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The Last Straw: Tone Deaf Rod Rosenstein Should Be Fired

We’ve said many times that we think Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired, but his latest round of tone deaf pronouncements ought to be the final straw for the President and Attorney General.

After President Trump rightly complained about the latest revelations about the Obama administration spying on his campaign, Rosenstein snarked back at his ultimate Boss during a presser discussing the Justice Department’s approach to corporate crime.

Rod RosensteinRosenstein said current policy discourages “piling on” penalties. He paused to prepare his New York audience for the punchline. “The dictionary defines piling on as joining with other people in criticizing someone, usually in an unfair manner,” Rosenstein said. “I also have experience with that.”

This snide complaint about “piling on” came as the Daily Caller and Breitbart are reporting that FBI agents out in the field are begging to be subpoenaed to blow the whistle on Obama administration skullduggery.

“There are [FBI] agents all over this country who love the bureau and are sickened by [James] Comey’s behavior and [Andrew] McCabe and [Eric] Holder and [Loretta] Lynch and the thugs like [John] Brennan–who despise the fact that the bureau was used as a tool of political intelligence by the Obama administration thugs,” Joe DiGenova, a former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, told the Daily Caller.

“They are just waiting for a chance to come forward and testify.”

In a statement to the Daily Caller, reported by the awesome Kerry Pickett, an unnamed FBI agent claimed, “Every special agent I have spoken to in the Washington Field Office wants to see McCabe prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They feel the same way about Comey.”

“All Congress needs to do is subpoena involved personnel and they will tell you what they know. These are honest people. Leadership cannot stop anyone from responding to a subpoena. Those subpoenaed also get legal counsel provided by the government to represent them,” the agent added according to our friend Kerry Pickett of the Daily Caller.

And these reports about how the rank-and-file agents at the FBI feel are not new.

As our friend Joshua Caplan of Breitbart reminds us, former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom made similar statements when asked last December about morale at the bureau.

“Well, I think there’s a lot of patriots that have had it up to here with what’s going on, and they’re going to step forward and tell people what the shenanigans have been,” Kallstrom told Fox News’ Stuart Varney. “How they shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation, how other things were done that are so anti-what the FBI and the United States and this country is about.”

Kerry Pickett reports that these agents prefer to be subpoenaed to becoming an official government whistleblower, since they fear political and professional backlash.

The subpoena is preferred, a former Trump official who maintained contact with rank and file FBI agents told Pickett, “because when you are subpoenaed, Congress then pays…for your legal counsel and the subpoena protects [the agent] from any organizational retaliation…. they are on their own as whistleblowers, they get no legal protection and there will be organizational retaliation against them.”

Ms. Pickett reports that Joe DiGenova — who along with his wife, Victoria Toensing, has represented government whistleblowers in the past — agreed, telling TheDC, “It’s an intelligent approach to the situation given the vindictive nature of the bureau under Comey and McCabe. I have no idea how to read Chris Wray, who is not a leader and who has disappeared from the public eye during this entire crisis. You know, he may be cleaning house but if he’s doing so, he’s doing it very quietly.”

He added, “I don’t blame them. I don’t blame the agents one bit. I think that the FBI is in a freefall. James Comey has destroyed the institution he claims to love. And it is beyond a doubt that it is going to take a decade to restore public confidence because of Comey and Clapper and Brennan and Obama and Lynch.”

Kerry Pickett’s source in the FBI says, “The administrations are so politicized that any time a Special Agent comes forward as a whistleblower, they can expect to be thrown under the bus by leadership. Go against the Muslim Brotherhood, you’re crushed. Go against the Clintons, you’re crushed. The FBI has long been politicized to the detriment of national security and law enforcement.”

The special agent added, “Activity that Congress is investigating is being stonewalled by leadership and rank-and-file FBI employees in the periphery are just doing their jobs. All Congress needs to do is subpoena involved personnel and they will tell you what they know. These are honest people. Leadership cannot stop anyone from responding to a subpoena. Those subpoenaed also get legal counsel provided by the government to represent them.”

DiGenova and the others who spoke to Kerry Pickett believe it is time for Congress to issue subpoenas to FBI agents who are willing to talk. According to DiGenova, the House and Senate Judiciary Committees can issue these subpoenas.

We guess expanding the investigation into the FBI/DOJ corruption outlined in congressional testimony and reports thus far that now has FBI agents begging to be subpoenaed must be what Rod Rosenstein means by “piling on.”

Anyone who is so tone deaf and so impervious to information about just how far afield from constitutional norms the FBI and DOJ strayed during the Obama years as Rod Rosenstein has proven himself to be, should never have been appointed in the first place, and now that he has, through his own words, made his defects so clear, he should be fired forthwith.

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