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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Dems callously dump Dreamers and boast Repubs will take the fall

After the breakdown of the various immigration proposals last week in the “world’s greatest deliberative body” (otherwise known as the United States Senate), a thought occurred to me.

The system is utterly, completely, irretrievably -- every other “ly” you can think of -- broken.

Trump DACA tweetWatching as leaders of the two parties bickered back and forth (as well as the sponsors of the various proposals) it was evident to even the most apathetic of observers that these political animals just can’t and won’t get along. In the end the vote tallies really didn’t matter – the two sides are separated by an ideological chasm so wide it won’t be bridged by even the most talented of America’s civil engineers. Common sense is completely lost – it’s all one big media production put on to please party donors and at least for Democrats, their activist leftist base.

As would be expected Democrats foresee Americans blaming Trump and Republicans for the latest congressional implosion.

Laura Barrón-López reported in the Washington Examiner, “[A]s Trump continues to issue veto threats for every deal presented, lawmakers are starting to predict the deadline will come and go with no agreement leading to increased deportations next month.

“And if the administration amps up deportations of Dreamers and a deal isn’t passed in the coming months, immigration activists say Republicans will feel the political ramifications more than Democrats.

“Advocates had slammed Democrats throughout the debate, arguing leaders didn’t put enough pressure on Republicans or hold the line during budget negotiations, but they don’t plan on fighting Democrats in 2018. Instead, their ire will be focused on Republicans.”

Does this mean Democrats and their brainless adherents would have spared Republicans their “ire” at election time if the so-called “Dreamers” were shown the golden door of legalization and citizenship? No offense to those consumed by the issue of the moment but it’s clear GOP candidates would face plenty of  Democrat “ire” whether DACA was saved or not. There was absolutely zero political incentive for conservative Republicans to give-in on the issue without wholesale concessions from antagonists on the other pillars of Trump’s immigration plan.

None. Zilch. Zip. Nada -- there, we’re bilingual now.

Having Democrats threaten repercussions at the ballot box to move Republicans off their principles isn’t going to do it anymore. Public opinion polls today may show a majority of Americans favoring leniency for the one class of illegal aliens but the people are also hankering for tough border security and making sure stupid and inane programs like the “diversity lottery,” -- a.k.a. gateway for terrorists – is passed safely into history.

The truth is every election cycle Democrats threaten Republicans with banishment to the electoral wilderness if they fail to go along with the slow drip of leftist totalitarianism and socialism. Didn’t Democrats just mumble the same things in December when they predicted doom for the GOP if a tax cut bill passed? And didn’t they suggest Republicans would rue the day they “nuked” the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees in order to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch last April? Shouldn’t Democrats be making a laundry list of things the GOP supposedly will regret later on?

Lest we forget liberals and Democrats – and many establishment Republican #NeverTrumpers – also made a host of helpful “suggestions” all throughout the 2016 campaign about how conservatives would regret supporting the bombastic, twitter-addicted, hot headed, ill-informed on the issues candidate Donald Trump. Election Day came and not only did Trump win but Republicans retained majorities in Congress.

Democrats’ backseat driving advice isn’t doing anyone any favors. It just makes liberals look even more out of touch than they already are. Do Democrats really believe average Americans sit around thinking ‘Darn Republicans didn’t grant amnesty to the Dream-folk so I’m a-gonna vote Democrat to spite ‘em.’

Democrats are like schoolchildren screaming “I’m telling! Teacher’s gonna punish you!”

President Trump gets it though there are signs even he’s cracked a bit. Amnesty for no one was Trump’s campaign platform and he’s now apparently decided DACA-ers get to stay if the Democrats bend on the other aspects of immigration that desperately need mending. I think it’s called a “compromise” -- one many don’t agree with but are willing to hear him out and see if it would move the issue.

It didn’t. All along Democrats pretended the border wall was the sticking point; but it’s not. Last week’s bill negotiations revealed Democrats might concede on wall money but they wouldn’t give on their precious chain migration and visa lottery (a.k.a. Democrat voter drives). Alas, we’ve discovered the soft spot: Democrats and their leftist interest group pals don’t care about a physical barrier on the border half as much as they do about ensuring whoever gets to stay here legally brings in a (pardon the expression) truckload of relatives.

Thankfully there was no elasticity in the administration’s position on the subjects. Diana Stancy Correll of the Washington Examiner reported, “The White House won’t back down from its key priorities for an immigration reform bill, after several proposals were shot down in the Senate on Thursday.

