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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Media yuks it up about Donald Trump but no one’s listening anymore

It barely earned a whimper of comment in the press over the weekend but President Donald Trump has decided – again – not to attend the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

Trump skipped the relentless-bash-all-Republicans-and-conservatives media slobber-fest last year after his first few months in office. What used to be a semi-bipartisan evening of good natured ribbing at the expense of the Trump tweet mediapolitically powerful has devolved into a typical liberal hate- celebration directed at whomever currently wears the face of the GOP.

Trump wasn’t about to let the media talkers have their moment(s) of savagery last year – and he won’t be giving them an undefended shot at his mug this month either.

Quint Forgey of Politico reported, “President Donald Trump will again skip the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year, and will send his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, instead…

“The dinner later this month will honor CNN, a favorite target of the president’s frequent accusations of ‘fake news.’ The network won the WHCA’s Merriman Smith Award in the broadcast category for its January 2017 report on how the intelligence community believed Russia had compromising information on Trump.

“That CNN reporting precipitated the full publishing by Buzzfeed of the opposition research ‘dossier’ that has become the focus of partisan debate on cable networks and in congressional committee rooms amid special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”

Every conservative realizes the media’s out to get Trump but by brazenly “honoring” CNN for its reporting on the by-now thoroughly discredited Steele dossier is beyond the pale even for the leftists who populate the nation’s mainstream establishment publications and cable channels.

Did media members really expect Trump to sit tranquilly at the head table while they call fake journalist after fake journalist to the podium to trumpet their opposition to the sitting president? Such a notion is beyond absurd – it’s sick. I’m surprised Trump would even dignify the chattering class by sending Huckabee Sanders to the event, though she’s used to their daily phishing expeditions and will no doubt be chuckling under her breath while observing the self-congratulatory scumbags wallowing in their own hypocrisy during the entire program.

Today’s journalism industry completely abandoned any notion of objectivity long ago; the media loves the ratings and readership Trump brings them but hate the manner in which he accomplishes it. The American people – or at least roughly half of them, anyway – took to Trump’s outsider in-your-face style partly in response to the incessant whining emanating from liberal TV news personalities and major newspapers.

You could argue the media is more responsible for creating Trump than Trump himself. If reporters had stuck to the facts for the past umpteen years rather than injecting opinions and commentary into basic news stories there never would have been the need for a bombastic celebrity reformer to come in and drain the swamp.

The media is every bit as culpable as the politicians who voted to spend the next generation into oblivion to elongate their own political careers for the way things are today. The truth is most politicians couldn’t get a real job outside of the electoral realm – and journalists aren’t any better. Could you imagine Rep. Maxine Waters working in a bank? How about MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski leading a staff meeting?

There used to be a time when a little good-natured roasting was a positive thing in the American political scene – at least when it went both ways and wasn’t strictly used as another method to paint all Republicans as aspiring Nazis and KKK members who seek a return to the days of Jim Crow and only support gun rights because they want innocent children slaughtered in schools.

Marco Rubio’s endured more than his fair share of unfair CNN scrutiny himself. This past Friday the junior Florida senator took to the op-ed page to present a sane side of the gun issue. Rubio wrote in USA Today, “Just five weeks after the tragedy in Parkland, Congress passed a spending bill that authorizes $1 billion over the next decade to improve the safety of our schools. The STOP School Violence Act is set to immediately provide resources to schools and their communities to prevent violence before it ever begins. Here is why that matters.

“The law reauthorizes and improves the Secure our Schools program, and immediately provides $75 million for the rest of this year and authorizes $100 million for each of the next 10 years to states, local governments and communities for the express purpose of financing school safety efforts. This is double the amount previously available to schools, and better targets the spending to evidence-based approaches that identify threats to students’ safety…

“The tragedy in Parkland could have been avoided if the community’s information could have been shared more effectively with those with the ability to act, and if those with the authority and duty to act had done so. Changes to state and federal law can make it easier to do this. I am committed to enacting these changes, and the passage of the STOP School Violence should be an encouraging sign to all. Together, we can protect our kids and save the lives of many more.”

In his piece Rubio didn’t mention any measures to limit gun rights, a surely intentional oversight that will engender notice and commentary from the kingpins of the snowflake revolution and their media enablers. These folks desperately desire to keep the issue alive well into the fall to influence the November midterm elections. It’s only been two weeks since the “March for Our Lives” and already the media has moved on to fixating on other things – immigration (illegal alien caravans), trade and of course, hypothesizing on the fruitless Robert Mueller investigation.

