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An Open Letter to Rep. Jim Jordan Urging Him to Run for Speaker of the House

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May 19, 2018

Hon. Jim Jordan
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.  20515


Dear Congressman Jordan:

The present House Republican leadership has proven that it’s part of “the Swamp.” Consequently, a vote to promote any member of today’s House GOP leadership is a vote for the Swamp.  It’s time to Clean House.

There must be a real race for Speaker of the House. Now. No backroom deals. A real race, starting this spring, to make every incumbent and candidate commit on the record, as a campaign issue, whether they’ll vote to save the Swamp or drain it.

America needs you to declare yourself as a candidate for Speaker at once. We write to you on behalf of millions of Americans who want Congress to Drain the Swamp.

That’s borne out by an instructive new poll of likely voters – Republicans, Democrats and independents – conducted by John McLaughlin for the Ear to the Ground Listening Project.  It shows that the majority agrees that the current congressional leadership has failed to “eliminate the influence of the network of DC-centric professional bureaucrats, media, and insider elites.”  As many as 60% of those polled want to drain the Swamp.

Only 6% believe Republicans will keep their campaign promises, a key symptom of resistance to the Swamp. So, even if the current GOP leadership had an inspiring agenda, few believe they would work to implement it.  

And that’s entirely understandable since the Republican leaders in Congress have gone along with the rest of the Swamp in sabotaging President Trump’s efforts to staff his administration, shrink government, build a wall, etc. 

The startling poll results found, moreover, that 80% of likely voters from across the political spectrum believe that “American traditions of freedom and individual rights are being threatened by social movements, public bullying, and increasing political violence.”

Those threats, bullying, and violence are perpetrated by the extreme Left. But they are enabled by the wishy-washy, double-dealing present House leadership that, by not draining the Swamp, keeps the extremists funded and empowered. As the Ear to the Ground Project’s Anne Sorock observed, “Americans are concerned that their individual rights are threatened with the rise of the often-violent mass movements – and yet they say their representation doesn’t share that concern, and is even contributing to the ‘Swamp’ that is boxing them out of being heard.” 

Of those polled, a large number self-identified as Trump voters and 72% of them said it is “important to drain the Swamp.”  As you know, they have become a key part of the Republican Party’s base. If the House of Representatives continues to be led – or, more accurately, misled – by the existing GOP leadership going into the elections this fall, their sentiments predictably will cause such voters to stay home.

It is imperative for the sake of the country we love and our God-given freedoms that the American people be offered another choice.  They must have an alternative in the People’s House to the leadership and largely identical agendas of Republican and Democratic Swamp creatures.  It’s time to “clean House.”

You must take the lead. You have demonstrated over your years on Capitol Hill an unwavering commitment to our constitutional liberties and conservative principles of free market economics, budgetary discipline, traditional values and a strong national defense.  You have worked to drain the Swamp, not fill it further. And we all know what the current House Republican leadership really thinks of you and those who share your beliefs. You have established a record of responsible leadership of the kind our times demand.

We petition you to declare yourself a candidate for Speaker of the House immediately and to begin offering a platform that will inspire and engage millions of Americans. What is needed now -- not just in this fall’s congressional elections, but for years to come – is the reliable promise that the people’s interest will govern, not the Swamp and its bureaucratic-industrial complex.

To those who say there is no Speaker’s race at the moment, we say that it’s already underway – in back rooms, behind closed doors, and aimed at preserving the Swamp and making it bigger. The Speaker’s race must be public.  There will be no Republican Speaker in 2019 unless the GOP can appeal to those Americans in its own ranks, among independents and even many Democrats who voted for Donald Trump to drain the Swamp and for the current Republican-led House to help him do that.  They will not tolerate the promotion of those now in House leadership who have utterly failed in this regard. And neither will we.

The present House Republican leadership has failed. It is part of the problem. You are the solution. This is your moment.  We pray you will seize it, knowing that if you do, we will do everything we can to help you succeed.


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