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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Media exploits ‘Lowlife’ Omarosa to distract from Trumpian MAGA reality

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts…’ – William Shakespeare, from As You Like It, spoken by Jaques.

If you’ve ever had the feeling that everyday living is just one grand stage production engineered and orchestrated by the man upstairs, you certainly must have surmised last week’s Omarosa (Manigault Newman) “show” was just another act in the tragedy. The former Trump White House personality was busy Trump and Omarosamaking the media rounds touting her new tell-all book (if you really want the title, look it up).

A dirt dispensing treatise by a glory (and money) seeking former political staffer is hardly a new or rare occurrence in Washington circles but judging by the welcoming reception Omarosa received from numerous mainstream establishment media outlets, she’s a special case. Could it be that the president’s enemies take particular glee in featuring the unsubstantiated musings of an African-American woman who fantastically asserts she “heard,” second-hand, Trump use the ultimate buzzword of all buzzwords, the “n”-word?

Granted it is mid-August and there isn’t a whole heck of a lot of “other” news going on in a non-presidential election year but come on! Is Omarosa the best the media can do? Anyone who chooses to be identified by one name is automatically suspect, aren’t they?

It just goes to prove the Trump “show” is alive and well generating sales (and ratings) like an ice cream man in a neighborhood full of kids on a hot day. Trump himself contributed to the melee by firing back at his former employee insinuating (truthfully) that she’s teetering on the edge of sanity to be airing out her dirty laundry so shamefully.

Naturally Trump’s #NeverTrump enemies couldn’t help but get their digs in as well. Charles J. Sykes wrote at The Weekly Standard, “Prudence dictates not taking Omarosa’s word for it. Or for anything. And yet, accompanied by an entourage of stylists, publicists, and security guards as she moves from one cable show to another, Omarosa is starring in her own Trumpian reality show again.

“Which makes all this a quintessentially Trumpian moment: Along with Roger Stone, Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Seb Gorka, Rick Gates, Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci (I could go on), Trump has surrounded himself with a parade of misfits, mediocrities, castoffs, crooks, and cretins from central casting. Each in their way reflect the man who sits in the Oval Office—emanations of his worldview and the moral universe he has shaped around him.

“Donald Trump is a chronic liar who has surrounded himself, not surprisingly, with chronic liars. And the exquisite irony of this moment is that they are now all turning on one another.”

How do you really feel, Charles? I didn’t expend a great deal of time or energy poring over Omarosa stories in the “regular” establishment media but it would be hard to envision a liberal honk working at the New York Times being any more venomous towards the Republican president than Sykes was. Trump’s realist foreign policy clashes markedly with the neoconservative intervene-everywhere viewpoint of The Weekly Standard, so it’s no wonder people like Charles aren’t holding back in savaging the president.

But dredging up Omarosa is just low. Are Bill Kristol’s minions really that desperate?

Besides, the aforementioned Trump associates are definitely a collection of colorful characters but they all (at least mostly) share one trait in common: they’re not regular DC swamp dwellers. They’re an eclectic assortment of outsiders who have to one extent or another criticized life in the cozy confines of the ruling class. Sounds a little like Trump himself, doesn’t it?

All of them are good for a quote, too, which makes them favorites of the very same media that seems so joyful at tearing them apart whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sykes, on the other hand, is a devoted #NeverTrumper writing for an anti-Trump “conservative” publication so one would expect him to voice such a malformed point-of-view. What if Omarosa came out and said great things about Trump (as she used to do) tomorrow – would she be nearly as interesting or noteworthy in that case?

As much as Trump’s enemies hate to admit it, the Trump White House, though definitely entertaining, has been incredibly effective at implementing the Make America Great Again agenda. Despite the myriad of distractions Sykes and the mainstream liberal establishment media focused on for months last year, Trump still managed to get things done in Washington. The swamp draining pump is primed and although it might get clogged from time to time (with people like Omarosa) it’s still operating at near full-capacity.

Not bad for an administration supposedly bogged down by misfits and liars. You’ll likely agree -- if good government can only be achieved through employing misfits and liars I say we need to search for more misfits and liars, spring for their moving expenses to Washington DC and turn them loose in the swamp. Perhaps it takes someone with questionable scruples to recognize and scrape off all the establishment scum that’s attached itself to the marble walls of America’s decaying federal government buildings.

Regular folks “out there” couldn’t care less about what Omarosa is saying about Trump. Even she admits she can’t prove Trump ever uttered the “n-word,” so what’s all the fascination with this less than trustworthy story?

There will come a time – soon I hope – where people stop paying attention to the “stage production” aspect of the Trump administration and start acknowledging all of the good things going on around us. Vice President Mike Pence wrote last week in the Des Moines Register, “The evidence is clear: America is back…

“We also cut taxes on job creators of all sizes, and businesses have responded with renewed investment in their workers. Six million Americans — including more than 25,000 workers across the Hawkeye State — have benefited from bigger pay raises, better benefits, and cash bonuses…

“The forgotten men and women of America are forgotten no more. But for all that we’ve accomplished, there’s still more work to do. With Iowa’s continued support, with the support of your conservative leaders in the Congress, with President Trump in the White House, and with God’s help, we’ll finish what we’ve started, and we will Make America Great Again.”

