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Part 3 of 3 Before There Was Facebook And Cambridge Analytica Conservatives Had The Viguerie Company

As I’ve said direct mail is all under radar, it bypasses the establishment media gatekeepers, and is one of the major reasons why the establishment media makes the wrong calls on elections won by conservatives.

And that naturally makes Liberals inclined to try to regulate and censor it in the same way that they impose progressive censorship on the traditional media through their ownership of TV, newspapers, radio and Richard Viguerieincreasingly, the internet and social media.

In the 53 years the Viguerie Company has been in business we’ve gone from having a database of 12,500 donors to Senator Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign handwritten on 3x5 cards, to having computer files on 12 million conservative activists and donors.

Where did we find these conservatives?

Part of the way this was done was by helping to build new conservative organizations and launch underdog conservative candidates for office.

What establishment Republicans never seem to grasp is that every time they abandon conservative principles, a group of conservative thinkers and grassroots activists meet and organize to oppose their progressive policies; be they giving away the Panama Canal, the ABM Treaty, the first SALT Treaty, abandoning Taiwan, the loss of US nuclear superiority to the Russians and Chinese, amnesty for illegal aliens, Muslim immigration, funding for Planned Parenthood, or more gun control.

Conservatives of the New Right learned that the only time you were guaranteed to lose was if you failed to fight, and what’s more, there were millions of conservatives out there and you could find them if you picked a fight on their issues.

Back in the 1970s the New Right organizations used the alternative media of direct mail to identify and motivate millions of grassroots conservatives who opposed policies that they thought showed a lack of American political resolve, and a weakness that endangered not just America, but the entire free world.

Conservatives are still doing this today, but not doing as much of it as they could or should.

Today, conservatives need more of that same kind of outside, bottom-up leadership to replace the establishment and take over the Republican Party and make it the effective conservative opposition to progressive policies.

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and their supporters in the Tea Party movement, understood this—that’s why they undertook their October 2013 fight to defund Obamacare, for example.

Today the Tea Party does a good job of this on some issues, but we conservatives need to focus more on starting and operating thousands of new “third force” organizations at the local, state and national level.

The Left has long been far better at this than we are.

While conservatives could field half-a-dozen environmental groups, if President Obama had called a meeting in the White House of all the specialized liberal environmental organizations, there would probably be over three hundred represented, each with its own area of expertise, agenda, supporters, and donor base.

Just look at the recent “March for Our Lives” and how quickly it was organized by the Far Left progressive “third force” organizations funded by George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and other progressive billionaires.

There are probably between ten and twenty thousand left-wing single-issue third-force groups. Think of the thousands of unions just at the local level (teachers, college professors, public-sector unions, service employees, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, pipe fitters, auto workers, teamsters, coal miners, nurses, etc.).

Those are just a sampling of the unions, but the Left also has thousands of race-based organizations, antitraditional family organizations, radical feminists and pro-abortion advocates, and of course radical environmentalists, all sharing lists and contacts and working in loose concert to advance the Far-Left progressive agenda.

The only right-of-center organizations that come close to this are the right-to-life organizations, such as our client Priests for Life. Pro-life organizations are among the most successful conservative third-force organizations at the local, state, and national level.

They work tirelessly to get more people involved in the right-to-life cause through measures like staffing pregnancy crisis centers, holding vigils and protests, and in the process, creating more opportunities for leaders to rise to the top, and they have built these organizations largely through direct mail and direct marketing because their efforts are generally suppressed by the establishment media.

Why are these targeted, single issue organizations so important?

Because there are a relatively small number of people in your community who are interested in politics and will join in and work on a political campaign or committee. However, almost everyone you know is interested in one, two, or three local issues, and through careful research and data analysis those individuals can be identified.

Maybe it is schools, taxes, overregulation of land use and property rights, immigration, crime and public safety, or something else.

By bypassing the establishment media and the establishment political parties through direct marketing conservative “third force” organizations involved in dealing with one of these single-issue causes can help potential supporters see that the problem is caused by, or made worse by, the heavy hand of government and progressive social engineering.

Just as the 1960s, 70s and 80s were ripe for the formation of the New Right organizations and leaders that used direct marketing to establish and build the modern conservative movement, today’s political environment is ripe for the establishment of hundreds, if not thousands, of new anti-establishment conservative organizations to work on such underserved issues as 4th Amendment privacy issues, keeping Islam out of public schools, zoning and property rights, local attempts to undermine the 2nd Amendment, and stopping localities from becoming sanctuary cities, to name just a few.

The new and alternative media – Rush Limbaugh and others on talk radio, conservative websites, such as my, social media and most importantly direct mail will be essential to building these new, and much-needed conservative organizations.

Remember, direct mail is the advertising medium of the underdog. It allows organizations or causes not part of the mainstream to get funding. Because it is so effective in bypassing the establishment filters, direct mail is the advertising medium of the non-establishment candidate and cause.

Conservatives need more organizations, money, candidates, elected officials, but what we need most of all is more leaders at the local state and national levels. If you are ready to lead a fight against the progressive establishment on an issue you think is important to your community, my advice is to seize the moment and be one of those leaders.

You probably won’t get any help from the establishment media – they will most likely be on the other side, but you can start as I did, by identifying a small group of potentially likeminded individuals and sending them an appeal to join you.

What’s more, you will be under the radar, and your progressive opponents most likely won’t see you coming, because you are in the mailbox or the in-box of people who are already leaning your way, not on TV or the newspaper where thousands of people who are your opponents, or are who are indifferent, will see the message you paid to communicate.

I look forward to learning more about the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data breach, but I suspect that much of the Liberal outrage has nothing to do with Facebook’s questionable business model for monetizing its user’s data. It is not outrage over privacy, rather it is the same kind of outrage that they have directed at me and other conservatives over the years; it is outrage that conservatives used it to defeat liberals at the local, state and national level.

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