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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Donald Trump may be the world’s most unlikely liberator of all time

With all that’s going on inside the DC swamp these days it’s sometimes hard to remember that fierce political battles are being waged at the local level too. Because of the liberal establishment media’s fixation on all things Donald Trump a token amount of coverage is reserved for the up and comers of American politics – especially where conservatives are concerned.

This is particularly true in ultra-liberal California, a state so dominated by the dysfunctional Democrat party that Walk Awaynational Republicans and conservatives have all-but given up the thought of ever regaining their territory. To many people it’s much more productive to focus elsewhere. Nobody likes to lose, right?

It’s a good thing the locals in the Golden State don’t share that view. Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review reported on one such promising conservative last week. Her name is Elizabeth Heng and she just might become the liberals’ worst nightmare in the heart of deep blue California.

DeSanctis wrote, “The 16th district is located in California’s central San Joaquin Valley. It includes the western half of Fresno as well as the cities of Los Banos, Madera, and Merced, and it hasn’t been represented by a Republican in Congress since the mid 1970s, before redistricting gave it its current shape.

“But 32-year-old Elizabeth Heng hopes to change that.

“Heng’s parents immigrated to the United States to escape violence in Cambodia. About a decade ago, after she graduated from Stanford University, where she had served as student-body president, she returned to the Central Valley and opened a series of cell-phone stores with her brothers. Eventually, she found herself responsible for managing about 75 employees. ‘That was when I saw firsthand how government regulations impacted businesses negatively,’ she says. ‘I constantly felt that from Washington, D.C., and Sacramento, they were saying that I was everything wrong with our country, when all I was doing was creating jobs.’”

Heng’s spent time working on Capitol Hill as well, so she understands how the legislative process is supposed to work and why it currently isn’t serving Americans the way it should be. Hers is an interesting personal story about a young Republican who’s realized a duty to run for office in order to enact reforms – and fulfill responsibilities – that just aren’t being accomplished by her current congressman.

DeSanctis’ profile of Heng includes the would-be congresswoman’s views on immigration, a subject of intense interest to her central valley (CA) constituents. Not surprisingly Heng believes DACA recipients should retain some form of legal status, but she emphasizes any such amnesties would take a backseat to border security. Therefore, Heng’s views aren’t all that different from most conservatives who demand border security take precedence and are willing to engage in the “what now?” conversations after the main issue is taken care of.

Time will tell if Heng is successful in her quest to unseat a seven-term Democrat. The odds don’t look promising but stranger things have happened. There’s growing evidence that Hispanics aren’t in the tank for Democrats on the immigration question this year, preferring instead to concentrate on the same pocketbook issues every American is concerned about.

Recent surveys have shown the Democrats’ stranglehold on the ethnic group’s vote isn’t as tight as they might think. It’s certainly true in Florida where Republican senatorial candidate (Governor) Rick Scott is running even with incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson for favor among Hispanics. Could it really be true?

Marc Caputo reported in Politico last week, “Gov. Rick Scott is narrowly leading Sen. Bill Nelson among South Florida Hispanic voters, according to a new poll that underscores the Democrat’s potential struggles with Latinos.

“Scott’s 42 percent to 39 percent lead over Nelson among likely South Florida Hispanic voters is buoyed by strong support for the Republican governor by Cuban-American voters and relatively weak backing for the Democratic incumbent by non-Cuban Hispanic voters, according to the Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy survey conducted for Telemundo 51 in Miami. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 3.8 percentage points...

“The survey follows a poll last month that showed Puerto Rican voters in Florida knew and liked Scott better than Nelson — by a 21 percentage-point margin — even though 57 percent of the sample was Democratic. Earlier in June, POLITICO first reported that Democrats were nervous about Nelson’s Latino outreach and were concerned that focus groups also showed Scott was relatively better known and liked among Orlando-area Puerto Ricans, in large part because of his welcoming of Hurricane Maria evacuees in Florida.”

One (or two) survey(s) does not a trend make but it’s important to note that both of Florida’s major Hispanic groups are leaning towards Scott – an impression that isn’t likely to change markedly within the span of four months (until Election Day). Most interestingly Caputo’s report indicated Florida’s Hispanics aren’t wild about Trump’s immigration policies yet they still like Scott.

Perhaps because of Scott’s relatively strong backing among Hispanics he’s leading in most Florida polls (with some still showing the race as very tight). One would think if the incumbent (Nelson) is in trouble at this stage of the contest he’d have a tough time making up the ground. Let’s not forget Scott won his first term as governor during the tea party wave of 2010 (the same election as Sen. Marco Rubio) and he maintains strong support among conservatives.

One would surmise the mood of Florida voters doesn’t differ markedly from those in other places. With a strong American economy boosting Trump’s presidency (even if his approval ratings remain stuck in the low to mid 40’s) Republican candidates’ prospects are looking more positive as time goes on. Plus, it also appears a good chunk of people are getting sick of the Democrats’ whine-all-the-time spiel. Having little or no substance will eventually cost a party.