But you can’t help but think the gun grab matter will be back before the public -- that’s what the media does best – fan the flames of discontent.

One might argue Rubio’s federal programs will do little or nothing to stave off the next school shooting but at least the money is going to state and local entities that could have an impact close to the source of the phenomenon. None of these government actions address the cultural sickness that obviously goes hand-in-hand with mass shootings (school or otherwise), be it the threat of radical Islamists lurking below the surface (due to lax past immigration policies) or an overlooked ticking time bomb of an individual like Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz.

One factor that hasn’t risen to the surface in the recent hubbub over school shootings is the fact they don’t occur in private schools where the disciplinary policies are stricter, armed security is encouraged and teachers and administrators are empowered to act on delinquent students before a situation reaches the crisis level. This could be because parents of privately schooled children tend to be more immersed in their kids’ schools – after all, they’re paying for them.

Or it might be because actively engaged parents keep a tighter grip on social media, which has dramatically altered the way we all interact. Last week’s shooting in northern California at YouTube headquarters was perpetrated by a deranged woman (Nasim Najafi Aghdam, 39, of San Diego) with a grudge against the company. Will we see more of this type of thing? Roger L. Simon of PJ Media thinks we might. Simon wrote, “So where does this leave us?  Nowhere good, I'm afraid.  As a species, we are playing catch-up. Our DNA isn't ready -- hasn't yet been evolved -- for what is before us and may not be for centuries or millennia.

“Ms. Aghdam is only the more extreme public face of this disturbing phenomenon. Because of her make-up, she acted out violently and aggressively.  In a wider context, many have observed that our young people are being seriously wounded by social media, their ability to grow up privately, to make the mistakes we all do, drastically attenuated and subject to online ridicule. We have no friends, only digital mates.

“I doubt Zuckerberg and the others realized what they would unleash, but unleash they have.  Whether the genie can be put back in the proverbial bottle is unknown. We may have to wait until we are all cyborgs. Until then, expect more Nasim Najafi Aghdams in various guises.”

Social media has indeed changed the world. What used to be every individual’s private business has now become fodder for practically anyone to access and use it. Lately much has been written about the tech giants’ collection of private information – which is certainly dangerous in every realm – but what about the damage social media is doing to our individual souls?

Glance around at a public place frequented by young people and you’ll invariably notice them with noses buried in their devices, alone in their own private world quite apart from any potential censure from parents (or anyone else). Adults do it too – but more cognitively developed people also (fondly) remember a time before the advent of smart phones or mass sharing of personal business through social media.

What was originally conceived as a platform to perhaps share photos and news from places far away has morphed into the machinery for copious (and instantaneous) distribution of gossip – and fake news. Politicians no longer run to microphones to steer public opinion on issues – they reach for their smart devices and fire off an instant tweet that may or may not be well considered.

It's added to the ugliness and viciousness of politics. Politicians didn’t need any more excuses to savage each other but social media provides all the tools for them to do just that. Everyone’s got an opinion – and now it’s open for all to see at the push of the send button.

It's true in the personal realm too. Social media companies “filter” the free flow of information according to whatever they consider “appropriate content.” Partly as a result liberal social causes have sprouted like dandelions in springtime – and no amount of weed control will eradicate them.

Simon is correct – perhaps the human race isn’t equipped to deal with the rapid-fire changes brought about through electronic means. Certainly the establishment media won’t help make things better. Instead of combatting cultural rot journalists want Trump’s scalp. The backlash may just be getting started too.

Newt Gingrich wrote at Fox News, “[T]he Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that while President Trump’s average monthly job approval rating has dropped from February to March, his daily rating has been mostly at or above President Obama’s 2010 rating since early February. How could this be happening? How could a month of unending anti-Trump media lead to his gaining ground?

“Rasmussen again had a big part of the answer. A recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52 percent of likely American voters believe most of the news media are against Trump’s agenda, while only 5 percent thought reporters are in support of Trump’s agenda.

“The elite media’s intense and pervasive hostility has begun to vaccinate the American people against its opposition to President Trump.”

It’s true; every time someone from CNN or the Washington Post forecasts doom for Trump conservatives instinctively reject it as yet another attempt by the “Goldilocks” media to frighten Americans away from the positive changes taking place under the president’s leadership.

The media war against conservatives and President Trump will continue; they’ll make offensive jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner and their colleagues will report on the elites’ hilarity. The rest of American will tune them out – that is, if they even bother tuning in at all.

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