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Understanding Why Jim Jordan Is Being Smeared

Even before the attempt to smear conservative superstar Rep. Jim Jordan with accusations of covering up sexual abuse on the Ohio State University wrestling team began to fall apart, the President and a host of conservative leaders have stepped up to defend the Freedom Caucus leader, with Trump speaking up for Jordan in an interview aboard Air Force One.

Jim JordanJim Jordan is one of the most outstanding people I’ve met since I’ve been in Washington. I believe him 100 percent. No question in my mind.” President Donald J. Trump

“I don’t believe them at all,” Trump said.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-1) came to the defense of Jordan as well, “How is Jim Jordan supposed to prove that he didn’t know something 28 years ago? Could any of us?” Gaetz tweeted Saturday.

Gaetz nailed one of the motivations for the smear saying it was part of a campaign to distract from the FBI’s own embarrassments in mishandling a Russian collusion investigation. “This is a deliberate attempt to knock the best oversight member of Congress off his game the week [Peter] Strzok is scheduled to testify,” he continued.

The timing of these allegations, their specious nature and the focus on what Jim Jordan “should have known” smells to high heaven of a political hit by Jordan’s RINO enemies.  This is the lowest and vilest attack yet on a conservative seeking a House leadership post and it tells us the Swamp thinks Jordan is winning the race for Speaker.

The American Spectator’s Brandon J. Weichert expanded on this point in a must-read article from June 6:

The best way to destroy one’s political opponent (as decades of American electoral politics has proven), is to discredit them. Thus, a story impugning an opponent’s personal, moral character will be planted in sympathetic press outlets, and the story will be repeated until that individual has either gone away willingly, has been coopted by the plotters, or has lost all credibility.

As Weichert explained, those leading the coup against President Trump must identify individuals (as well as groups) who will assist in the success of the coup, and those people and groups who will be obstacles to them. For the former group, copious amounts of cash and other forms of support must be bestowed upon them rapidly. In terms of the latter (especially if it is an individual), they must be destroyed.

And at the top of the list of those who must be destroyed is Jim Jordan, and here’s why says Weichert:

During a recent public contretemps between himself and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Jordan argued that Rosenstein was a liar who had been misusing his power to redact critical portions of evidence related to the Hillary Clinton investigation. He further humiliated the deputy attorney general by stating that Congress was going to officially denounce Rosenstein as a liar and an obstructionist — all while Rosenstein claimed he was not directly responsible for the redactions (which Jordan, rightly, reminded Rosenstein that he was the boss, and the buck ultimately stopped with him). At one point, Rosenstein kvetched that Jordan’s line of inquiry “fe[lt] personal.”

Congressman Jordan made the grave mistake of essentially telling the emperor that he had no clothes on. In so doing, he painted a massive target on himself. The rolling coup acted swiftly.

Soon thereafter, the “mainstream” media began circulating an unsubstantiated, 30-year old tabloid story about how Jordan — as an assistant wrestling coach at the Ohio State University — ignored reports that the team’s doctor (who is now conveniently deceased) was molesting student athletes. Jordan denies the claims that he ever knew of any such wrongdoing. But that doesn’t matter.

What matters says Weichert is this meaningless distraction has not only potentially removed Jordan as a threat, but it has also given the plotters ample time to continue on with their dastardly deeds in greater secrecy.

What’s more, says Weichert, the powerful handful of plotters are also sending a grave warning to others in Congress who believe as Jordan does: if you persist with your investigation, we will destroy you too.

As long as Jim Jordan is tied-up in this phony controversy the Deep State is still winning. Trump, Jordan, and the few others resisting this shadowy tyranny need reinforcements. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge CHQ readers and friends to call Representative Jim Jordan to tell him in the face of these vile attacks he should redouble his campaign for Speaker.

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Smearing Campaigns of the Left

What always amazes me is the left uses the same tactics over and over again. But like the racist cries and the prostitute on Trump going back to 2006, claiming this incident with utterly no proof and again 28 years later is the same tired logic lefties have been using for the last two years at least. The racist card had been dusted off and applied liberally by the last administration for the entire eight horrendous years of that administration with apparently great success. Now, many years later, we have grown tired of these same old dirty tactics just to smear good people and silence the rest. Like the PC speech moderation attempt we are sick of that one too. Call that spade a spade and go on.

I sincerely doubt the left including the dems and the rinos understands the level of resistance that has grown to these tiresome tactics. Only the dullards of the lowest levels will fall for this further. Jordan is a good man, a good person, and the right man for that job. It is all too obvious that Jordan is the right man for the job since the lefties are so determined to smear him with a 28 year old claim that in all that time has not surfaced before and indeed the person they are blaming is dead and gone. Supposedly Jordan is guilty of silence about it and should have known all about something someone is now claiming. Sounds like someone should step up and say it so Jordan can face his accuser and the discovery can begin in court by attorneys, not the gossip factory of the propagandist machines!

To anyone on the fence about this, I would urge applying logic as in the fact that this claim surfaced only after the DOJ in charge these days on the Mueller fiasco was directly challenged in committee by Rep Jordan. And it was a wonderful discovery communication between the questionable DOJ and his actions that should be left as just that, his actions on his own and those who do report to him at this time. And the buck does stop with the leader of that particular agenda and that would be Rosenstein. If he does not like the hot seat then he should vacate it.

I am stunned that Rosenstein and Mueller because of their obviously tainted positions in the FISA, Russia, relationships to McCabe, Comey and the agents have not reclused themselves from all of this. In the recent discoveries the whole bunch has been engaged in basically everything concerning the dossier, the FISA requests, the bad actors agenda. What is not untainted is my question about them and this entire miasma since and before the election?

I said the same thing to my

I said the same thing to my wife a week ago, as soon as I heard the accusations.
Jordan for Speaker! !!