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To: American Catholic Cardinals and Bishops
Regarding: Replacement of Pope Francis

Whereas: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has released a statement revealing Pope Francis was aware of the canonical sanctions imposed on disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI but evidently Pope Francis chose to lift those sanctions, and

Whereas: The latest revelations of a cover up of horrible sexual abuse within the Catholic Church demonstrate larger problems within the Church and its hierarchy, to wit, Pope Francis’ neglect of the Church’s role of moral teacher and spiritual guide in favor of a liberal/progressive political agenda, and

Whereas: Pope Francis is compromised and lacks the credibility to lead Church reform that puts God’s law and the natural human institution — the family — first, and

Whereas: Instead of leaving the task of instituting meaningful and credible reform to the corrupt Church hierarchy, the responsibility for rooting out the moral rot that currently afflicts the Church must begin with the Catholic laity, and

Whereas: Out of love for the Church instead of a vested interest in protecting the “powers that be,” the laity — unfettered by old ties and old relationships — is ready to do what is needed in the way of serious reform. 

Therefore: As a Catholic, I petition you to urge Pope Francis to resign.  Furthermore, the undersigned supports Pope Benedict to replace Pope Francis as a leader with the necessary capability and character to lead the laity in its mission of reform.



Please forward this petition to other Catholics including family, friends and fellow church members.