 Debra Heine wrote at PJ Media, “Democrats want you to think the #WalkAway campaign is a right-wing propaganda effort propped up by a legion of Russian bots, but don't you believe it. Brandon Straka's WalkAway Facebook group now has over 106,000 members -- and anyone who takes the time to read their stories will quickly be disabused of the notion that bots could produce them.

“The #WalkAway stories are compelling and often quite moving. People from every imaginable background -- black, white, Hispanic, rich, poor, straight, gay, trans, and even celebrity -- explain why they left the party. Most of these people voted Democrat their whole lives; most have lost friends for supporting President Donald Trump. Most have also found solace in the #WalkAway community.

“In 2016, the Democrat media complex ignored the massive grassroots movement that came out in support for Trump, dismissing his massive rallies and popularity online as somehow insignificant. Now they are dismissing the #WalkAway campaign as a propaganda movement. Once again, something genuine and significant is happening across the nation, and it's getting ignored or ridiculed by media elites. It doesn't matter. Like a snowball rolling downhill, the movement is getting bigger and bigger with each day and there's nothing an elite can do to stop it.”

Heine is correct; the #WalkAway movement is growing all the time and certainly will draw in millions of “secret” Trump supporters who didn’t show up in the pre-election polls two years ago either. For a long time, I’ve predicted an enormous backlash would result from the Democrats’ excesses. There’s really only so many times a thinking person can hear someone like Kamala Harris blather on about how civilization will end because Justice Anthony Kennedy retired and it appears that Brett Kavanaugh will replace him.

The entire Democrat platform is based on lies and the party’s once solid grip on the minority vote was bound to begin eroding sometime. Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrat leaders helped speed the exodus by constantly demonizing people – especially lifelong Democrats like many of the #WalkAway folks who couldn’t take it any longer and “came out” as Trump backers and believers in conservative policies.

In her article Heine shares in its entirety the tale of a gay composer who steadily realized what Democrats and Obama were all about and at last became “free” when he joined the movement.

This isn’t to say every liberal is really a conservative in disguise but the theme of many of these first-hand #WalkAway tales is emancipation – individuals trapped among intolerant liberals who wouldn’t listen to anyone else’s alternative point-of-view and shunned friends and family members simply because they dared to buck the ideological penitentiary of liberalism.

People like Elizabeth Heng (above) are more public about their preferences and have a background to prove it. But there must be many, many individuals who still feel smothered and unable to vent their frustrations with the intolerant left. Oddly enough, Donald Trump “liberated” them like a prophet bound for the promised land. Okay, maybe not like that, but….

Will the results show up in November? We’ll have to wait for the answer, but the increasing desperation of the left won’t help their cause. Should #WalkAway grow to really big numbers the establishment media will be compelled to pay attention to them. Democrats will invent wild stories about how the whole thing’s being driven by Russians – but none of it holds water.

Similarly, so-called “conservative” #NeverTrumpers are a hopeless cause but perhaps some may still join the Trump bandwagon. Trump’s brand of leadership is definitely making an impression in the international arena too, but his critics repeatedly prove they just don’t get him. #NeverTrumper Jonah Goldberg wrote at National Review, “The unifying argument underlying Trump’s positions on trade, alliances, and particularly immigration is that the world is playing us for suckers. That’s why Trump constantly insists that the ‘world is laughing at us’ because of our ‘weak’ immigration laws.

“Trump, whose id often controls his understanding of policy, seems to think our allies are like members of his entourage picking his pocket. NATO, he says, is ‘worse than NAFTA,’ and the European Union was created ‘to take advantage of the United States.’ (It wasn’t.) ...

“The Trump Doctrine, in short, is simply the international-relations analogue to the domestic version of Trumpism. The Big Man personifies the national will, and constraints on the national will are for suckers. Self-interest, personally defined, is inherently in conflict with collective interest. It’s Make America Great Again on a global scale. One problem: The world was not that great when everybody followed this doctrine.”

Though I often disagree with Goldberg I respect his analysis of Trump – but this piece doesn’t make much sense. Either Goldberg didn’t listen to the other half of Trump’s argument on the subject or he’d already tuned it out before the president spoke another word -- but Trump isn’t claiming the world needs to bow down to the greatness of America. On the contrary, Trump desires for the world what he wants for America: strength, national integrity, identity and true sovereignty.

In other words, Trump wants all nations to be strong internally so they can assert their own interests. He wants Brits to be proud of being Brits, the French to maintain French culture and uniqueness and the Chinese to continue being strong too – but play fairly.

And if Trump has suspicions about NATO, they’re well-founded. History shows Europeans don’t really care about making the world a safer place as long as they’ve got Americans covering their front – and back – doors. Should NATO members pay up? Absolutely (Goldberg even admits it).

It’s often said all politics is local but it could just as easily be argued politics is national and global as well. Political leaders win favor by advancing ideas and principles that people can relate to. Republicans would do well to remember folks are drawn to real ideas, not just smears.

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