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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Instead of protesting guns, teens should clean sidewalks in San Fran

As students across the country ditched class last week to protest the lack of political action on gun control (after the tragic Florida school shootings), they clearly ignored – or more likely weren’t even aware of – what they’re begging for in demanding more liberal governance.

Living in comfortable homes supported by loving parents (in most cases) these schoolchildren are completely San Franciscowalled-off from the serious real world consequences coinciding with a liberal establishment political class that’s more interested in perpetuating its own power than delivering quality services and fostering higher standards of living for Americans.

Maybe instead of protesting in front of the White House or school administrative buildings these kids would be better off spending a week cleaning the streets of San Francisco. Such an experience would certainly offer the youths a very important life lesson in humility and the practical ramifications of political decisions. Getting a little messy is exactly what the kids need.

Four NBC News journalists reported, “How dirty is San Francisco? An NBC Bay Area Investigation reveals a dangerous mix of drug needles, garbage, and feces throughout downtown San Francisco. The Investigative Unit surveyed 153 blocks of the city – the more than 20-mile stretch includes popular tourist spots like Union Square and major hotel chains. The area – bordered by Van Ness Avenue, Market Street, Post Street and Grant Avenue – is also home to City Hall, schools, playgrounds, and a police station.

“As the Investigative Unit photographed nearly a dozen hypodermic needles scattered across one block, a group of preschool students happened to walk by on their way to an afternoon field trip to city hall…

“The Investigate Unit spent three days assessing conditions on the streets of downtown San Francisco and discovered trash on each of the 153 blocks surveyed. While some streets were littered with items as small as a candy wrapper, the vast majority of trash found included large heaps of garbage, food, and discarded junk. The investigation also found 100 drug needles and more than 300 piles of feces throughout downtown.”

300 heaps of poop? Keep in mind this isn’t Beirut, where the country (Lebanon) teeters on the edge of civil war because the sanitary conditions are so awful. No, this describes the once-gleaming city by the bay in the shadow of the legendary Golden Gate Bridge. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? I’d bet the romance ends the instant you tread in a pile of some bum’s excrement.

Anyone who’s spent time in San Francisco shouldn’t be surprised by the NBC reporters’ findings. I haven’t been there in over 25 years yet even “back then” the Bay Area contained what I considered the most aggressive homeless population of any city I’d seen. Step out of a cab and they’re on you; walk out of the BART station and they’re in your face. It’s hard to summons empathy for their unfortunate plight when homeless persons appear to enjoy tormenting people.

Not that it’s much better in other places; downtown Washington D.C. has its own problems and Los Angeles’s conditions are equally as pathetic as San Francisco’s, but there’s one common element to the deplorable state of America’s cities -- liberal Democrat governance.

The NBC story quoted a San Francisco supervisor saying the crisis could be alleviated with 1,000 additional temporary beds for the homeless – but doesn’t have the $25 million to provide them (and she even suggested an additional tax on business might do the trick – you’ve got to love it!). Meanwhile the area’s director of public works revealed the amount of his time and budget that’re consumed by simply cleaning up piles of human waste. Give him credit; he at least admitted the issue won’t go away until the underlying social causes are addressed.

Ronald Reagan used to say you get more of anything the government subsidizes and it’s definitely true in the case of homeless people. As the situation in Los Angeles proves, dumping more money into it only breeds more of the epidemic.

I’m no expert but wouldn’t more temporary “relief” facilities help (and be much less costly)? And how about personal responsibility? Can’t homeless people regain a token of personal dignity by requiring them to clean the streets in exchange for hot meals and a bed? Is that too much to ask for a little government compassion? Aren’t we attempting to assist these folks in being better people in addition to making sure they’re provided essential living necessities?

The truth is liberals completely ruined cities in America. First they deprived religious charities of the means to help people (because these organizations might actually preach the gospel while ministering to those who can’t help themselves) and then they mismanaged taxpayers’ money by wasting it on treating only the symptoms rather than the disease itself.

During the earliest days of the Founders’ debate over separation of church and state Virginia’s Patrick Henry proposed requiring residents to contribute to a religious institution of their choice (or to a general fund if there wasn’t a church they wished to sponsor). Whereas during the colonial period every citizen was taxed to support the “official” church of the Commonwealth (the Church of England), the newly liberated Americans could now decide for themselves on how to treat religious contributions.

