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Who Do You Trust To Keep Their Campaign Promises?

The just-released Ear to the Ground poll, in which is a collaborator, has revealed that the American electorate is suffering from a somewhat bizarre case of voter schizophrenia regarding President Trump.

The President’s approval rating stood at 41 percent when the poll was taken – somewhat lower than other polls have shown – but consistent with the McLaughlin & Associates data for the past year. Fifty-one percent held Ryan and McConnellan unfavorable view of the President – again a little higher than other polls have shown – but on trend for the past year for the McLaughlin sample.

What should scare congressional Republicans is that their numbers are worse, much worse than President Trump’s: Fifty-seven percent of respondents held an unfavorable opinion of the GOP majority in Congress, while only 34 percent had a favorable opinion of congressional Republicans.

That’s a seven-point drop-off from the President’s favorables, meaning a significant number of Trump supporters have an unfavorable opinion of the GOP majority in Congress.

Even worse for the GOP was the re-elect question.

When asked “There will be a congressional election in November of this year. Would you vote to reelect your member of Congress or would you like to give a new person a chance?” Over half of Republican voters want someone new to represent them, and the number rises to 61 percent in the GOP’s strongholds in the Midwest and 58 percent in the conservative South. Nationally, 54 percent of conservatives want someone new to represent them in Congress, and a whopping 70 percent of independents want new representation on the Hill.

But the real killer for the GOP majority in Congress was this question: “Who do you trust more to actually keep their campaign promises?”

President Trump topped all comers with 31 percent saying they trusted him to keep his campaign promises.

“None” or nobody was second at 28 percent.

The Democrats were third at 27 percent.

The Republican majority on Capitol Hill tied with “don’t know” for fourth with an abysmal trust rating of just six percent.

And it appears from the poll that voters primarily blame the Capitol Hill GOP for the continued resistance to President Trump’s agenda.

When asked, “Is the Republican Leadership helping “drain the swamp”, or supporting the swamp that President Trump promised to drain?” Forty-six percent of respondents said that the Republican leadership was supporting the Swamp, not helping to drain it.

Only 29 percent of Trump voters and 32 percent of Republicans say Capitol Hill’s GOP leadership is helping drain the Swamp.

But that isn’t the end of the bad news for the Capitol Hill GOP.

After asking the standard “Which of the following issues would you say are the most important issues facing the country?” Jobs/the economy (51%), protect constitutional rights (48%), border security (29%) and resist Trump (29%) were the top four by the way.

The pollsters asked, “Thinking specifically about these issues, among President Trump, the Republicans in Congress, and the Democrats in Congress, who is best at addressing these issues?”

Trump topped all with 27 percent.

Democrats were second with 24 percent.

None or nobody was third at 20 percent.

All was fourth at 14 percent.

Don’t know was fifth at 9 percent.

The Capitol Hill Republicans were dead last at 8 percent.

With numbers like that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the leadership of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell has been a disaster for the Republican brand.

But they got these abysmal ratings the old-fashioned way – they earned them by betraying their base time and time again.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to share this poll with their Republican Members of Congress and Republican Party leadership. Tell them that the American people have lost trust is the GOP’s Capitol Hill leadership and the only way to avoid a disaster in the 2018 midterm election is to have new leadership that will deliver on the promises President Trump ran on and the Republican Party committed to in its party platform.

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What Pol Do I Trust?

I don't trust any. However, Trump is doing good at keeping his campaign promises as much as the real pols in The Swamp keep fighting him, even the GOP. Trump is right, the others are all bought and paid for.