‘’The Administration will continue advocating for an immigration package that includes border security, ending chain migration, cancelling the visa lottery, and a reasonable DACA solution — a proposal Americans support overwhelmingly,’ a statement from White House press secretary Sarah Sanders late in the evening Thursday said.”

It’s unlikely the Senate will take up immigration again which now leaves the House to consider the matter. Speaker Paul Ryan announced he won’t advance any bill that doesn’t have the president’s support – which is smart thinking. Why send something to Trump that’s guaranteed to come back disapproved?

When Republicans held congressional majorities and Obama was in the White House the strategy should have been just the opposite – churn out legislation and force the Democrat president to bat it back like tennis balls in a lengthy rally. Such actions would delineate clear legislative lines between the parties and give candidates something to offer constituents – “See, here’s what we would have accomplished with a Republican in the White House.” And no, let’s not talk about Obamacare here…

Trump can achieve much the same result by simply letting DACA lapse and then enforcing the current law as though Congress hadn’t even taken up the issue. Democrats are the ones responsible for the unfortunate fate of the “Dreamers” now, should any of them actually be deported. Here’s thinking the millions who’ve been here for years or decades will pretty much enjoy the same status of nothingness they already have.

In other words, it’s highly doubtful federal paddy wagons will be rolling through neighborhoods rounding up weeping alien kids as they’re ripped from their mothers’ arms. That’s the image the Democrats want us to envision when the deadline passes without any congressional action. The only difference is the “Dreamers” will still be illegal – and they won’t be given citizenship.

The Democrats lose on either end. If they went along with Trump they’d squander the big windfall of future votes and if they pack up and head home the “Dreamers” are unhappy – and still illegal. Will it be unpopular? Here’s thinking Republicans will do just fine regardless.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. Prior to the conclusion of the senate’s immigration stalemate Rich Lowry wrote at National Review, “…[T]he key to defeating Trump is normalizing him, running against him as a conventional Republican crony of the rich and big business who is redistributing income upward. This Democratic message has worked pretty effectively for 80 years — why change it now?

“But a party that’s in a perpetual state of hysteria and, on top of that, is operating against the backdrop of an economy with 4.1 percent unemployment, may find it harder than expected to pull off its old tricks. The current interlude may not mean Republicans escape their hanging in the fall, but it gives them something in short supply before passage of the tax bill — hope.”

Republicans possess a lot more than hope these days. Trump has Democrats boxed in on all sides – on immigration they’re stuck with defending illegal aliens; on infrastructure they’re either saddled with doing nothing or calling for more unpopular federal deficit spending and on other hot topics (such as the ongoing Russian “collusion” investigation) they’re left with trying to protect as many of the deep state’s secrets as they possibly can.

The same party that blasted James Comey in the weeks prior to the 2016 election now is desperate to preserve the former FBI director’s reputation and viability as a weapon in the war on Trump. It isn’t working.

Even the fight over gun control is a certain loser for Democrats. Americans have unlimited compassion for victims yet they realize more laws aren’t going to prevent the next Nikolas Cruz from striking (especially when the FBI doesn’t act on citizen tips). Democrats have attempted for years to make bogeymen out of America’s gun owners – and it’s never worked. Ever.

In essence all that’s left for Democrats is to make the scene around Trump into something it’s not. They just end up looking stupid, like when they grandstand over judicial confirmations.

Melissa Quinn of the Washington Examiner reported, “Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas lamented the confirmation process for judicial nominees, calling them ‘spectacles’ and warning Thursday he fears the federal judiciary will lose ‘some of our best people’ who decide not to go through with it.

“’I don’t think the process is what it ought to be,’ Thomas said Thursday during an event at the Library of Congress. ‘These are serious jobs, and they should be serious. I don’t think they should become spectacles. This is not the Roman Colosseum. We’re not gladiators.’...

“’I think we’re going to lose some of our best people who choose not to go through the ordeal,’ Thomas said. ‘They don’t want to have to fight the lion in order to be a judge or to be in government, and I think it’s our own fault for allowing this to happen.’”

And who’s primarily responsible for the gauntlet-like running of nominees? Hint – it ain’t the Republicans. Democrats have nothing substantive to offer so they make it personal. It’s sad.

If the recently concluded senate immigration deliberations revealed anything, it showed Democrats aren’t serious about solving real problems. They’re only in it for the political chits they believe are up for grabs. With such a bankrupt outlook they shouldn’t be dispensing advice.

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