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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Why do the words ‘Make America Great Again’ make liberals so nutty?

It’s been all over the news of late, that being African-Americans seemingly being harassed in public places because of their race. In Philadelphia last month, for example, leftists gathered outside a local Starbucks store and called for nationwide boycotts to protest an alleged racial incident where two black men were asked by a white manager to buy something or leave the premises (the police were subsequently called and the exchange went viral on the internet).

MAGA hatThis month a black Yale student fell asleep in her dorm’s common room and a white student called the police on her.

In the case of the Philadelphia Starbucks manager, she was merely following company procedure in asking the men to buy something (in order to use the bathroom) or vacate the premises. In the situation of the Yale students…there’s really no excuse for it. By all appearances it was an event propelled by racial stereotypes – namely that a black woman dozing in a dorm common room at an Ivy League school doesn’t belong there. It’s a sad commentary on the students at Yale for sure. But does it signal a society-wide problem?

Another episode involving discrimination against a black patron happened on Mother’s Day at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Miami, Florida that received a fair amount of media coverage – and deservedly so. Like the others, this incident involved a black man (and his girlfriend’s family) being harassed by employees…but the reasons for the provocation couldn’t be more divergent.

Debra Heine of PJ Media reported last week, “A black Trump supporter and his family were allegedly threatened and racially harassed by a group of employees at a Cheesecake Factory in Miami, Florida, on Mother's Day, terrifying a little girl at the table and forcing the family to retreat from the restaurant, The Daily Wire reported.

“The fracas reportedly began when a female employee saw 22-year-old Eugenior Joseph's red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and gathered about a dozen other staffers to come over and harangue him.

“’Her finger was literally on top of his head, we were all looking at her like 'what is happening?'’ a witness told The Daily Wire. ‘She was pointing at him, calling her other coworkers, telling them to look at this guy wearing a Make America Great Again hat.’”

This one caused a double-take; imagine getting persecuted in front of a restaurant full of people because of something you’re wearing which in “normal” circles wouldn’t be considered offensive or off-putting at all. It’s bad enough to have the wait staff sing “Happy Birthday” while bringing you a delicious post-meal sugary treat – this must’ve been a hundred times more embarrassing.

As would be expected the confrontation got worse from there with several of the Cheesecake Factory workers verbally abusing Joseph – and one even allegedly standing behind him pounding his fists together in an attempt to terrify the man. The scene was corroborated by a number of witnesses and Cheesecake Factory’s corporate leadership is “investigating” the clash.

Here you have a clear case of racism involving a black person (where an individual was singled out because of his skin color), yet where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the leaders of #BlackLivesMatter with their bullhorns and on-scene protests? Where’s Obama to say the staff “acted stupidly” in haranguing a person of color just because he was wearing a hat with words on it? Was the Cheesecake staff infiltrated by violent Antifa thugs who just saw the guy’s “Make America Great Again” cap and decided he needed to be bullied into renouncing his political beliefs?

Heine didn’t report on the racial makeup of the staff and it’s nearly impossible to speculate – Trump-hate knows no color barrier. The perpetrators could have been African-American Democrats who approached an apparent traitor to their race, or it could’ve just as easily been a collection of pampered white limousine liberals who double as Trump-hating goons in their personal lives and moonlight on the side for a George Soros-funded #resistance operation.

It doesn’t really matter, does it? Trump supporters face “discrimination” all the time for simply revealing their fondness for the president, which seems to be enough motivation for leftists to crawl out of their dank and dingy hiding places to cruelly make a spectacle of someone for their own personal gratification. The fact Joseph is black appears to have made the confrontation more intense. Once again, why aren’t black civil rights “leaders” speaking out against this? Don’t they care?

Will Cheesecake Factory’s corporate poohbahs shut down their restaurants for a day (like Starbucks’ brain-trust did) to train staff on cultural and political “sensitivity?” Do we need additional “conversations” on race to ensure black Trump backers can feel comfortable donning headgear of their choice?

The hypocrisy is astonishing here, but then again, it’s leftists we’re talking about. Liberals couldn’t care less about protecting anyone’s rights – blacks and other minorities are merely exploited as props to further some twisted social agenda. In the Cheesecake Factory case it was for another broadside against Trump, a minor skirmish in the overall culture war that will never be won by either side – but there are plenty of casualties nonetheless.

Speaking of culture, last week it was revealed that FOX decided to revive the popular Tim Allen comedy “Last Man Standing” after a year’s hiatus, saying in a press release that the show had been ended before its time. Conservatives everywhere hailed the announcement – LMS is one of the few shows on TV where political and social issues are addressed from a balanced point-of-view.

It turns out another show is destined for a “reboot” – this time, however, an oldie from a more liberal slant. Douglas Ernst of the Washington Times reported, “The CBS reboot of ‘Murphy Brown’ will feature a new challenge for the famous sitcom character — her conservative son.

