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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Doug Jones is now a Senator and Democrats STILL have no agenda

Conservatives and Republicans reassess this morning as the people of Alabama sent the Washington GOP establishment a message via the ballot box yesterday, propelling Obama and Hillary supporting Democrat Doug Jones to the national capital on a mission to reinforce the lining of the DC swamp and to bring down President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

Judge Roy Moore’s narrow defeat (by a little over 10,000 votes) was largely attributable to a lengthy organized smear campaign against his candidacy both in the September GOP primary and in the general election against Doug Jonesthe victorious Jones. Pundits will go back and forth for weeks debating the “meaning” of Moore’s failure, but even prior to Election Day Democrats – with a haughty assist from establishment Republicans – insisted they would end up “winning” regardless of yesterday’s outcome.

Edward Isaac-Dovere of Politico reported last weekend, “If Roy Moore wins, [Democrats will] spend the next year yoking every Republican they can to the accused child predator and a president who welcomed him into the GOP fold. They'll be quick to remind everyone of all the other comments Moore has made against Muslims and gays and in favor of Vladimir Putin’s view of America as evil, as well as his rosy view of slave-era America.

“’He’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats. If you’re running in 2018, Roy Moore’s going to be your new best friend. As a Republican, to think that you can win without the baggage of Roy Moore is pretty naive,’ said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)…

“Supporting Moore ‘already effects the [Republican National Committee] now trying to go out and raise money. A lot of people are saying, ‘Why in the world would I contribute to an organization that’s pushing an alleged pedophile and child molester?’ It’s a big problem,’ [Arizona Senator Jeff] Flake said.”

One can’t help but wonder whether the Democrats and ruling class Republicans remain so confident today. Just a few days ago it was safe to predict doom would ensue if Moore won. Now that Jones is a Washington reality a lot of these bozos may not feel so cocky.

Moore was certainly an unconventional candidate who would have brought his own unique brand of personality and principles to the senate, but the question now becomes whether there will be any long-term “damage” to the Republican Party after Alabamians heeded the hysterical warnings from the chattering class and voted for a liberal lout like Jones.

Lindsey Graham’s notion of linking future candidates to Moore – or anyone else – was completely bogus and would have had little or no bearing on Republicans’ chances of victory going forward. This is so for several reasons:

First, common sense – and a thorough understanding of past media behavior -- says Moore’s election would have been old news in a few weeks when reporters got bored whimpering about it and returned to trashing Trump’s tweets or some other shiny object of the moment that managed to hold their limited attention spans. Democrats and journalists may have attempted to bring up Moore in the course of next year’s campaigns but by then he would have served in Washington for almost a year and would likely have blended in with the rest of the lawmakers.

Second, if Moore’s character would have had any bearing at all in future political races it would probably show up mostly in Republican primaries where following his example could be more positive than negative on an insurgent’s candidacy. Let’s not forget Steve Bannon is still on the prowl backing a number of outsider boat-rocking conservatives against GOP establishment candidates – and Bannon is now likely to turn his full attention to taking down the ruling elites who are most responsible for Moore’s defeat.

And if Republican candidates chose to distance themselves from Moore it wouldn’t have been hard – just a few well-timed statements would have done the trick. Do you really think voters next year in Missouri would care that Roy Moore is a senator when pondering whether to reelect liberal Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill? Not a chance.

The third reason Moore wouldn’t have hindered Republicans is Trump himself. How many so-called political “experts” swore Trump would be lethal to the prospects of down-ballot Republicans who were “forced” to run alongside him in 2016? Didn’t the know-it-alls predict Senators Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) were doomed because Trump was the GOP presidential nominee last year?

Nonsense -- just as it was with Trump, voters would make up their own minds regardless of the presence of Moore.

Lastly, there’s the Mitch McConnell/leadership factor. Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary the swamp creatures of the GOP establishment still contend they know what’s best in political races. Alabama proved them wrong – again. What difference does it make if Lindsey Graham thinks Moore would have been a disaster for Republican candidates and Jeff Flake speculated the new Alabama senator would have costed the party donations? They said exactly the same things about Trump before he won – it’s documented. None of it came true either.

Besides, contributing directly to the GOP or its campaign committees is a waste of money under any circumstances – now more than ever. Conservatives are much better off sending checks straight to principled candidates they support – or to organizations like Bannon’s (Great America PAC) or the Senate Conservative Fund (headed by Ken Cuccinelli) which will select the person in each race who would most benefit the Trump agenda.