There’s little doubt Pence has proven to be Trump’s secret weapon in his administration. In contrast to Omarosa and some of the people Sykes mentioned above, Pence is the consummate loyal lieutenant who offers his opinions behind closed doors. The vice president clearly has the president’s ear and he’s using it to promote conservative policies that benefit everyone in America.

When in public Pence spreads the administration’s message as though it were chiseled on stone tablets and passed down from a mountaintop in the Holy Land.

Pence is about as calm and non-controversial as Trump is brash and headline generating. They’re the perfect personality foils – Trump relishes the spotlight and isn’t the least bit hesitant to jump headfirst into the mosh pit of politics and culture. In contrast Pence is soft spoken, midwestern to the core, religious, conservative and quietly efficient.

The media could just as easily pick up on what Pence is doing – touring the country raising money for Republican candidates and speaking on their behalf – but the average liberal news consumer would find it uninteresting and mundane. What good would it do to highlight all the sterling economic numbers Pence rattled off in his op-ed? That’s not what the editors/producers want! Go out and find someone who’ll bash Trump! Can’t we get Omarosa to come on the show again? What’s Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci doing lately?

What about the Trump children? Isn’t Don Jr. getting divorced? Has Ivanka tweeted anything about being a good mother lately? Who’s offended? Get ‘em on the show!

Pure policy discussions are a rare commodity in our corrupted sensation-driven news culture simply because they lack the “show” quality of a former Trump associate claiming he’s a racist on national TV. The major networks pay no mind to presenting a truthful picture of the Trump operation. They’d much prefer a good smear job any day. In case you believe the same thing happens equally to Democrat presidents, think again.

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham wrote at CNS News, “[I]t's not the first time NBC skipped the hard work of digging for evidence before attacking a Republican. This resembles NBC's opportunistic set of morning-show interviews with Kitty Kelley back in 1991 when she wrote a book on former first lady Nancy Reagan and claimed — with a glaring lack of proof — that Reagan had an affair with Frank Sinatra. ‘All That Glitters Is Not Real’ was the headline in The New York Times. That was transparently obvious.

“This is a dramatic contrast with 1998 and 1999, when then-NBC investigative reporter Lisa Myers carefully investigated and verified details of Juanita Broaddrick's allegation that then-President Bill Clinton raped her in a Little Rock hotel in 1978. The network suppressed its own report and waited for more ‘facts’ for months ... until the threat of removing its darling President Clinton from office had passed.

“And then, when it finally aired on ‘Dateline,’ NBC's Tom Brokaw would not allow any story on Clinton rape allegations to soil his nightly newscast, and he wouldn't even say the name ‘Juanita Broaddrick’ on his show. The network's ‘standard’ for evidence is a flaming double standard.”

Without double standards the establishment media would have no standards at all. Liberal reporters made great hay out of the infamous Trump “locker room talk” tape a month before Election Day 2016 yet there was precious little attention devoted to the bevy of Bill Clinton accusers who appeared in the audience at one of the presidential debates. Trump put them there to highlight the hypocrisy of the press – if they’re reporting on his past misdeeds shouldn’t people see the Clintons’ right before their very eyes too?

A good argument could be advanced that the 2016 election was only as close as it was because the media completely dropped the ball in reporting on it fairly. As the phony Robert Mueller investigation has amply exposed, many in the Obama Justice Department and intelligence agencies were actively working to defeat Trump, none of which would’ve generated even a shred of coverage had Hillary won. Business-as-usual went out the window that fateful November night and now Democrats and the media have to turn to confused lowlifes like Omarosa to steal attention away from Trump’s successes.

Maybe they’re just bored with talking about Trump and Vladimir Putin. Will they ever learn?

Trump’s White House personnel has been a lightning rod since day one, again, because his choices aren’t establishmentarians. The ruling class doesn’t like it and they’re letting their contempt show.

David L. Bahnsen wrote at National Review, “The story of this last Sunday was that Omarosa Manigault, a former contestant on two of the president’s reality shows, secretly taped conversations in the White House situation room. ... This is a national news story for one reason, and one reason only: President Trump hired her despite her complete lack of qualifications. He went with his gut, his gut failed him, and the result is another sad sideshow in an administration not unfamiliar with sad sideshows.

“… The key takeaway is that this administration seems to sink or swim with the wisdom or foolishness of its hires. The president, thus far, has shown far too much reliance on personal loyalties and affections, and nowhere near enough reliance on character, pedigree, accomplishments, and maturity. Where that hiring criteria has been reversed, he has hit some bullseyes.

“Perhaps a simple standard going forward ought to be: Avoid those who weren’t qualified enough to win one of your own reality shows. From that low bar, there’s nowhere to go but up.”

Bahnsen’s piece is surprisingly similar in tone to Sykes’ above. It’s easy to criticize from afar isn’t it? The fact remains Bahnsen (and Sykes and all of Trump’s personnel critics) isn’t accountable or responsible for the decisions made by the president and his staff. Trump is. Some folks Trump hired haven’t panned out, most have. It doesn’t mean the initial decisions to bring the wayward few aboard weren’t respectable ones – they just weren’t a good fit.

Objectively speaking Donald Trump is one of the most successful human beings the earth has ever seen, a level of accomplishment achieved through education, learning, experience – and his gut instinct. Not everything works out… and when someone goes astray, they’re fired.

Critics claim the Trump administration plays like a “reality show” when in fact America hasn’t been run this efficiently and effectively in a long time. Trump haters see people like Omarosa and think the White House is in disarray; those who pay attention recognize the real truth.

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