place in 2017?

Not with today’s “fake news” media pushing the cause. If 21st century correspondents were on the job back then reports from Pearl Harbor would probably have sounded a little like this:

“German planes disguised as Japanese torpedo bombers attacked Pearl Harbor today inflicting cataclysmic and irreversible damage to the American fleet. The tragedy is attributed to President Roosevelt’s secret collusion with Russian leader Joseph Stalin to provide the hated Nazi empire detailed maps and navigational guidance to the entirety of United States military installations in the Territory of Hawaii.

“American news outlets were able to instantly spot and expose the ruse due to the color of the markings on the attacking planes. There was a big blood tinted zero on each aircraft which clearly indicated (to anyone with a journalism degree) that they were in actuality ‘Luftwaffe’ – which loosely translated into English means ‘red wave’. The Germans aren’t fooling anyone, however. It was obviously a Hitlerian false flag ploy to trick the U.S. into retaliating against the peace-loving and life-revering Japanese emperor and Japan’s pacifistic Samurai Buddhist tradition.

“Naturally, President Roosevelt overreacted to the 300+ plane single act of workplace violence (for U.S. sailors, soldiers and marines) carried out at the behest of a crazed lone wolf German dictator by declaring war on the nation of Japan, dragging our country into what promises to be a long and messy conflict where many civilians will die just because the president and distinguished members of his administration despise Asian people.”

Thankfully the real truth was recorded for posterity. Who knows what would happen today. We should all be grateful for a simpler time when the news media actually stuck to reporting facts.

Pearl Harbor Day itself used to be observed with some degree of solemnity and honor but it’s doubtful today’s youth even comprehends why December 7th differs markedly from December 6th or 8th in the annals of U.S. history. We could blame the education system, but that’s another story.

Today’s news talkers are doing plenty of damage on their own. The Editors of the Washington Examiner wrote, “Relying on the supposedly respectable news media would have left you believing that the FBI found President Trump urging national security adviser Michael Flynn to contact Russia during the campaign (it didn’t), that Trump national security aide K.T. McFarland wrote that Russia threw the election to Trump (she didn’t), and that Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, blasted sick, poor children as slackers (he didn’t).

“These false or misleading stories, all of which, not coincidentally, disparaged Republicans, were parroted and retweeted and broadcast by countless reporters before being completely debunked. Countless readers and viewers still don't realize that the stories produced by this sloppy reporting are false. Or ‘fake,’ to borrow a phrase.”

Candidate and now President Trump has been railing on the media for “fake” stories for well over two years now but there was perhaps no greater example of the phenomena than this past weekend when the news industry couldn’t get anything straight and substituted their own obvious bias to fill in the factual holes of each breaking story.

It could be said the fact-checking standards of the journalism profession have become so low that no benefit could be derived from tuning into an establishment news outlet. What’s to be believed? These people are carrying on a narrative just because they can no longer retreat from it.

William Murchison wrote at The American Spectator, “If you’ve called Trump a maniac, as did the New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg the other day, you’ve got to make sure he stays one, lest some other, lesser prophet grab your robe and run off with it. If you have invested labor and deliberation in the cause of shouting down the tax bill, you have to make sure everyone remembers, and believes in, the disasters you predicted.

“Such is free speech — a crowning glory of these United States; without which we’d have to wait for the New York Times to tell us what to think. No constitutional provision requires that free speech be conducted rationally — which, in the days before flag-burnings and knee-takings, was pretty much OK. In our era of endless, angry speech, fueled by more media sources than anyone can count, or would want to, spirits and expectations droop, and the world seems an awful place because… well, because so many communicators say it is. I exercise my own right of free speech to say it’s not. Not yet at least.”

It could easily be argued Democrats and the media are reacting so contemptibly to the recent Trump administration successes because they’re terrified the president might actually succeed in keeping all of his campaign promises as he set out to do since day one. Just the other day, for example, Trump reversed a Clinton and Obama policy that greatly expanded the size of a couple national monuments in far-off Utah.

Trump was flanked by a number of prominent Utah leaders as he formally signed the order to reverse the enormous federal land grab initiated under the previous two Democrat presidents. Environmental groups and journalists recoiled in horror as the duly elected chief executive gave thousands of square miles back to local authorities and residents to farm, ranch and seek out mineral rights.

In other words, to use the land; is that so wrong?

All the while, the national monuments themselves will be protected under federal law. The goal of preserving these treasures for future generations’ enjoyment and learning is still in effect while the public can benefit from improving the lands surrounding them. It’s altering the status quo for the better – but is that the story we’ll hear from the media?

Not likely. They’d rather dote over unemployed flag-protesting quarterback Colin Kaepernick and nominate him for stupid and meaningless “person of the year” awards. NFL commentator Geoffrey Norman wrote at The American Spectator, “Conventional wisdom would have it that none could presume to know how best Colin Kaepernick should live his life of good fortune. But here is how many might think:

“When blessed with great talents and gifts, then give glory and thanks to God and happiness to other mortals by exercising those gifts to the fullest. Shine your light and then go out and win Super Bowls and leave the surly, malcontent act to those — like Bernie Sanders — to whom it comes naturally and who can, therefore, do it much better.

“Go do what it is given, by Grace, for you to do. Leave it to us to handle the grubby stuff. We’ll look up to you, in your splendor, on Sundays. And maybe even call you … Person of the Year.”

Only in 21st century America could a has-been like Colin Kaepernick be considered a hero, but then again, the establishment media is conditioned to turning treasonous goats into cultural deities.

For us, Pearl Harbor Day deserves its remembrances as a tragic event that eventually brought a nation together. Back then Americans recognized a common enemy and got to work destroying it. Journalists helped in the endeavor – they were a long way from today’s jaundiced news reporters.

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