Henry’s idea was shot down (in part) by none other than Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, both of whom believed there should be complete separation of church and state in order to promote religious freedom. Jefferson and Madison didn’t trust the state – and rightly so – but they also naively surmised Virginians would contribute to the care of the poor and needy through the goodness of their own hearts.

Needless to say Jefferson’s and Madison’s impressions haven’t worked out in practice. Over the two-plus centuries since that time government steadily took over welfare accommodations, assuming a role churches used to fulfill in providing for those who required a helping hand. The government wouldn’t want to be seen as pushing Christianity on anyone, right?

And as is true with everything else – once massive bureaucracies got involved the price of services increased exponentially and the quality went down. If you don’t believe it just take a stroll down the streets of any major city with poverty issues (which is all of them, of course). You’ll see the logical result of government offering something for nothing – a blighted landscape with unfortunate victims living in parks, digging through trash cans and wandering around in search of…who knows what.

These people are preyed upon by criminals and live in fear for their lives, every day. It’s sad.

Christian charities do what they can but the scale of the predicament is overwhelming and includes issues beyond the scope of religious institutions – treating mental illness, drug addiction, etc. Charities shouldn’t be asked to provide basic sanitation when individuals could be tasked with cleaning up after themselves.

For all their good work Christians continue to take abuse from the media, too. Liberal commentator Juan Williams harshly and unfairly criticized Evangelical Christians for continuing to support Trump. Writing at The Hill, Williams preached, “What we are seeing is a hollow core in evangelical faith as practiced by its leaders.

“Tony Perkins, head of a Christian conservative evangelical group, The Family Research Council, said recently that his supporters give Trump a ‘mulligan’ on sex with the porn star.

“Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, the son of the nation’s most famous evangelical preacher, Billy Graham, also defended Trump. ‘That was a long time ago,’ Graham told CNN’s Don Lemon in dismissing the porn star story. ‘I’m more interested in who a person is today. I believe he’s a changed person.’”

Williams’ column was penned before Billy Graham passed away so it’s not clear whether the pundit would have been more sensitive to the dearly departed if he’d realized he was kicking the son of the deceased. But regardless, implying that the Graham family is a collection of self-serving political hypocrites is not something to take lightly. It’s just the same brand of Christian-bashing liberals regularly partake in.

Williams concluded his piece, “When it comes to Trump, the nation’s political, social and historical norms do not matter anymore. Now the acid of the Trump presidency is eating away at the integrity of leading evangelists and their supporters.”

In assessing Williams’ point there’s quite a bit of irony: conservatives would rather highlight the piles of poop and hypodermic needles that preschoolers are forced to endure in San Francisco (due to liberal governance) instead of Donald Trump’s undeniably fascinating sexual history; but liberals prefer talking about incidents (that make Trump look bad) that may or may not have happened twelve years ago rather than address the mounting evidence of Democrat political incompetence.

Assuming Williams is a Christian, he should recognize all sins are forgiven through baptism – including future ones. It doesn’t mean believers can go out and do anything they want but there’s room for absolution for anyone who admits they did wrong and takes steps to be a better person.

Hasn’t Trump done this? Why do liberals persist in harping on events that happened x number of years ago while ignoring their own significant shortcomings in morals and values? And, why keep haranguing Christians for voting for Trump? Should followers of the faith have pulled the lever for the abortion-on-demand espousing Crooked Hillary instead?

Why won’t liberals focus on their own duplicities, like blocking conservatives on social media? Kelly Cohen of the Washington Examiner reported, “Conservative Twitter users claimed Wednesday morning that they lost thousands of their followers in an overnight purge.

“According to users using the hashtag #TwitterLockout, conservative and right-leaning accounts said they were victims of censorship…

“Numerous other Twitter users with some sort of identification of their Republican, conservative, or right-leaning views said they lost followers in what they dubbed the #TwitterLockout. The hashtag was trending in Washington early Wednesday morning.”

Social media giants deny conservatives were singled out in a purge but history suggests otherwise. To these people the truth is dangerous – we can’t have conservatives questioning the liberal narrative on gun issues and other things…like the homeless problem.

The media will always frame complex issues in the most biased way feasible. It’s easy to drum up sympathy for liberal causes by showing students chanting and holding signs in front of the White House; it’s much more difficult to face the realities of liberal governance head-on.

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