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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Democrats’ impeachment drumbeat will come back to bite them

Imagine this scenario:

Nancy Pelosi is enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet at her desk in the House Minority Leader’s office when her assistant peers through a crack in the door and informs her that she has an important phone call -- Chuck and Nancyand she’ll want to take it despite an earlier admonishment from the Democrat leader to leave her undisturbed to meditate.

“Madame Queen (Pelosi’s preferred way to be addressed), I know you didn’t want to be bothered by us serfs but Al Green is on the phone and he’s blabbering on again about impeachment and Trump and…”

Pelosi sighed as she condescendingly waved her hand at the apprehensive waif, signaling to put the call through. The San Francisco-area congresswoman knew she had to meet Chuck Schumer in fifteen minutes to go before the media to try and stir up mass public hysteria over the Republican tax plan and didn’t need the distraction of yet another cantankerous Congressional Black Caucus member threatening to go off the reservation claiming Democrats want to forcefully remove Trump right now.

‘It’s too early for that,’ Pelosi thought to herself as she reached for a tic tac, the indigestion from her onion-laden lunch sandwich reminding her she required a mouth cleanse. ‘We have to take back the House first, then I’ll be Speaker again and the whole country will get behind the effort to knock off Trump.’

She chuckled daydreaming about the hour Paul Ryan – or whoever is in charge by then -- is forced to hand the big wooden Speaker’s gavel back to her. A starry eyed look crossed her face which was subsequently removed only by the ringing of her office phone.

Despite her reservations Pelosi answered the call whereby Green excitedly informed her that he’s trying to think of new ways to bring up another impeachment vote and asked for leadership support this time around. If he doesn’t get it, Green not-so-subtly hints, the CBC would make trouble for her in the next round of leadership elections.

Pelosi disgustedly slammed the phone down and stomped out of the office past the cowering staff and out into the hallway. ‘At least now,’ she thought, ‘I’m in the right frame of mind to talk about the Republicans.’

--Think this is only a fantasy? You might want to reconsider.

Daniel Chaitin of the Washington Examiner reported, “Democratic Rep. Al Green on Tuesday promised the House would again vote on whether to impeach President Trump, but didn’t say when he would try to force another vote.

“A majority of Democrats joined with Republicans last week to block a resolution calling for Trump’s impeachment after Green forced a vote on the measure. Just 58 Democrats supported the measure last Wednesday.

“’There will be another vote to impeach this president. There will be another vote because I will not stand by and watch this country, the country I love, be brought into shame and disrepute because of a person who is unfit to hold the office of president,’ Green said in a House floor speech.”

Chaitin further reported on a joint statement Pelosi and her Democrat number two, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, released officially rejecting the notion of impeachment yet essentially giving credence to the kneejerk sensationalism behind Green’s claims of Trump’s “unfit-ness”.

The Democrat leaders said, “This president has made statements and taken actions that are beyond the pale for most Americans, embracing those who espouse hatred and division while promoting policies that would harm our economy and undermine our national security. Legitimate questions have been raised about his fitness to lead this nation. Right now, Congressional committees continue to be deeply engaged in investigations into the President’s actions both before and after his inauguration. The special counsel’s investigation is moving forward as well, and those inquiries should be allowed to continue. Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment.”

If this is really what Democrat leaders are thinking, why is it not the right time to try impeachment?

After reviewing this little episode it’s no wonder why there are such deep partisan divides in this country today. The Democrats simply aren’t interested in any kind of two-party collaboration on tax reform, the federal budget or anything else that comes to mind. If I’m wrong please correct me.

Every time a Democrat talks about “bipartisan cooperation” and “bipartisan legislation” it’s only offered for the sake of media microphones and cameras. In reality Democrats are nothing more than vultures circling the sky searching for a carcass to fill their bellies. Politics is all one gigantic board game to them and any overtures they make to unite on issues are just ruses designed to appease the wary and fool the dimwitted and uninformed in America.

It’s all stupid. Impeach Trump? For what? The bogus claims of Russian collusion are looking more and more like the Hillary Clinton campaign conspired with the Obama Justice Department to politicize federal law enforcement to try and tip the 2016 election to themselves before Americans even reached the ballot box. The Mueller investigation has become so tainted it can’t possibly produce anything of value that would seriously damage Trump.

You would have to be a blinded #NeverTrumper – or a Democrat – to still be lending recognition to the obviously contaminated findings coming out of the special prosecutor’s office.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote at National Review, “Indeed, the only remaining trajectory by which Mueller and his investigators can escape with their reputations intact is to dismiss those staff attorneys who have exhibited clear anti-Trump political sympathies, reboot the investigation, and then focus on what now seems the most likely criminal conduct: Russian and Clinton-campaign collusion in the creation of the anti-Trump Fusion GPS dossier and later possible U.S. government participation in the dissemination of it.

