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Tennessee Bans Sanctuary Cities Over Establishment GOP’s Limp Wristed Opposition

Tennessee’s establishment Republican Gov. Bill Haslam will allow a bill to prohibit sanctuary cities in the Volunteer State to become law without his signature.

The new law, which takes effect in 2019, would require local law enforcement officials to comply with U.S. Sanctuary CitiesImmigration and Customs Enforcement requests to hold immigrants for purposes of deportation.

"I think the best thing for the state to do with this decision is to move on from it," Haslam told reporters Monday morning according to reporting by USA Today Network's Joel Ebert.

Our friends at the feisty Tennessee state news site Tennessee Star note that when Governor Haslam campaigned in 2009, he claimed he’d be tough on illegal immigration and yet, over the course of his two terms, estimates from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) show that the illegal alien population in Tennessee increased by approximately 11%.

The same goes for mega millionaire Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd, who in his latest TV ad depicts himself as tough on illegal immigration.

When he first decided to run for governor, Boyd said he’d spend whatever it takes to win. At the time he also described himself as a political moderate:

I’m probably the most hated, disrespected, untolerated political entity in existence… I’m a moderate.

Early on in his campaign, in a side-by-side comparison, it was hard to distinguish Boyd from Karl Dean, one of the two Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Boyd is now spending some of his cash trying to convince voters that he’s tough on immigration and committed to enforcing the law says Tennessee Star writer Chris Alto.

Alto noted Haslam made the same promises when he was campaigning for governor and even promised to “cut off the supply of jobs going to illegal immigrants.”

From the numbers, it doesn’t appear that Haslam had much success making good on his campaign promises and that was without Boyd’s interconnectedness with Conexion Americas and PNAE, both well-funded advocates for illegal aliens.

However, as the Tennessee Star documented, Boyd’s $250,000 donation to Conexion Americas and his interlocking education initiative that demands “education equity” for illegal alien students, would also strongly belie the claim that he opposes illegal immigration.

After Governor Haslam announced that he would allow the new anti-sanctuary bill to become law without his signature, Renata Soto, co-founder and director of Conexion Americas, posted a strongly worded rebuke of the Governor and his decision:

Governor, by letting this un-American racial profiling law go into effect, you have put a target on the back of thousands of Tennesseans, rejected the values upon which our nation was founded, and set our state backwards.

Soto’s statement also confirmed that there are “thousands” of illegal aliens in Tennessee and the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE), a globalist big business lobby confirms that they are working in the state. With Soto’s help and Boyd’s money, those numbers are likely to increase says Chris Alto.

According to Alto’s analysis of the PNAE’s  2016 Tennessee specific report, claims that the “undocumented population” is a “small but critical role in the workforce.” The report’s data shows that in construction, 12% or 18,500 workers are illegal aliens and in the “accommodation and food” industry, 10% or approximately 13,122 workers are illegal aliens.

Boyd is a named member of the PNAE.

Consistent with PNAE’s Tennessee report, Boyd’s donation to Conexion Americas also helped illegal aliens in Tennessee secure employment:

Large numbers of undocumented immigrants in Tennessee have also managed to overcome licensing and financing obstacles to start small businesses. In 2014, an estimated 10.3 percent of the state’s working-age undocumented immigrants were self-employed — meaning Tennessee was the unique state where unauthorized immigrants boasted higher rates of entrepreneurship than either legal permanent residents or immigrant citizens of the same age group. Almost 11,000 undocumented immigrants in Tennessee were self-employed in 2014, many providing jobs and economic opportunities to others in their community. Undocumented entrepreneurs in the state also earned an estimated $244.3 million in business income that year.

Soto confirmed that the immigration status of its kitchen entrepreneurs, is not relevant. Nevertheless, her Nashville organization provides services and advocacy for illegal aliens consistent with the positions and goals of the Far Left National Council of La Raza (La Raza), an organization she continues to lead as chairman of the board and of which Conexion is a named affiliate.

Tennesseans don’t need a Republican version of California’s pro-illegal alien Governor Jerry Brown running their state government. We hope conservatives in Tennessee recognize that Randy Boyd is merely a poorer, but more arrogant version of the limp wristed Bill Haslam. No matter what Boyd’s commercials say, where he put his money before running for office tells you all you need to know about whose side he will be on in the battle to protect our borders and our jobs from illegal aliens.

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Haslam and our reps are all rhinos. they acted like they were against Obama's policies then supported most of them. Time to drain the swamp.