Democrats can think whatever they want. They foresaw Trump as an albatross around the necks of 2016’s Republicans and look how well it turned out for them. Democrats still have no new ideas or agendas to sell other than their usual stale socialism and class warfare hysteria over Republican tax reform proposals. Bringing Moore into the picture wouldn’t have changed the political reality for the minority party one bit.

And let’s face it, Democrats wouldn’t have been able to drag their hateful attention away from Trump long enough to hammer on someone like Moore who would’ve been just one of a hundred senators and probably faded into the background – or become a thorn in McConnell’s side, which would have been a good thing.

Trump is already implementing tremendous policy improvements in his presidency. Moore could’ve laid low for a period of time and worked to build some friendships on Capitol Hill that would work to his advantage -- eventually. It would have taken a while but it could’ve been done. South Carolina’s Mark Sanford perhaps set a precedent; now we’ll never know.

With Moore out of the picture Democrats will almost certainly take much more of a bash-Trump at every occasion strategy led by such leftist cultural trendsetters such as Colin Kaepernick – and as was revealed last week, record setting skier Lindsey Vonn.

Daniel Chaitin of the Washington Examiner reported, “Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, who took a swipe at President Trump last week, was treated for a back injury following a race Saturday…

“The injury follows a widely reported rebuke Vonn directed at Trump, saying that she intended to represent the ‘people of the United States,’ not President Trump, at the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.

“’I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president. I take the Olympics very seriously and what they mean and what they represent, what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremony,’ the American skier told CNN. ‘I want to represent our country well, and I don't think there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.’”

So in other words, it isn’t just Trump Vonn’s pecking at. Her “People currently in government” quip is obviously a reference to Republicans and conservatives since they’re the majority in the political branches. Such blanket generalizations don’t suggest a lot of thought or study went into Vonn’s ignorant views; she probably honed them watching a lot of CNN in airports and through conversations at the ski lodge with liberal European friends after races.

It’s not “cool” to be a celebrity and a Trump fan. Vonn is a follower like the rest of the liberal luminary class.

Statistically speaking Vonn is one of the most – if not the most – successful skier of all time yet she’s probably best remembered for her years-long romance with Tiger Woods after the golfer’s infamous fall from grace in late 2009.

There’s no need to rehash Tiger’s sins here – he’s been a mess mentally and physically ever since that fateful Thanksgiving night when former wife Elin chased him with a nine-iron and bashed in the rear window of his Escalade as he desperately sought to make his escape from the rages of a jilted spouse. Dating Vonn after his untidy divorce probably didn’t help Woods regain any kind of stability because she’s obviously got real anger issues of her own beneath that attractive blonde exterior.

In this day and age of media-affirmed NFL flag protests and college campus “snowflake” safe spaces and the like it’s not exactly surprising to see someone of Vonn’s stature blurting out something so inane and insulting to the office of the president. Vonn’s back injury notwithstanding she’s on the final downward slope of her skiing career and understands she’s going to need to make money once the endorsement checks stop rolling in. Vonn’s no longer tethered to Woods’ vast fortune so she wants to keep living well, right?

Though her bulky muscular frame and age (33 years old) probably wouldn’t make her a serious prospect for a Sports Illustrated bikini photo shoot, you never know, Vonn’s good looks may yet attract the attention of some leftist Hollywood studio executive (there are still plenty left after Harvey Weinstein) who would seek to turn her athletic name recognition – and penchant for Trump bashing – into an action-genre movie star.

Or perhaps just as likely, being from Minnesota, maybe Vonn will vie for Governor Mark Dayton’s upcoming appointment to fill Al Franken’s soon-to-be vacated senate seat. Vonn’s already laid the foundations for success in the Democrat party, which experience proves doesn’t require any great intellect or accomplishment to reach the highest tiers of establishment support. If you don’t believe it, just look at Senator Kamala Harris.

But the greater issue is whether Americans should seek out or listen to the opinions of someone who’s made a name for herself by simply strapping her boots to a couple fiberglass boards and schussing down a mountain slope at speeds that would draw police attention if she were in a car. It could just as readily be argued Vonn doesn’t represent Trump or America either.

Needless to say Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama is just the beginning of something, be it a complete reevaluation of the political situation in Washington or perhaps even a purge of the ruling class. One thing is for sure, however – the establishment is squarely to blame for Republicans losing a senate seat.

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