“Candice Bergen’s ‘Murphy Brown’ struggled as a single mother at the FYI network in the early 90s, but in 2018 she will fight for ratings against a Fox News-like cable show starring her child. Aiding her in the ratings war will be long-time characters ‘Corky’ (Faith Ford), ‘Frank’ (Joe Regalbuto), and ‘Miles Silverberg’ (Grant Shaud).

“Executives confirmed an MSNBC/Fox News-type rivalry when asked by Entertainment Weekly.”

Give ‘em credit -- it actually sounds like an interesting premise. The early success of the re-launch of “Roseanne” appears to have studio executives at least thinking about putting out more programming appealing to a conservative audience. Since the “new” Murphy Brown combines the show’s original themes and characters with a new twist (her son’s Fox News-like show) it could be surmised that some political and cultural balance will be maintained.

We’ll see. This is CBS we’re talking about, a network that isn’t exactly known to harbor a fondness for conservatives or our point-of-view. If you disagree maybe you should ask Sharyl Attkisson, who according to Wikipedia (citing Politico) resigned in 2014 – “Attkisson had been frustrated over what she perceived to be the network's liberal bias and lack of dedication to investigative reporting, as well as issues she had with the network’s corporate partners, while some colleagues within the network saw her reporting as agenda-driven and doubted her impartiality.”

Murphy Brown won’t be working overtime to combat the bias, but maybe her son’s program will get in a good opinion or two. “Roseanne” was seen as successful because the main characters on the sitcom openly praised Donald Trump (as does Mike Baxter in Last Man Standing).

Of course the Murphy Brown storyline goes back over 25 years to when then-Vice President Dan Quayle commented that an unmarried woman shouldn’t be having a child out of wedlock, essentially saying children are more than “lifestyle choices” and deserve homes where married and loving parents bring them up in a “Wonder Years”-like environment.

Liberals practically leaped out the window in shock at the time (remember, this was just prior to the 1992 election where eternal philanderer Bill Clinton was on the ballot) in their rush to condemn Quayle for his harsh conservative views.

Now, however, they’re admitting Vice President Dan might’ve had a point. In a story titled, “20 years later, it turns out Dan Quayle was right about Murphy Brown and unmarried moms,” Isabel Sawhill wrote at The Washington Post in 2012, “Quayle’s argument — that Brown was sending the wrong message, that single parenthood should not be encouraged — erupted into a major campaign controversy. And just a few weeks before the ’92 vote, the show aired portions of his speech and had characters react to it...

“Twenty years later, Quayle’s words seem less controversial than prophetic. The number of single parents in America has increased dramatically: The proportion of children born outside marriage has risen from roughly 30 percent in 1992 to 41 percent in 2009. For women under age 30, more than half of babies are born out of wedlock. A lifestyle once associated with poverty has become mainstream. The only group of parents for whom marriage continues to be the norm is the college-educated...

“But in the end, Dan Quayle was right. Unless the media, parents and other influential leaders celebrate marriage as the best environment for raising children, the new trend — bringing up baby alone — may be irreversible.”

At the time of writing Sawhill was a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, so we can only assume she has a liberal-mindset. But vindicating Quayle all those years later was welcome nevertheless.

It's doubtful the new iteration of “Murphy Brown” will be so accommodating to Quayle or the H.W. Bush years but when pitted against “Roseanne” and “Last Man Standing” there will be room for discussion on the direction of culture in America. For far too long conservatives have been forced to endure the media narrative of uninhibited progressive social change, to the point where same-sex marriage is now the law of the land and transgender individuals freely use opposite-sex public restrooms -- and anyone who dares speak out against such radical changes is shouted down as bigoted and homophobic.

Or in the case of Eugenior Joseph (above), harangued at Cheesecake Factory for merely wearing a hat with four words that the politically correct thought sensors don’t like. Can’t we just move on? Jim Treacher wrote at PJ Media, “I'm just trying to imagine something like this happening to somebody wearing an ‘I'm With Her’ t-shirt. A lot of people would've been pissed off if Hillary Clinton had won (especially Bill), but would the staff at a chain restaurant threaten to kick a customer's ass for supporting her? Fortunately, we'll never know…

“It's been 18 months since the election. At some point, America will need to accept the reality of our situation. Trump won. Putin didn't hack the election, and Fox News didn't make Hillary say and do all those awful things for the past 30 years. What happened happened. It's over. This is real. She lost. Get over it.

“And to all the MAGA-heads who still throw a fit whenever anybody makes the slightest criticism of Trump: You won. Get over it.”

In my experience Trump supporters don’t mind criticism of Trump as long as it’s fair. It’s all the external nonsense that’s getting in the way of his message that’s offensive. Joseph was accosted because he was wearing a hat but it was the hat’s words that got the Cheesecake crowd so antagonistic.

American political leaders change every two, four or six years but cultural changes seem to evolve more slowly. We all hope we can reach a day where wearing a hat or a T-shirt in public won’t earn us scorn and intimidation from the intolerant left – but here’s thinking it won’t come anytime soon.

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