If such a fraudulent document was used to gain court approval to surveil Trump associates, and under such cover to unmask and leak names of private U.S. citizens — at first to warp a U.S. election, and then later to thwart the work of an incoming elected administration — then Mueller will be tasked with getting to the bottom of one of the greatest political scandals in recent U.S. history.”

Yes indeed. Mueller’s team is packed with Democrat partisans with proven track records of bashing on Trump and Republicans. Are we supposed to acknowledge their conclusions as the basis for a possible Democrat impeachment effort? Is Al Green on to something here?

Similarly, the ongoing congressional investigations Pelosi and Hoyer referenced in their statement are divided down partisan lines with House Intelligence Committee lead Democrat Adam “Shifty” Schiff  practically beclowning himself whenever he opens his mouth to comment on them. As James Freeman pointed out the other day at the Wall Street Journal, CNN and other news outlets are basically stepping out of the way while allowing Schiff to drone on and on about Trump administration wrongdoing without challenging the factual basis of any of it.

In essence Schiff’s stream of consciousness collusion fantasies don’t differ a whole lot from what Pelosi and Schumer do every time they address the media. Democrats don’t offer any facts to back up their outlandish claims. Pelosi described the Republican tax bill as “Armageddon” while Bernie Sanders asserted that “thousands would die” if the GOP went through with its intention to ditch Obamacare earlier this year.

As reported by Mike Lillis of The Hill Pelosi said, “The bill that the Republicans are putting forth to go to conference is probably one of the worst bills in the history of the United States of America...

“’It robs from the future [and] it rewards the rich … and corporations at the expense of tens of millions of working middle-class families in our country…The debate on health care is like death,’ Pelosi said. ‘This is armageddon.’”

Demagoguery isn’t confined to Democrats, of course, but this particular piece of pontificating puffery was extreme even by Pelosi’s standards. Does she mean cutting taxes and reforming the tax code to eliminate a lot of special interest favors is equivalent to a nuclear holocaust?

Again, if everything Trump does is truly so awful -- why would Pelosi be set against Green’s call for another run at an impeachment vote now? Aren’t she and her caucus willing to save the country from “Armageddon?” If repealing the Obamacare individual mandate (one can only assume that’s what she’s talking about) is “like death,” wouldn’t the Democrats have a moral obligation to use any means necessary to stop the GOP legislative blitzkrieg?

As if that weren’t enough, the recent explosion of sexual harassment claims is motivating Democrats to once again pressure Trump to resign. Caitlin Huey-Burns of Real Clear Politics reported, “Having established a no-tolerance policy in their party by pushing out Sen. Al Franken last week, Democrats believe they have grounds to shine the spotlight not just on the other side of the aisle, but also at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

“The calls for Trump to step aside started among a few senators with their presidential ambitions of their own, raising the possibility of a new litmus test for holding the nation’s highest office.

“Such a demand does carry risks for party members, making them look overtly political on a significant and emotional issue. In addition, it could force them to reckon with Bill Clinton's transgressions while in office and evoke the impeachment effort waged by Republicans against the then-president in the 1990s, which backfired at the ballot box.”

What, ask Democrats to admit they were wrong to allow Bill Clinton to avoid impeachment in 1998? I highly doubt Democrat loyalists would ever be willing to sacrifice the most popular member of their faction, a former two-term president renowned for his vast political skills even if he had trouble keeping his libidinous ambitions locked behind his zipper.

Democrats are engaging in a dangerous game here. They gambled last year assuming making Trump the issue would be enough for any sorry party candidate to beat him. It’s a strategy that continues to this day and every moment they spend talking about Trump’s supposed character deficiencies is one less they use to advance a legislative agenda that appeals to voters who actually pay attention to more than the back-and-forth over sex allegations.

There are only so many single women voters to try and scare. In the end, it’s a numbers game.

In particular the “me too” movement runs the risk of over-dramatizing the sexual harassment issue. If women are so empowered these days why do they need so much extra protection in the workplace? Women aren’t as helpless as the Democrats make them out to be. Where does it all end?

It seems clear the more Democrats talk about “me too” and impeachment of Donald Trump the more they’re boxing themselves into a corner that will be difficult to emerge from. American voters are sick to death of partisan games – isn’t it about time we started talking about policy again?

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Denicrat Bipartisanship

The only bipartisanship the democrats ar interested in is the kind in which the Other side agrees with their way of thinking!

Quid Pro Quo

The continued , and failing, talk of impeachment will lead to the opposite of what the DC elites really want. By continuing to allow talk like that from Maxine Waters
will create the new paradigm that the minority party will demand the impeachment of the new president, within days of his election. Bill Clinton was questionable, and will remain an albatross around Newt's head, Bill lied in a Federal court, to save a few hundred thousand dollars. The Dem's and Move On pushed that it was about sex.