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Conservative Outsider Mike Braun Charging Ahead In Indiana Senate Race

Businessman and conservative outsider Mike Braun has called on his two leading opponents, Congressmen Todd Rokita and Luke Messer, to join with him and denounce the news that House Republicans are considering bringing back the pork-barrel projects known as earmarks.

“Republicans ran on a promise to drain the swamp, and now they want to bring back the corrupt tool that led to multiple indictments and helped destroy voters’ faith in Republicans as good stewards of tax dollars?” said Braun. “My position on earmarks is this – I oppose them, I won’t take them, and I’ll do everything I can do Mike Brauneliminate them, even if that means offering amendments in the Senate to strike projects inserted by members of my own party.”

“Congressmen Todd Rokita and Luke Messer both serve in the House. They should join with me in denouncing and opposing any plan to bring earmarks back,” added Braun.

Braun’s challenge to incumbents Rokita and Messer was a forceful lead-up to his third statewide media buy touting his business and job creation experience.

Braun has just released his third flight of television and radio advertisements, titled “Bring Them Back.” The ads will run statewide on broadcast television and radio. Braun is still the only candidate airing television ads in the Indiana Senate race.

“Bring Them Back” begins by highlighting the hits that Indiana workers have taken as a result of career politicians putting foreign interests ahead of American ones. It then pivots to Braun’s plan – bring those jobs back, by utilizing the same no-nonsense business mindset he used to create hundreds of Indiana jobs.

“Career politicians in D.C. have done little to help the American worker, serving special interests and lobbyists instead of their constituents,” said Braun. “I’m running for the Senate on my record of actually creating jobs for Indiana - not just talking about it.”

You can watch the television ad by clicking here or listen to the radio ad by clicking here.

Full transcript of TV ad:

Voiceover: Politicians put Mexico before Muncie.
Beijing before Bloomington.
Jobs disappeared.
Mike Braun is running for U.S. Senate to bring them back.
Family man. Businessman. Christian.
Mike Braun created hundreds of jobs here in Indiana.
As Senator, he’ll fight for us.
Repeal Obamacare. Defund Sanctuary cities. Promote life.
Businessman. Outsider. Conservative.
Mike Braun puts Indiana first.
Mike Braun: I’m Mike Braun, and I approve this message.

Full transcript of radio ad:

Voiceover: Career politicians put jobs in Mexico ahead of jobs in Muncie.
Jobs in Beijing ahead of Bloomington.
And when our jobs disappeared, the insiders sat on their hands and did nothing.
Businessman and Outsider Mike Braun is running for U.S. Senate to bring Indiana jobs back.
Family man, businessman, Christian.
Mike Braun created hundreds of jobs here in Indiana.
As Senator Mike Braun will help pass President Trump’s agenda.
Braun will repeal Obamacare once and for all, defund dangerous sanctuary cities and finally build the wall.
And Mike Braun will protect the right to life and stand up for our values.
No more career politicians.
Businessman. Outsider. Conservative.
We need Mike Braun in the United State Senate.
He puts Indiana – and America — first.
Mike Braun: I’m Mike Braun, and I approve this message.
Voiceover: Paid for by Mike Braun for Indiana.

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