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Sixty Percent Of Likely Voters Want Immigration Cut

Set aside concerns about illegal immigration for a moment and take a look at voter attitudes toward legal immigration revealed by a new poll from our friends at NumbersUSA.

One million new legal immigrants are admitted every year with lifetime work permits. Forty-nine percent of respondents to the new NumbersUSA poll said the yearly number should be reduced to 250,000 or fewer, 11% Numbers USAsaid it should be 500,000 or fewer and 4% selected 750,000 or fewer.

That means more than 60% of likely midterm voters think that legal immigration levels should be cut by half or more, according to this new poll.

While President Trump is mostly focused on border security and enforcing immigration laws, the White House has also advocated for policies that would reduce legal immigration levels, such as cutting back on family migration and eliminating the diversity visa lottery says Kight.

And support for Trump’s position is strong throughout the poll:

Chain migration: When given the choice between maintaining current family migration policies and only allowing immigrants to bring their spouse and minor children, 59% chose the latter.

DACA deal: 52% of voters favored a bill that would legalize immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children but would reduce chain migration and require the use of E-verify — including a majority of Republicans and even a plurality of Democrats.

However, when respondents were asked if they would support legalization of DACA recipients if it also continued chain migration, kept total immigration at one million a year and allowed employers to hire without checking legal status with E-Verify, over 6-in-10 (63%) said NO.

What’s more, Hispanic and Latino likely voters’ attitudes closely tracked those of the general survey sample.

Over 6-in-10 Hispanic and Latino voters believe the federal government should be adding fewer immigrants with lifetime work permits into the U.S. each year than what the current federal laws allow.

What’s more, by a 50-38 margin, Hispanic and Latino voters favored allowing to bring only their spouse and minor children, as opposed to current chain migration categories to continue.

Only 20% supported a bill that would legalize the so-called Dreamers, beneficiaries of Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program but make no changes to legal immigration levels or mandate the use of E-verify. In establishment media-sponsored polls, DACA has been extremely popular, with 86% of respondents supporting keeping the program in place back in September.

Democrats and those who are pro-immigration have criticized the Trump administration for wanting to cut back on legal immigration, noted Stef W. Kight in a recent article for Axios.

However, this level of support for lowering immigration levels is consistent with similar 2014 and 2017 polls and demonstrates once again that President Trump’s immigration policies are more in sync with voter attitudes than those of the cheap labor, Chamber of Commerce wing of the Capitol Hill GOP leaders, like Paul Ryan.

The bottom line: As we head into the 2018 mid-term election cycle, the polling company’s recent survey research found that almost two-thirds of all likely voters support reducing immigration and are opposed to DACA amnesty unless it is coupled with ending chain migration along with mandating that employers use E-verify to protect the jobs American workers and legal immigrants.

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Representative and Senators today to urge them to fund the wall on our southern border, end chain migration, mandate E-verify and reduce legal immigration to 250,000 or fewer.

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