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Ryan Endorses McCarthy For Speaker: We Remind The House GOP Just How Dumb And Incoherent McCarthy Is

RINO House Speaker Paul Ryan has endorsed his loyal No. 2 House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to succeed him as Speaker, saying he’s the “right person” to lead the GOP.

Rep. Steve Scalise, the No. 3 in the GOP team, agrees and won’t challenge McCarthy for the gavel, Ryan Ryan endorses McCarthysaid.

“We all think that Kevin is the right person,” Ryan told NBC’s “Meet the Press” in an interview that aired Sunday.

Our response to Ryan picking his successor is: What do you mean by “we” RINO-man?

Ryan, Scalise, Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry and the rest of the musical chairs boys in the House Republican “leadership” are hoping that their House colleagues and America’s grassroots conservative voters have forgotten why Rep. McCarthy did not get the nod for Speaker the last time the job was open, so we will remind them by republishing a CHQ column from October 2015.

Kevin McCarthy: Too Dumb and Incoherent to be Speaker

Just as the House Republican leadership races slipped off the front pages and lead segments of the news and back behind the closed doors of Capitol Hill House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy put the race for Speaker – which he hopes to win – back in the public eye, and not in a way that benefits his campaign.

A few days ago McCarthy appeared on Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News and Hannity hammered him with a list of House Republican failures, broken promises and outright betrayals.  (While we don’t necessarily agree with all of Guy Benson’s analysis you can watch the video through this link to Townhall)

McCarthy relies heavily on Speaker Boehner ‘s philosophy that “we have to formulate a strategy to win before we can even start the battle” not recognizing that Democrats see the battle as the whole game, and so merely to fight is to gain a victory because it shows ideological commitment, forces the agenda, motivates the base,  and makes the Party relevant.

McCarthy understands none of this, and what’s more he is completely inept when forced to think on his feet.

After being goaded by Hannity’s long list of failures McCarty finally comes forth with what he thinks is a “win.”

He claims the select Benghazi committee drove Hillary Clinton's polling numbers down and that was a “win,” noting that nobody would have known about her email scandal "had we not fought."

First of all if the Benghazi hearings are strictly political how could Kevin McCarthy be so dumb as to admit it?

To claim a purely political motivation for the Benghazi committee’s creation and investigation is quite possibly the dumbest and most disrespectful thing a Republican “leader” could say about the multimillion dollar effort to get to the bottom of the events leading to and flowing from the death of four brave Americans; U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty.

Not that we have any sympathy for Hillary Clinton – but if McCarthy’s statement is true then it is also truly frightening because it shows that establishment Republicans, like Kevin McCarthy, are happy to use the power of the government against their political opponents and engage in exactly the same kind of abuse of citizens that was perpetrated against conservatives by Lois Lerner and her enablers at the IRS.

Second, what McCarthy said is demonstrably not true as regards the effect of the House Benghazi committee’s actions – which have been at best inconclusive and have treated Hillary Clinton and her associates, such as her Muslim Brotherhood influenced confidant Huma Abedin, with a kid glove deference no other witnesses would have received in similar circumstances.

Judicial Watch, not the Benghazi committee, was the organization that has forced the most damning revelation about the Hillary Clinton’s email. The incontrovertible evidence that she used her private server to send and receive classified email – a felony violation to say nothing of a national security disaster – was generated by Judicial Watch and its relentless pursuit of its Freedom of Information Act law suits.

It is the Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuits, not the Benghazi committee, that have provided the “drip, drip, drip” that Hillary Clinton complained are hurting her poll numbers.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Kevin McCarthy’s incoherent attempts to clean up the mess he created with his braggadocios response to Hannity’s goading was a political gift to Hillary Clinton that just keeps on giving.

After making a demonstrably false statement that disrespected the deaths of the four Americans killed in the Benghazi attack McCarthy has let Clinton off the hook for her much anticipated testimony before the Benghazi committee, given her associates Abedin and Mills a get out of jail free card and given Mrs. Clinton’s faltering presidential campaign a fundraising tool that is probably worth a couple of million dollars in direct mail pleas to help Hillary fight Republican political persecution.

