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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Cheerleader in chief Trump deserves credit for great things he’s done

It’s old news by now but last Saturday marked the one-year point in the presidency of Donald Trump. Liberal feminists used the anniversary to march near the Capitol building in Washington, complete with pu—y hats and obscene signage – just as they did the day after Trump was inaugurated last January.

What the eternally disgruntled fems are truly after remains as much a mystery today as it was a year ago when Trump recited his constitutional oath flanked by family and a who’s who of American politics. The new Trump at one yearpresident moved into the White House that afternoon and began his quest to make America great again. The sun rose on each one of those 365 days in between, too, and any leftist would be hard pressed to articulate just how it is Trump’s leadership has had a negative impact on their lives.

Yet take to the streets the feminists did and there’s little doubt they’ll continue to do so until Trump exits the Oval Office.

The left’s strange opposition and rage is expected, of course. But what about the #NeverTrumpers, the self-labeled “conservative” resistance to Trump’s presidency? This nebulous group, primarily made up of swampy establishment Republicans and easily irritated John Kasich supporters, has remained vocal in expressing their distaste for the 45th president. Most objective observers would agree Trump has very much governed as any typical Republican president would, yet the #NeverTrumpers’ gripes remain.

Isn’t it about time they came around?

In an op-ed piece titled “A reckoning for #NeverTrump? Trump's first year has not been a disaster” for the Washington Examiner, admitted #NeverTrumper Kevin Glass concluded, “The Trump-sympathetic parts of the conservative movement are right that the president’s first year has produced some policy victories, and that it didn’t turn out that Donald Trump was a secret ideological progressive bent on passing liberal policy against the whim of conservatives.

“But the first year should not have calmed anyone who was concerned about his erratic behavior, nor should anyone think that the Trumpified Republican Party is in any way going to be a successful vehicle for conservative policymaking in the future.

“Perhaps there are conservatives who regret not voting for Donald Trump after one year, but the first year should not have assuaged the anti-Trump conservative movement.”

Balderdash; in other words, according to Glass everything positive conservatives and Republicans accomplished in Trump’s year one shouldn’t change the mind of a single #NeverTrumper. Glass seems to think Trump’s anti-establishment campaign and brand of politics is a long-term loser for the GOP, a position that’s hard to validate against the great weight of evidence. If voters are happy with the way the Trump administration has handled policy they’re not going to suddenly credit the Republican establishment for the improvements.

If anything Republican congressional leaders have held Trump back. If it were up to the president alone Obamacare would have been repealed outright last summer and the House and Senate would be busy crafting some sort of GOP healthcare solution incorporating more price competition and freedom for Americans to choose the insurance plan that best fits their needs.

After eight years of a president who was hostile to the notion of individual responsibility and free market competition Trump has been a breath of fresh air for businesses and entrepreneurs that just seek to pit their products and services against their rivals’ without excessive federal regulation. Much of what Trump accomplished since his inauguration hasn’t been visible to the naked eye yet the improving economic numbers and booming stock market are testament to the success a confident American people can cultivate.

One barely acknowledged aspect of Trump’s personality is his persistent cheerleading for the United States business community. Far from taking the credit himself Trump constantly congratulates Americans for their achievements. Do you think Obama or Crooked Hillary Clinton would do the same? “You didn’t build that” is what we used to hear when the Democrats held all the power. Now Trump is out front leading and moving forward instead of bringing everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

As an example, Trump tweeted the other day, “AMERICA will once again be a NATION that thinks big, dreams bigger, and always reaches for the stars. YOU are the ones who will shape America’s destiny. YOU are the ones who will restore our prosperity. And YOU are the ones who are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #MAGA”

What a downer, right?

Whenever Trump praises companies by name it’s also tremendous “free advertising” for them. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out when Trump tweets a positive message about a business or company it instantly reaches the computers and devices of just short of 47 million people (his Twitter followers). Would Trump’s detractors dare deny that a Trump tweet encourages his supporters to buy American?

Trump gave a shout-out to the auto industry over the weekend, tweeting, “During the campaign, I promised to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by bringing businesses and jobs back to our country. I am very proud to see companies like Chrysler moving operations from Mexico to Michigan where there are so many great American workers!”

Perhaps Chrysler should credit Trump for best promotion of the year. Where’s the media when Trump does something good? Super Bowl commercials cost millions for a 30-second spot (ads for the 2018 game will be $5 million) but the president reaches a comparably sized audience every time he hits “send” on his phone.

