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Trump Gets The Message: Conservative Grassroots Demand Speaker Jordan

When President Trump brought Rep. Jim Jordan on stage at his rally in Ohio on Saturday night, the crowd chanted “Speaker of the House” as Jordan stood on stage.

To many observers it appeared that Trump was giving the conservative rock star a public boost for his run for Trump and JordanSpeaker.

“Jim Jordan, how great is he?” Trump said, before bringing the lawmaker on stage.

“What a great defender he’s been, what courage,” Trump said after Jordan left the stage. “He’s a brave, tough cookie along with some of his friends.”

“I didn’t know he was going to be here,” the president continued. “I looked over and said, ‘I don’t want to wrestle him, he’s tough.’ ”

According to The Hill’s Jacqueline Thomsen, coverage of the rally also showed Jordan posing for photos with members of the crowd before Trump went on stage. There was a brief "Jordan" chant from the crowd.

As most conservatives are aware, Jordan has launched a bid to succeed retiring Speaker Paul Ryan. To the establishment Jordan is seen as a long shot for the post, but has the support from the House Freedom Caucus, which could be the kingmaker in the post-election selection of Ryan’s successor.

However, as Ms. Thomsen pointed out, Republicans will have to hold on to the House majority this fall to win the Speakership.

And right now, establishment pundits, such as Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia, claim Republicans are in trouble.

Sabato says the House generic ballot, which has generally been at around a Democratic lead of between six to eight points, is now at the higher end of that range. But more importantly for the House battle, for most of this election cycle the generic ballot has shown a consistent Democratic lead that suggests a very competitive battle for the majority. A high number of open seats — the highest number of any postwar election save 1992 — give Democrats many more targets than the GOP (Republicans are defending 41 seats without an incumbent, while Democrats are defending only 22).

So, what – if anything – can be done to change this dynamic?

One thing would be to keep President Trump on the road.

And another, after witnessing Jim Jordan’s performance at Trump’s rally for Ohio special election candidate Troy Balderson, would be to get Rep. Jordan out there with him.

As our friends at “The Last Refuge” noted after the Ohio rally:

Representative Jim Jordan is the no-nonsense personification of the ‘git-r-done’ spirit that runs through the scruffy and beloved heart of MAGA. An authentic guiding spirit that cannot be faked, scripted or duplicated.  Ya’ either have it…. or ya’ don’t; it’s that simple.

In another example for the keen political instincts of President Trump; he can tell from the automatic vibe that jumped in the air when he said the name “Jim Jordan”; the President calls Jordan to the stage…. and another authentic MAGA moment happens spontaneously.

Republican state senator Troy Balderson winning Ohio’s 12th district is important; but Speaker of The House Jim Jordan is far more valuable to the historic needs of President Trump.

Guess what?

He just noticed.

And he doesn’t miss this stuff…

It’s right there in the picture.

See what The Last Refuge is talking about here.

As we said last week, no voter in their right mind – and the conservative voters the GOP needs to win are more attuned than ever as to who has been a part of the Paul Ryan legacy of betrayals, lies and failures – is going to vote for that record.

President Trump just got the message, now it is time for Republican congressional candidates to wake up.

If Republican congressional candidates want to win, they need to associate themselves with the one congressional leader who is looking to the future and fights every day for Republicans to keep their promises to America’s forgotten men and women by passing President Trump’s 2016 MAGA agenda – Rep. Jim Jordan.

If you’re running for Congress, and you don’t want to be swept up in the Blue Wave that the media keeps tell us is coming here’s the first and most important thing you can do: Call Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio at (202) 225-2676 and ask him to come campaign for you, and then campaign on the #DoWhatWeSaid agenda of putting Americans back to work, building the Wall, cutting regulations, cutting spending, defunding Planned Parenthood, rebuilding our military and governing according to the limits enshrined in the Constitution.

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We need to tell all our Congressmen to support Jordan

We need to tell all our Congressmen to support Jordan

Jim Jordan for Speaker

Last week when I read the letter that Jim Jordan wrote declaring he was running for Speaker of the House I knew he had made a commitment to do all he could to save our Nation. In return I wanted him to know that like minded Americans were taking notice of this opportunity to support a man of character over another "it's my turn" member of the leadership cabal in the House. I logged onto his web site and donated $2k in the hope that he would be strengthened in resolve by numerous patriots doing what I had just done. Tuesday evening, while I was at a Primary Election night celebration for Marsha Blackburn, Jim Jordan himself left a personal message on my home answering machine thanking me for helping him. He is a politician cut from a different cloth.

Dr Arthur W Carpenter