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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Mollie Tibbetts’ murder trumps Mueller scapegoats in leadup to midterms

It could easily be argued providence shined down on the Democrats last week as clearly the story of the hour – and probably the entire election season – was conveniently drowned out by the tizzy over Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and the “show” quality of the apparent spat between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Then again, if the good lord favored the agnostic church-allergic Democrats it must’ve been a heavenly error – Mollie Tibbettswhat have they ever done to merit it?

Maybe it was just fate that the very real news of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts’ murder at the hands of an illegal alien was shoved off the front page to make room for more drivel about President Donald Trump’s past sex life. Media outlets carried the Tibbetts story alright, but only within the context of Trump “politicizing” the incident by mentioning the tragedy on Twitter. It appears the chattering class and Democrat politicians take offense at the notion that Tibbetts’ untimely ending (because of someone who shouldn’t have even been in the country) would draw comment from people who mourn her death as needless and incredibly heartbreaking.

Trump was right – Tibbetts was permanently “separated” from her family due to illegal immigration. In some circles the truth hurts. Brandon J. Weichert summarized the mood last week at American Greatness, writing, “The Democrats believe that the Blue Wave is coming in November. They believe that by making 2018 a referendum on the low character of Donald Trump, they will return to power (and systematically vote to remove Trump from office based on the fabricated narrative that he’s a Russian agent). Let the memory of young Mollie Tibbetts, of her family, and of all the people who’ve been victims of illegal immigration remember just what’s at stake in November.

“President Trump is correct when he warns that there will be no wall or any meaningful reform of our dysfunctional immigration system if the Democrats win. If, however, Americans vote for the right Republicans, real change will happen. It already has with the passage of the president’s travel moratorium.

“The Democratic Party’s motto has become ‘Resist Hate.’ Let the Republican motto be, ‘Remember Mollie Tibbetts.’”

Alas, the debate goes on. It was gut-wrenching sickening to observe as politicians like Elizabeth Warren expressed token sympathy for the family and then suddenly switched the subject to the phony “family separation” issue at the southern border. Warren said she’s visited with mothers who purportedly had been separated from their children and claimed they’d been lied to by government agents. This is complete and utter nonsense mumbled by a self-important leftist with an agenda, a soulless loser who papered over real tragedy to further her party’s electoral cause.

Talk about politicizing the matter. If it gets any lower than this I’d like to see it.

Meanwhile, Weichert is 100% correct, if Democrats crawl into the congressional majority next year it will only empower leftist drones such as Warren to spread more half-truths and propaganda while families like the Tibbetts in Iowa attend funerals. This is more than an isolated case of an illegal alien harming a United States citizen – it involves the question of right and wrong. We’re right – Warren’s wrong. If she can’t understand why maybe her next trip should be to the cemetery where Mollie was buried instead of a faux pilgrimage to weep with lawbreakers.

It doesn’t matter that not every illegal alien commits murder or terrorizes young girls out on jogs; It doesn’t matter that not every illegal alien takes a job from an American who wants one; it doesn’t matter that not every illegal alien is in the country because of his or her own volition. The point is there are ways to deal with the problem and the political elites from both parties refuse to face it head on.

This is one of those instances where it’s not real complicated – illegal immigration, bad, enforcing the law, good. Notice how I didn’t say (all) illegal immigrants are bad – but deep down if they’re here without permission they know the clock is ticking one way or another. How many more Mollie Tibbettses or Kate Steinles have to die to get Congress to act on the issue?

No wonder the topic of illegal immigration gets people so riled up. Don’t blame President Trump for highlighting the truth, even if it was done via tweet. If there’s anything positive that could possibly come from such a senseless outrage it’s a change in this country’s attitudes towards the realities of illegal immigration – and force politicians to address the crisis instead of batting it back and forth across the proverbial net like a tennis ball.

Unfortunately, it’s already too late for the victims – and their families. Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney wrote at the USA Today, “Whenever people violate laws and are punished, there are inevitably consequences for their family members. These consequences often result in them being separated from their families. But, in all other circumstances, we hold the lawbreakers responsible for the effects of their actions on their families. The same must be true for people violate immigration laws.

“Mollie didn’t violate any laws and neither did my son Ronald. And yet, because of a lack of accountability on the part of illegal immigrants and elected officials who are sworn to uphold our laws, Mollie and Ronald are permanently separated from their families (and us from them) by six feet of dirt. This must stop now.

“Protecting the interests and security of the American people must be the first priority for federal, state, and local officials, not a bargaining chip for amnesty for illegal immigrants. It won’t bring Ronald back to me, or Mollie back to her parents, but it will ensure that other families are spared our grief.”

One can only imagine a news producer’s dilemma. On one hand he’s got years-old Obama-era footage of Hispanic children being held it what looks like “cages” and then there’s the Mollie Tibbetts story where there aren’t gaggles of crying and wailing people on video to bend gullible citizens’ sensibilities towards the liberal point-of-view. All that exists is a cold law enforcement press conference where the spokesman in charge is allowed to divulge that a dead body was found and that other details are yet to emerge.

If you’re a liberal TV producer (or news editor), what would you rather have, sobbing mothers or another police chief talking about cracking a missing person’s case?

Dignity and intuition prevents the media from displaying images of the mutilated corpses of crime victims – so instead Americans remain isolated from the true horror of what happened. I recall in O.J. Simpson’s trial how journalists gushed over the jury’s gasps of shock at the moment they were shown crime scene photos of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman as part of the prosecution’s case.