There haven’t been any studies conducted (that I’m aware of) assessing the percentage of positive Trump tweets versus negative but the optimistic and congratulatory messages don’t draw much notice from the media despite heavily outnumbering the “angry” ones. On the other hand whenever Trump knocks the media, Democrats or establishment swamp creatures the news is instantly moved to the head of the line – so it’s no surprise there’s a lingering impression that Trump is “unstable” or “erratic.”

The facts indicate otherwise. Trump’s naysayers will think and write whatever they want; it’s almost like these people choose to be unhappy. If you don’t believe it just read David French or Kevin Williamson at National Review on a regular basis -- or Bill Kristol at The Weekly Standard. These guys are probably going broke paying for their anti-depressants – we should pity them.

That’s not to say all longtime Trump doubters remain edgy after the president’s first year. Mollie Hemingway wrote in the Washington Post, “[Trump’s] boorish attitude has come in handy after decades of media bullying of conservatives. Ironically, the very lack of conservative bona fides that worried me two years ago means he’s less beholden to a conservative establishment that had grown alienated from the people it is supposed to serve and from the principles it ostensibly exists to promote.

“His surprising conservatism might also be the result of the absolutism and extremism of his critics, whether among the media, traditional Democratic activists or the anti-Trump right. If Trump were ever inclined to indulge his liberal tendencies after winning the election, the stridency and spite of his opponents have provided him with no incentives to do so.

“My expectations were low — so low that he could have met them by simply not being President Hillary Clinton. But a year into this presidency, he’s exceeded those expectations by quite a bit. I’m thrilled.”

Hemingway’s argument is an interesting one, all-but suggesting Trump is acting more conservative as president (than he really is personally) just to spite his critics. There could be something to this theory as the easily triggered Trump doesn’t need much of an excuse to push back against the unrelenting onslaught of establishment media criticism he faces every day.

But a more reasonable explanation for Trump’s perceptible rightward turn involves those around him, which of course includes Vice President Mike Pence and senior advisor for policy Stephen Miller. The populist movement took a hit when Steve Bannon faded from view but there are still plenty of conservatives (including Kellyanne Conway) who have Trump’s ear.

Trump is also obsessively concerned with keeping his campaign promises and maintaining the ethical integrity inside his administration. Trump’s enemies chastise him for a lack of specificity in his public statements but he knows where he stands and remembers what he vowed to the people during his 2016 run.

Whether Congress will go along with him is another question. Politics has a tight grip on the legislative branch but there’re clear signs things are moving in the right direction after the tax bill was passed last month. David M. Drucker of the Washington Examiner reported, “Congressional Republicans anxious about the midterm elections are breathing a little easier, for the moment, after fresh public opinion polls showed an uptick in voter support for their $1.4 trillion tax overhaul.

“The New York Times/Survey Monkey poll pegged support for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act at 46 percent, with 49 percent disapproving. Thirty-eight percent approved in a Marist survey for NPR and PBS's NewsHour. In a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, support for the bill climbed 6 points to 30 percent.

“All told, these ratings represent an improvement from the barely one quarter of American voters who supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in late December when the package cleared Congress on a narrow, party-line vote (all Democrats voted ‘no’) and was signed by President Trump.”

It was only a matter of time before the tax bill numbers began turning around. The Democrats put on a full-court press of grandstanding and demagoguery over the concept of cutting people’s taxes and they couldn’t fib their way into the mindsets of Americans forever. As soon as people wake up to the fact their personal situations really are improving there will be a public opinion wave in the GOP’s direction…or at least there should be.

Democrats and their allies in the media depend on Americans remaining ignorant of the good things taking place in Washington now that Trump is president. #NeverTrumpers will continue fixating on Trump’s “erratic” behavior and the left will never cut Trump a break no matter what he does -- but in the end the only polls that matter are the vote totals in each individual election.

Republican candidates will be able to showcase a number of visible accomplishments this fall; by contrast the Democrats only offer “resistance”, hysteria and no agenda. People aren’t dumb; time will change minds.

Leftists like those in the women’s march will continue taking to the streets to protest Trump but they’re looking more pathetic with each passing day. Republicans should keep advocating for the Trump agenda with the confidence Americans will make the right decisions come November.

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President Trump deserves all the credit

It is so frustrating that we elected the greatest president of my 72 years here, and the low life infantile "Press" still continue to side with the subversive "Deep State" who have plotted all along to embarrass, Harass and try to remove him from office. I am just waiting til the day when someone puts all this corruption into focus and begins to incite, Prosecute and imprison all the leaders and members of the Treasonous Shadow Government. That includes "O" and The Clinton Crime Family Cabal with Hillary and all their corrupt members.