David Brock, a Clinton ally who runs an assortment of Democratic groups that have aggressively defended her, told The Washington Post that McCarthy’s suggestive comment “changes everything entirely.”

“To put it simply, the game is over, and they’ve lost,” Brock said according to reporting by Philip Rucker and Robert Costa. “This was supposed to be the big moment for Gowdy and his committee and instead what we have is the person who’s likely the next speaker validating everything critics have been saying. . . . Now everyone can see the fact that this has been a partisan charade all along.”

Looking ahead to the general election, Brock told Rucker and Costa: “With this clip, we now have the ad we want.”

And Brock is right – watch the clip at the top of this link and ask yourself how Kevin McCarthy can have any credibility as the top Republican spokesman for the House of Representatives, should Hillary Clinton become the Democratic presidential nominee – a prospect that was by the way fading fast until McCarthy’s comments.

According to comments by Speaker Boehner, House leadership elections are set for Oct. 8, we urge every House Republican to view the clips of Kevin McCarthy’s amazingly dumb and inept comments on Hillary Clinton and the scandal of Benghazi attacks and then ask themselves if that’s the kind of “leadership” they need to advance the conservative agenda in the House?

If the answer is YES and Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker then we predict House Republicans will continue to lurch from disaster to disaster because Kevin McCarthy is just plain too dumb and incoherent to effectively manage the House, let alone sit two steps away from the presidency.

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Ryan endorses McCarthy

Once again the Grand Old Politburo rears its ugly head to protect Rinos. Replacing Boehner with Ryan was the equivalent of shaving off Fidel Castro's beard to find Fulgencio Batista. There has to be a more productive leader for the House than either of the previous two politicos.

Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy is not qualified to become the next Speaker a replica of Boehner and Paul Ryan. Because he is also a RHINO who will work to continue to obstruct the U.S. Constitution with Democrats to advance their big government policies and corrupt practices that is destroying the country including adding on to the 12 trillion dollar debt, out of control spending, continue to put our National security at risk, not allowing President Donald J. Trump to build the Wall along the Southern Border to keep illegals out of country. taking American jobs abroad that is a disadvantage to America and other world markets.
Rep. Jim Jordan will replace Paul Ryan as the next Speaker of the House because he is a staunch Republican conservative who is qualified and who will bring honesty and integrity as Speaker of the House working with other
Conservative Republican Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress
work to Drain the Swamp and pass laws approved by President Donald J. Trump.

Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy must a RHINO must not be chosen as Speaker of the House because he is another replica of John Boehner and Paul Ryan we need Republican conservatives who will not obstruct the U.S. Constitution and rule of law. Also Kevin McCarthy if confirmed to take on the role of House
Speaker will continue to work with Democrats and establishment Republicans to put our country in the wrong directions with the Democrats liberal big government programs and their corrupt practices, mega donors and special interests. and policies and out of control spending, weak security that threatens our National security, lost of American jobs taken abroad a disadvantage to America with other world markets.
We need Rep. Jim Jordan a staunch conservative Republican to serve as Speaker of the House who will bring integrity in the House working with other conservative Republican Senators, Representatives and President Donald J. Trump to ensure our individual liberties and rights are protected under the U.S Constitution and the laws passed in the House will align with
the U.S. Constitution while working also to Drain the Swamp of the Washington D.C. elites to make America great again.

Kevin McCarthy too dumb for Speaker

I totally agree. This is an EXTREMELY important decision. All Republicans should be carefull whom they vote for this position...Only 2 away from the Presidency. In event of disaster, vp is next, then Speaker is second in line for this important job.
We have not had a good Speaker in years, Democrat was disaster, Boehmer was a crook, making money off the citizens of the US. Ryan has not ever been good at making decisions. I did not want him to have this position. And as I follow the Republicans "politics", I know there are a few good men who would qualify for this position...
BUT not K. McCarthy, please.
*******TO ALL REPUBLICANS, please get politics out of chosing this new Speaker.
Vote a man in who is HONEST, A LEADER, Can MAKE DECISIONS, and not a politician in
this position...he is a LEGISLATOR, and should make decisions for the citizens, not to please someone, or to get through to go home to family. Family is important,
BUT, Speaker is a HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL POSITION, not to be lightly considered...