I’m not advocating for revealing grotesque images on TV screens here -- I am pointing out how the media manipulates public opinion through selection of the material to present to news audiences. Instead of the ugly truth the average person might receive sad stories of DACA recipients facing deportation -- but where’s the reporting on lives impacted by illegal immigration? Not only are there heart rendering tales of Angel parents such as Gibboney, there are likely millions of unreported less headline-grabbing accounts of people impacted in some fashion by illegal immigration.

How about a news special on students in a public school not being able to take necessary prerequisites (or no AP classes are offered in specialized subjects) for a college program because money for such things is drained by ESL instruction for illegal immigrants? Or what about an inner-city kid turning to gangs and selling drugs because entry-level jobs are all taken by illegal newcomers with forged documentation?

How many lives have been ruined under these types of circumstances? There must be plenty of “news” out there that could sway public opinion that goes unreported because liberal media decision-makers choose to only present one side of the argument. With Americans busy living their own lives it isn’t always feasible for average citizens to inform themselves on every topic. Illegal immigration is perhaps the most glaring example.

Weichert is right – the Republicans’ rallying cry this November should be Molly Tibbetts. To counsel otherwise is not only negligent, it’s borderline criminal (for malpractice).

But to truly change the direction of Congress the GOP needs new leadership, elected lawmakers who care more about results and keeping promises than pleasing big money donor interests. In short, House Republicans need Jim Jordan. President Trump didn’t exactly say as much the other night but nonetheless praised the congressman (running for Speaker) again.

Tal Axelrod reported at The Hill, “President Trump on Friday praised Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) college wrestling career at Ohio's state Republican Party dinner.

“’You know, people don’t know this about Jim, he was one of the best wrestlers ever in college wrestling. And when you see the way he fights, every time he fights I say to my wife, ‘look at that guy, that is tough.’ He lost one match in three years of college,’ he said.

“Jordan, a loyal Trump supporter, announced his bid to replace retiring Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) late last month. His bid for speaker has been hampered in recent weeks by allegations from former wrestlers at Ohio State University (OSU) claiming that Jordan ignored reports of sexual abuse when he was a coach at OSU.”

Axelrod’s brief article is a good example of media bias. The Hill reporter could have elaborated on Trump’s praise of Jordan and how it relates to the upcoming all-important intra-party leadership battle but instead devoted over half his column space to the sensationalized non-controversy concerning Jordan’s knowledge of a sex scandal that took place during his coaching days at Ohio State University.

Where Republicans and the media is concerned it’s all sex, sex, sex. A girl gets murdered by an illegal alien and her body dumped in an Iowa cornfield and instead of fully presenting the story the chattering class focuses on Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels and alleged hush payments to former Trump associates to cover his liaisons. Bias is evident in everything the media does but this is one particularly glaring example of outright stupidity and ignoring the heart of the matter.

How would Trump’s prior sex life impact anyone outside of the DC swamp? How would news reporting on it prevent the next Mollie Tibbetts from being abducted by an illegal alien? (It also shouldn’t be forgotten Chandra Levy, the world’s most famous murder-mystery victim, was likely killed by a Salvadoran illegal alien. Why doesn’t anyone talk about that anymore?)

Jim Jordan is perhaps the one person – other than maybe Trump himself – who could singlehandedly change the direction of the nation just through being elevated to the top GOP House post. Want action on a border wall? Elect Jim Jordan speaker. Want a “comprehensive” immigration bill that addresses all four pillars of President Trump’s immigration reform? Elect Jim Jordan speaker.

If Americans want change it won’t be realized through voting Democrats into the House majority. If anything, Democrat control would simply guarantee more of the same – more “investigations” of non-existent scandals, more delay of the measures (like immigration reform) that might make a difference in people’s lives and more endless pontificating about Russian “collusion” and how illegitimate the Trump presidency is.

In other words, nothing will get done. Maybe that’s what liberals ultimately desire. They seem to care a lot more about the entertainment value of their sordid allegations than real policy debates.

Jonah Goldberg wrote at National Review, “…I think that this tendency to see politics as a form of entertainment goes a long way toward explaining why our politics have gotten so nasty. Entertainment is a shortcut to the more primitive parts of our brains, where the formal, procedural, and rational rules of the extended order have little sway. No one cares when the hero does something illegal in a movie or TV show so long as it’s clear that he or she is the hero.

“Nowhere is this more true than in the mobster genre. Whether it’s Tony Montana, Tony Soprano, or some other criminal protagonist not named ‘Tony,’ we cheer him on even if he does horrible things. This seems relevant given how The Trump Show has veered into some of the most clichéd writing of the series, with the president openly castigating snitches and praising omertà.

“The problem is that this isn’t a TV show.”

Goldberg’s right. It isn’t a TV show and we’re not the ones condoning Trump’s past behavior as exposed in the recent revelations. We’re just saying it doesn’t matter within the context of what’s going on in the country today where plagues like illegal immigration have real consequences for real people. That’s where the rubber hits the road and we’re tired of diversions that don’t mean anything.

No matter how hard they may try, Donald Trump’s opponents can’t distract from the issues Americans care most about. Democrats and the media obsess about the latest happenings in the Robert Mueller investigation but voters are much more likely to remember Mollie Tibbetts.

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