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Democrats Flameout, Kavanaugh Shines At Confirmation Hearing

Americans who might have been wondering what Congress would be like if Democrats regain the majority in the midterm election got a taste of what government by the ascendant Far Left “progressive” wing of the Brett KavanaughDemocratic Party would be like during yesterday’s Kavanaugh confirmation hearing and it was downright scary.

A veritable Who’s Who of Leftwing radical groups showed-up to disrupt the hearing, shout vulgarities and get thrown out of the hearing room.

The “Women’s March” took credit for much of the disruption, tweeting:

We're disrupting the Kavanaugh hearings every few minutes, with hundreds of women prepared to get arrested to prevent these hearings from moving forward.

And of course, good liberal grifters that they are, they added the obligatory request for money: “Make a donation today to support the brave women organizing to #SaveSCOTUS…”

Islamist Linda Sarsour was also there for her turn before the cameras and was promptly removed from the hearing after shouting the hearing was a “travesty of justice.” Other Far Left disrupters were removed for interrupting Senators by shouting “please vote no.”

The trash talk got so hot that Judge Kavanaugh’s two young daughters had to be hurriedly escorted from the room after accompanying him into the hearing.

Later, the disruptions got so overbearing that Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, a former chairman of the Committee, became so exasperated that he said he didn’t care which side the protesters were on he wasn’t going to stand for the interruptions.

But Leahy’s complaints rang a little hollow given that Democrats actually conspired to put the whole circus in motion.

As NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Kasie Hunt reported, Democrats plotted coordinated protest strategy over the holiday weekend and all agreed to disrupt and protest the hearing. The Senate’s Democratic leader, Senator Charles Schumer of New York, led a conference call and committee members proceeded to execute the disruption of the hearing.

But in addition to disrupting the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing to spike a conservative nominee to the Supreme Court, there was another agenda on the minds of Democratic Senators; positioning themselves to run for President in 2020 as the favored candidate of the Far Left.

Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) were blatantly using Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing as an opportunity to boost their name recognition ahead of a crowded field of potential 2020 Democratic presidential contenders.

And to do that required Booker and Harris to push their rhetoric to the outer limits of believability.

Standing alongside Harris at a Senate press conference, Booker claimed that the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh will be “the most important fight of our lifetimes.”

According to Booker any Senator that chooses not to oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination is “complicit” in “evil.”

Booker claimed that President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh as a shield to protect himself from probes and investigations, a claim that has been debunked by The Washington Post.

As our friend Tony Lee of Breitbart summarized Sen. Booker’s opening comments, Booker called the hearing “insulting” and then began talking to the cameras... and potential 2020 Democratic primary voters:

Booker brings up Robert Mueller implies that Trump nominated Kavanaugh after he realized he was in jeopardy. He says that’s another reason why he wants a “pause” on this process. Booker asks Kavanaugh to “recuse himself” to help restore Americans’ faith in its founding documents. Booker claims this is “not manufactured outrage” and brings up the “Russian attack on our nation.” Booker discussing “labor protections” that some in the “labor movement actually died for.” Now he goes on to cancer survivals and people with disabilities who cannot be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Booker uses the hearing to say many believe health care is a fundamental right and blasts “multinational corporations” consolidating farms and driving independent farmers out of business. He says a farmer told him about suicide rates and he says the cost of health care goes up, “people lose their lives.” He is hitting all of the key issues for his constituency–abortion, same-sex marriage, people of color thinking it’s better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent. Booker says he came to D.C, to work for women, immigrants, minorities, disadvantaged, the poor. He says he is a “trailblazer” and wants to go on for three more minutes after talking about how women, blacks, Native Americans were not fully recognized in the Constitution.

Booker thanks a member of the “Little Rock Nine” for attending the hearing.

In other words, Booker rang all the Democrats’ favorite identity politics bells in his opening statement.

Senator Kamala Harris has absurdly claimed that if Judge Kavanaugh was on the bench in the 1950’s he would have derailed the Civil Rights movement and she rode that horse hard in her opening statement:

Harris talks about getting bussed to school in Berkeley, CA, and being in the second integrated class in elementary school. She wonders if she could have gone to that school had Earl Warren not been the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. She says the Supreme Court seat is “personal” because one Justice can impact various people–whether someone can vote, whether a woman with breast cancer can get health care, whether a transgender worker is treated fairly, whether a pregnant 15-year-old student will be forced to have a “back-alley abortion,” and whether the president is above the law. Harris says she’s afraid Kavanaugh has been selected to implement a right-wing political agenda and would be a conservative politician on the bench. She is concerned whether Kavanaugh will treat everyone equally under the law.

From our perspective the stars of the hearing were not the Democrat grandstanders, such as Booker and Harris, but Judiciary Committee Chairman Republican Chuck Grassley, Senator Ted Cruz and Judge Kavanaugh himself.

Chairman Grassley’s avuncular demeanor gave Democrats nothing to push against as he let each one talk until their manufactured outrage petered out.

Cruz said Tuesday’s Democrat theatrics were “about Democratic senators trying to re-litigate the 2016 election and just as importantly, working to begin litigating the 2020 presidential election.” Cruz said Democrats have gotten “extreme and radical” and what they really want is to appoint a justice that would rule against religious liberty and the Second Amendment.

But in the end, it was Judge Kavanaugh who was the best witness in his own favor and showed the Democrats for the radicals they are:

I look forward to the rest of the hearing and to your questions. I am an optimist. I live on the sunrise side of the mountain, not the sunset side of the mountain. I see the day that is coming, not the day that is gone. I am optimistic about the future of America and the future of our independent Judiciary. I revere the Constitution. If confirmed to the Supreme Court, I will keep an open mind in every case. I will do equal right to the poor and to the rich. I will always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American Rule of Law.

This is what the American people voted for in 2016, and what they will get with Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. We urge our CHQ friends and readers to call their Senators to demand that they vote AYE to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. Don’t wait, the toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge you to pick up your phone and call your Senators TODAY.

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Political Payback

The idea that the DNCommunist and the kind that support them are making inroads to regain their self proclaimed legacy with a blue wave, is becoming a blue stain fraught with ineptitude, lies and assumption.....This latest attestment to tactic is the Kavanaugh Confirmation...The dems have a snowballs chance, their tactic to upset the procedure for the nomination to confirm, every bit as flawed in crass act, audience participation and horribly thought up disinformation that translates to lie, lie, lie....The screeching, whining of the Never Trumpers at the Lady Franklin memorial and then again at the clay foot hero McCain funeral are somewhat identical as disgraceful acts of degrading manners..The mainstays of the point suffered embarrassment in their send offs to the Maker and I can imagine they both arrived red faced and stuttering at the pearly gates....TDS in all 3 instances is highly evident and the POTUS with great aplomb let the fire fizzle...If you want to go back to the disgrace of the Barry Sotero regime, the liars heyday and the insult, feudal governing of this nation with it's growing criminal populace, then vote for the DNCommunist Coastal Jackass Party.....MAGA is the goal....America for Americans is a fact...


The Democrat/Leftist agenda:

- endorses physically attacking Conservatives & Christians
- endorses Open Borders/Sanctuary Cities
- endorses allowing illegal aliens to vote.
- endorses BLM
- endorses Occupy Wall Street
- endorses MS-13
- endorses ANTIFA
- endorses outlawing Christianity
- endorses shoving their homosexual agenda down our throats.
- endorses CAIR
- endorses The Muslim Brotherhood
- endorses Sharia Law
-endorses rewriting history
-endorses destroying the constitution
- endorses Inverted virtue
- endorses Disarming you
- endorses Social chaos
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